Scribing by Sun~Rose


Guidance on Love & Relationship
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*
[as it appeared in the February 2011 Newsletter]


Reja wondered if You would speak of Love [and Relationship] for the Newsletter.


I am always speaking to Love, although My words may seem to address many, many other topics.  Love is the Father’s Name because It is His Nature.  Therefore, It is the Nature of all Reality, and of All of the Family of God, whether Awake or dreaming.  We Who are Awake are the Presence of Love with ease.  And You can feel It from Me.

Love is what enabled Me to stand and heal, hour after hour, the Multitudes Who came to Me.  And I speak not only of My healing work.  It is because each One of You is the very Presence of Love, that the ills and so-called sins can be healed.  Where You see Yourselves as little, sickly and sinful ‘mortals’, I see You in all your radiant Beauty!  And radiantly beautiful You are, if You could but see Yourselves.  Paraphrasing Robert Burns: Oh the power that giftie gie You, to see Yourselves as I see You.

It is not just that You are the Presence of Light.  It is the Love that each One of You uniquely expresses with such Grace and Beauty.

Why do You not see it and experience Yourselves and Each Other that way?  Ah, such a good question.  Because the expression of Love has become quite secondary to the demands of the ego mindset.  It has been replaced by the desire for control, which takes many forms: the lust for money, things, sex, power, et cetera; the accumulation of what You think will give You the most control over Others and your world.  It isn’t pretty.

And it comes down to My favorite theme song, which is the thrust of all the Lessons, although You may not have realized it.  Those Awake exist to Give.  Those asleep exist to get.  And so, when You read My words: “Nothing I see means anything.” – the reason it means nothing is because You see it only for what it can or cannot do for You.  And, as in today’s Lesson: “Above all, I am determined to see differently!” You are really asking to see your real relationship with the object of your vision.  And You are becoming willing to have a different relationship with Who or What You are viewing, for truly All is Holy.

And in that willingness, You are opening your hearts and minds to see as I see, which means to begin to Love as I Love.  If You but knew what You were missing, You would spend your days asking for this Vision, for it is glorious.  The happiness of this Love that is the Father-Mother’s is priceless and beyond compare.  Its sweetness and Its joy is what You are looking for in every encounter You have with Every One and everything. 

It is the joy that comes from knowing that You are dearly and eternally Loved and that all is always well.

For Those of You Who are working with the Lessons, this year, let them be for learning Love.  Every one of them holds the promise of this Gift, which is what I came to give You.  And I will be with You until You learn It, for We are as Teacher and as Pupil.  And as You learn It, You learn that We are truly One, and equal, and that My direction has already given – and will forever – giveYou Peace.

Now there has been a request for Me to bring this to the practical, the nitty-gritty of your daily experience.  You know that your relationship with Me is Holy, safe, and secure forever.  What about those other relationships, the ones with Partners, Children, Parents, Bosses, Co-Workers, taxi Drivers, retail Workers, your fellow Dreamers?  Let’s go to today’s Lesson.  It is perfect.

God is in everything I see.  God is in everything I see.  And not just every Thing, but every One.  This is the key to both happy and Holy relationships: that All is/are entitled to your Love and your respect because God is Its/Their Source.  You have been, for so long, the center of the universe of your small, and quite confused mind, that it is hard to give this respect anywhere else, and yet it is absolutely crucial unless You wish to dwell in the realm of trying special relationships indefinitely.  Perhaps You have, by now, had enough of them? 

Now the ego will tell You that this is the only framework there is for relationships.  And You have believed it for what seems like eternity.  I am opening the door for You to an experience of Love – right here and now – that is vastly different.  And for It You only need to change your thought.

Try then today to begin to learn how to look on all things with love, appreciation, and open-mindedness.  There is that Partner, Child, Parent, Boss, Who is being so difficult.  How do You Love Them?  How do You appreciate such thoughtless, bad behavior?  The secret is no secret: You open your mind to Me and to the Holy Spirit.  And You ask for help.  Brother, Holy Spirit, show Me how You see this One.  Teach Me of Your Love.  How can You be so patient, tender, kind?  How can I be so patient, tender, kind as You? 

Allow Me to be your mind, your vision.  This makes no less of You, for I simply open wide the door to the Holy Spirit which is really You.  Together We shift the focus from the One Who is so difficult and ask within how We may best Love this One.  What can We say to heal Their discontent?  How can We see beyond this to the Christ They are?  And the Christ They are indeed, although: You do not see them now.   The eyes of the world are blind, and so: Would you know what is in them? Nothing is as it appears to you.  If You can but accept this, and ask humbly for Our help, the healing of your mind will happily begin. 

The desire among Course Students is to have a Holy relationship instead of a special one.  As I said this morning, the only way to have a Holy relationship is to change your reason for being here; in other words, to be born anew.  When I said those words to Nicodemus 2000 years ago- indeed, when I say “2000 years ago”, it is like You saying “yesterday”- When I told Nicodemus that He needed to be “born anew of water and of Spirit”, I was reminding Him of the words in Isaiah: “Wash You; make You clean.”  And, of course, I was referring to a renewing of the mind.  As Paul says in Philippians, to have the Mind that I am.

Every One caught in the dream is dreaming to please Themselves.  That is being for getting, not giving.  And that is a special relationship.  Where is the Holiness in selfishness?  And I am not condemning You; I am instead suggesting a shift of being. 

You can easily see that One is in a relationship to get something, whether obvious or not.  Without delving far into human psychology, an example of this is One Who feels Themselves to be a victim or an aggressor, and has a relationship that validates this feeling.  The satisfaction comes in the validation of the belief; however, the relationship certainly suffers.

And yet – at any moment – there could be that amazing change of mind back to Love, the game can cease, and Something entirely new and beautiful will spring up.

Its – whether that of You, your Partner, a table, an apple – holy purpose stands beyond your little range.  Beyond your narrow view, yet right at hand.  And It’s ever available to You.  The glorious Holiness of the Son of God.

When vision has shown you the holiness that lights up the world, you will understand today’s idea perfectly.  And this Vision will light up All You see, and the Beauty of Those Who have troubled You so – as well as your Beauty to Them – will fill You with a Love so rich, that You will only want to give and give and give.  And you will not understand how you could ever have found it difficult.  Your Brother’s and your Sister’s Holiness will be so clear and fill You with such joy. 

And only this very small thing is asked of You, and that is to consult with Me.  Together We will rebuild every relationship from the great giving Heart of Love. 



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