Scribing by Sun~Rose


Guidance from Elder Brother

as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*


[as it appeared in the April 2011 Newsletter] 


[Words from A Course in Miracles-original edition are Bold and Gold ]

It has been said that every Sunday is a little Easter.  And I am going to bring Easter much more present than that statement.  The Truth is that every instant is a potential Holy Instant – or full-blown Easter.

Your Resurrection or Awakening is present with You – as You – at this very moment, quietly, expectantly, waiting for Your willingness.  That’s very simple, isn’t it?  Sounds too simple.  I must be Someone special since You don’t know of another example of Resurrection, although You may have heard there are Others, living off in the Himalayan mountains, but They’re special too.

Well what have I said to You when discussing the Miracle Principles?  Every One of You is special, priceless and precious to God.  And I will again quote Saint Augustine: God loves Each One of Us as if there were only One of Us.  That makes You – All of You – the “only begotten Son”, just as I am.

And so, how is it that Your Resurrection/Awakening is right now present, not just with You, but as You? … … It’s the Holy Spirit!  It’s Your True Mind.  Today We are working with Lesson 69, although I could excerpt from any of the Lessons, We will use where We are today.

You have, for the most part, heretofore, thought of Resurrection as something happening to the body.  Well it is not.  It is a transformation of the mind, from little m mind to capital M Mind; from the ego state of thought to the Holy Spirit’s Knowing.

Think of your mind – and the mind We are looking to reach is the Mind You know – or have heard of and which is now being described – as a vast round area, – as the Holy Spirit, hidden from view, – surrounded by – where You are abiding now, which is almost always the limited ego sense of mind, that here in this lesson, is being visually described as – a layer of heavy dark clouds. You can see only the clouds because you seem to be standing outside the whole area, and quite apart from it.  So seems the Holy Spirit to You, as not a part of You but something separate, mystical and magical, and far more than You could ever be.

And so – From where you stand, you can see no reason to believe there is a brilliant light hidden by the clouds. The clouds seem to be the only reality. Just as ego thinking seems to be Your only mind.  They seem to be all there is to see. And so You do not realize how much there is to You and how very marvelous You are.  Therefore you do not attempt to go through them and past them, which is the only way in which you would be really convinced of their lack of substance.  – for cloudy doubtful thoughts are so often what and how You think You are. So You need encouragement, and this is what I give You now. We will make this attempt today.  This effort will not be half-hearted but joyous and enthusiastic!

This is how I approached My Resurrection: with great joy and enthusiasm.  The certainty of God as all Reality – and therefore, My Consciousness – shone as blazing Light, keeping Me from slipping into the human dream of anger, fear, and crucifixion, all clamoring for My attention.  I lived – and still do – the glorious words to God from Isaiah 26:3: “Thou wilt keep Him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on Thee.”

And He is keeping You in perfect peace too, as You stay Your mind on Him.

This is Your Resurrection and Your Awakening.  Your Easter Joy.

Where, You may be thinking of Yourself, is My crucifixion?  There is no crucifixion for You.  Only the ego sense feels crucified because it has been crucifying You for eons.  Is it not time to accept Your freedom?

As the moon retires in the light of the sun, let Us together retire crucifixion in Light of Resurrection.  The true retirement of crucifixion is the Awakening which brings the disappearance of the ego.  And the ego sense is all that will disappear in the Resurrection of Awakening.  Where You thought a painful and a troubled world abided so clearly will it be seen that the Kingdom of Heaven has been here all along.

Feel My Love for All of You, as I rejoice in Your Resurrection.  For what is Resurrection but Your dwelling once again as Your rightful place: the Holy Spirit and You as a joyous One, the Belovèd Son of God You are, and have always been, despite the endless, troubled dreams that hid Yourself from You.  Our Father waits with joyous expectation for Your glad return.

All that’s asked is that little willingness for miracles abound, and Your glad Homecoming encourages all the sleeping Sons of God to waken and make the journey with You, the journey without distance, as Heaven waits for You right here and now.

You have long confused Heaven with the dream of dying.  This could not be farther from the Truth.  Heaven is the true experience of Life Awake instead of life asleep.  For the two experiences are both at hand, right where You are.  You have chosen dreaming for so long, there hadn’t seemed to be another choice.  And so I’m here to offer You a far, far better sense of Life than dreaming endless, fitful dreams that You perceive as lifetimes.

How real is Your sleeping dream?  The waking one is no more true.  Your Resurrection, just like Mine, is from the unreal to the Real.  Nowhere to actually go, it’s just a simple change of Mind from Me to We.  From separation and loneliness to inclusion and a Love and safety long forgotten.  And yet this Love has not forgotten You.  You will not lose Your loved Ones for They will come along with You, inspired by Your Joy.

How does this journey begin?  The same way that it ends: You Joining with the Holy Spirit, and He is What You really are.  All fear is gone forever, melted by the Love of God, exemplified as He and now as You.  You had forgotten Who You are: joyous Son and Daughter of the King.

Welcome Home.  


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Scribing by Sun~Rose


Guidance on Love & Relationship
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*
[as it appeared in the February 2011 Newsletter]


Reja wondered if You would speak of Love [and Relationship] for the Newsletter.


I am always speaking to Love, although My words may seem to address many, many other topics.  Love is the Father’s Name because It is His Nature.  Therefore, It is the Nature of all Reality, and of All of the Family of God, whether Awake or dreaming.  We Who are Awake are the Presence of Love with ease.  And You can feel It from Me.

Love is what enabled Me to stand and heal, hour after hour, the Multitudes Who came to Me.  And I speak not only of My healing work.  It is because each One of You is the very Presence of Love, that the ills and so-called sins can be healed.  Where You see Yourselves as little, sickly and sinful ‘mortals’, I see You in all your radiant Beauty!  And radiantly beautiful You are, if You could but see Yourselves.  Paraphrasing Robert Burns: Oh the power that giftie gie You, to see Yourselves as I see You.

It is not just that You are the Presence of Light.  It is the Love that each One of You uniquely expresses with such Grace and Beauty.

Why do You not see it and experience Yourselves and Each Other that way?  Ah, such a good question.  Because the expression of Love has become quite secondary to the demands of the ego mindset.  It has been replaced by the desire for control, which takes many forms: the lust for money, things, sex, power, et cetera; the accumulation of what You think will give You the most control over Others and your world.  It isn’t pretty.

And it comes down to My favorite theme song, which is the thrust of all the Lessons, although You may not have realized it.  Those Awake exist to Give.  Those asleep exist to get.  And so, when You read My words: “Nothing I see means anything.” – the reason it means nothing is because You see it only for what it can or cannot do for You.  And, as in today’s Lesson: “Above all, I am determined to see differently!” You are really asking to see your real relationship with the object of your vision.  And You are becoming willing to have a different relationship with Who or What You are viewing, for truly All is Holy.

And in that willingness, You are opening your hearts and minds to see as I see, which means to begin to Love as I Love.  If You but knew what You were missing, You would spend your days asking for this Vision, for it is glorious.  The happiness of this Love that is the Father-Mother’s is priceless and beyond compare.  Its sweetness and Its joy is what You are looking for in every encounter You have with Every One and everything. 

It is the joy that comes from knowing that You are dearly and eternally Loved and that all is always well.

For Those of You Who are working with the Lessons, this year, let them be for learning Love.  Every one of them holds the promise of this Gift, which is what I came to give You.  And I will be with You until You learn It, for We are as Teacher and as Pupil.  And as You learn It, You learn that We are truly One, and equal, and that My direction has already given – and will forever – giveYou Peace.

Now there has been a request for Me to bring this to the practical, the nitty-gritty of your daily experience.  You know that your relationship with Me is Holy, safe, and secure forever.  What about those other relationships, the ones with Partners, Children, Parents, Bosses, Co-Workers, taxi Drivers, retail Workers, your fellow Dreamers?  Let’s go to today’s Lesson.  It is perfect.

God is in everything I see.  God is in everything I see.  And not just every Thing, but every One.  This is the key to both happy and Holy relationships: that All is/are entitled to your Love and your respect because God is Its/Their Source.  You have been, for so long, the center of the universe of your small, and quite confused mind, that it is hard to give this respect anywhere else, and yet it is absolutely crucial unless You wish to dwell in the realm of trying special relationships indefinitely.  Perhaps You have, by now, had enough of them? 

Now the ego will tell You that this is the only framework there is for relationships.  And You have believed it for what seems like eternity.  I am opening the door for You to an experience of Love – right here and now – that is vastly different.  And for It You only need to change your thought.

Try then today to begin to learn how to look on all things with love, appreciation, and open-mindedness.  There is that Partner, Child, Parent, Boss, Who is being so difficult.  How do You Love Them?  How do You appreciate such thoughtless, bad behavior?  The secret is no secret: You open your mind to Me and to the Holy Spirit.  And You ask for help.  Brother, Holy Spirit, show Me how You see this One.  Teach Me of Your Love.  How can You be so patient, tender, kind?  How can I be so patient, tender, kind as You? 

Allow Me to be your mind, your vision.  This makes no less of You, for I simply open wide the door to the Holy Spirit which is really You.  Together We shift the focus from the One Who is so difficult and ask within how We may best Love this One.  What can We say to heal Their discontent?  How can We see beyond this to the Christ They are?  And the Christ They are indeed, although: You do not see them now.   The eyes of the world are blind, and so: Would you know what is in them? Nothing is as it appears to you.  If You can but accept this, and ask humbly for Our help, the healing of your mind will happily begin. 

The desire among Course Students is to have a Holy relationship instead of a special one.  As I said this morning, the only way to have a Holy relationship is to change your reason for being here; in other words, to be born anew.  When I said those words to Nicodemus 2000 years ago- indeed, when I say “2000 years ago”, it is like You saying “yesterday”- When I told Nicodemus that He needed to be “born anew of water and of Spirit”, I was reminding Him of the words in Isaiah: “Wash You; make You clean.”  And, of course, I was referring to a renewing of the mind.  As Paul says in Philippians, to have the Mind that I am.

Every One caught in the dream is dreaming to please Themselves.  That is being for getting, not giving.  And that is a special relationship.  Where is the Holiness in selfishness?  And I am not condemning You; I am instead suggesting a shift of being. 

You can easily see that One is in a relationship to get something, whether obvious or not.  Without delving far into human psychology, an example of this is One Who feels Themselves to be a victim or an aggressor, and has a relationship that validates this feeling.  The satisfaction comes in the validation of the belief; however, the relationship certainly suffers.

And yet – at any moment – there could be that amazing change of mind back to Love, the game can cease, and Something entirely new and beautiful will spring up.

Its – whether that of You, your Partner, a table, an apple – holy purpose stands beyond your little range.  Beyond your narrow view, yet right at hand.  And It’s ever available to You.  The glorious Holiness of the Son of God.

When vision has shown you the holiness that lights up the world, you will understand today’s idea perfectly.  And this Vision will light up All You see, and the Beauty of Those Who have troubled You so – as well as your Beauty to Them – will fill You with a Love so rich, that You will only want to give and give and give.  And you will not understand how you could ever have found it difficult.  Your Brother’s and your Sister’s Holiness will be so clear and fill You with such joy. 

And only this very small thing is asked of You, and that is to consult with Me.  Together We will rebuild every relationship from the great giving Heart of Love. 



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Scribing by Sun~Rose


 Bridge to the Real World

Jesus Expanding on
“Bridge to the Real World”
Given In His Course In Miracles
original edition ~
CH 16 Sec VII 59

as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*

[as it appeared in the November 2010 Newsletter]


TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: The text is taken from the JCIM edition <now referred to as the original edition

>of A Course In Miracles. 

The Course is a Miracle in itself, and I have so much appreciation for Helen Schucman’s ability to hear and express His Voice with such supreme beauty.

I have not changed the Course text at all, except as it is interspersed with Jesus’ current Guidance on it.

The Course text is in bold face and BLUE When You see the word ‘YOU’  capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.  

.  The Guidance is in normal type.

In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You.


Chapter 16

VII. The Bridge to the the Real World

You are curious as to why I chose this passage.  It is to help break through the habit of seeing yourself as simply human, not knowing how to access your Divinity and to stay there.  You have been feeling this with some frustration lately, the habitual slip back into the ordinary mindset.  Stop feeling that You won’t be able to hear!  I have no problem speaking. (said with a laughing smile).

Let’s look at the passage:

 For God created love as He would have it be, and gave it as it IS. Love has no meaning except as its Creator defined it by His Will. It is impossible to define it otherwise and UNDERSTAND it.  And how else can it be defined but understanding the nature of All of Us as One grand Whole, Love be-ing What We ARE.

Love is FREEDOM. “Freely ye have received, freely give.”  This is My theme song, now and, as well, 2000 years ago.  It is the rule of Love.  It is the only way to Love truly, and it frees Us from special relationships.  For when your Love is rightly put to use, what else can You do with it but shower it on All.  Your special loves are not discarded but fully included in this Love.

Freely You have received Our Father’s magnificent Love, how else can It be shared but freely letting the Love of God flow equally, from You, as You, to All, just as He equally loves Us All?  And as Love becomes Who You are, suddenly Everyone is special to You.

‘Oh no!’ You say. ‘How can I love like that?  It’s hard enough to love my friends and family, one at a time.  Loving everyone would be impossible!  I’m not big like God.’  And with those words and that decision, You have become a stranger to your Self, in the strange land You call the world, which You have created.  And so You keep yourself separate and apart, so unlike He Who loves eternally, repeating endlessly that You are both unlike and apart from Him, so loving universally is just too hard.

The reason that it’s hard is because You’re not loving all!  Splitting up your love, You’ve singled some out as ‘special’, as ‘deserving’ (for the moment) of your special love, which isn’t really love at all, but symptomatic of your insistence on not being as your Father.

And so You languish in a prison cell of your own making, and You notice not the absence of any locks and doors, for You have imprisoned yourself in a tiny sense of mind and cannot see any further than your beliefs that True Love is lost to You along with Home.

Your Love is never lost because It is what You are.  It is the Light from which the Love You are pours forth.  And It is much easier to access than You think.  Where is It found but as that major part of You known as the Holy Spirit, whose plan consists of a two-word prayer to free You, your Love, and Joy.  We simply ask the Holy Spirit to: “Take over.  Please be Me.”

And this is no stranger that You invite to be your Mind, your Life, your Love, but the Real You.  And You are going to Love the One You really are, more and more each day.

This is an adventure, worthy of the Son of God You are.


*Sun~Rose is the scribe of the recently published book,



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Scribing by Sun~Rose



Jesus Expanding The Miracle Principles
Given In His Course In Miracles
original edition

as received and transcribed by Sun~Rose*
[as it appeared in the July 2010 Newsletter

(1972 manuscript as given to Hugh Lynn Cayce
by Helen Schucman and William Thetford)

Chapter 1

I. Principles of Miracles


May 25, 2006

20. Miracles reawaken the awareness that the Spirit, not the body, is the altar of truth.

It is the awareness that … Spirit – not body is the Altar of not only Truth, but of Life, Love, Principle, Identity.  Never – never – are any of You ‘mortals’.

Your Divine Principle, or Source, is always God, Spirit.  You are not from the proverbial sperm and egg.  These are just childish games and rules invented by the dreamers.  It is necessary to wake up from them.  This is why I walked on water and through walls.

I was not playing parlor games with My disciples, but rather wanting to jolt them out of their complacency with so-called matter.

It was not done overnight – nor frequently in the past 2000 years; and yet, at any moment You can waken, realize the strange rules, with which You have bound yourself and others, are merely strange, not rules at all.
There is no mortal.  The ghosts and goblins that you see called ‘human’ are no more real than Halloween costumes of the same.
The individuals – thinking they are really clever and inventive – have come up with their persona – (which, as you know, is ‘mask’ in Latin) and have become obsessively identified with it, forgetting that it is just a pointless figment of their imagination.
Indeed, such a thought would send most dreamers into a defensive rage.  (Yes, it is good to note and understand that all rage is a defensive stance, while also being an addiction.)
Who are these individuals?  Again: anyone who prefers the unreality of dreams to the Joy and Peace and – yes, Fun! – of Life as One with God.  So count yourself among them, while You wish to idly dream on, making all your own decisions.  And yet, the moment that You turn to Join – before You’ve yet to speak – a hand has clasped your outstretched one, and … all your loneliness is gone.  Spirit now is free to work, as You defer to It.
The recognition of the Help frees mind to hear.  This is the recognition that leads to the healing power of the miracle.
What did I say to you those years ago that cut right through your fear?  That Spirit is your loved one’s Reality; and when acknowledged – that Truth reigns supreme.  And so it was, as your fear melted, it melted hers (for minds are joined) – and the healing of her body freely commenced.
The healing of the mind takes only such a shift.  Her mind is Mind – as free as Spirit – hatred, rage and fear can stick not to the Light.

21. Miracles are natural expressions of total forgiveness. I think We will continue to speak on this because there is a need, not just in your experience but multiplied a billion-fold.  Your world is raging, a defensive move against the fear.  And all that will dissolve that rage is summed up in the single word ‘forgiveness’.  There is much more to this than the letting go of grievances, as freeing as that is.  It is a shift of focus – of raison d’être – a change of mind for why You’re here.
Almost everyone has come to gratify addiction. A simple glance at your own behavior, as well as that of others, is enough.  There are many of them: anger, fear, drugs, sex, power, dominance, victim, control, war games, money, complaint.  This is the state We have discussed before of being here for getting.

To be here for giving constitutes the state of ‘for-giveness’.  It is the only way to put the ego to the side.
Although it was unspoken then, it surely is clear that I came to give – not get. The gifts were freely taken by greedy children, most of them, without a thought to what lay unseen behind the Gift of Healing.
Those who play at being ‘mortal’ are so hungry for things, for relief from all their pain and lack.  And yet the Gift, when taken and not understood, is like admiring and wearing the beautiful wrapping paper, while the Garment of the Gift of Life lays, discarded on the floor.
When You are miracle-ready, this means You are ready to accept God’s Giving.  What does this really mean?  Who wouldn’t want God’s Gifts?  ‘Oh God help me! …  After I’ve tried these vitamins, doctors, drugs, high colonics, surgeries, therapies, radiation, chemotherapy.

Heal me please when none of these really work.  And, while You’re at it, please don’t ask me to love my nasty boss, controlling father-in-law or the neighbors who play rock music at 1:00 a.m., or my child who just pierced her navel.’
Accepting miracles, God’s Gifts, means the beginning of accepting the All-Giving of God.  Which means – at least in a small degree – to begin to remember Home.

More of You need to begin to allow the miracles You experience to change your lives, instead of just accepting them for making the human experience (so-called) more comfortable – temporarily more comfortable.  A healing of a headache is a statement that You need to have no more of them.  God’s Gifts are permanent.

Through miracles, man accepts God’s forgiveness by extending it to others. So, how shall You extend the purpose of giving – of being here for giving – to others?  It is a two-step waltz.  The first step is the Acknowledgement of the Divine Presence of God as your neighbor and yourself.  And the second equal in importance is the Gift of active Love, which You will be Guided to extend.

‘Oh, You’re the blessèd child of God, be well.’ – leaves the Gift still half undone.  Ask Me, ask God, and You will be Guided what to say and what to give so that the wounded one may really feel the Love and find their healing come – not through your ministrations, but because of them – your willingness to give.

And from your Gift, extended in the Name of God (unspoken may it be), something New takes place for Giver and Giftee.
A small remembrance of How It Is has now appeared for both of You – a ray of Heaven in the midst of hell, which somehow glows with possibilities brand-new.  And both of You are one-step nearer Home.


to be continued….

*Sun~Rose is the scribe of the recently published book,



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