Lesson 328 ~ Guidance Scribed by Sun~Rose

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*



TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: The Course text is in bold face. The Guidance is in normal type In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You. When You see the word ‘YOU’ capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.


Workbook PART II

L e s s o n  328

I choose the second place to gain the first. 

For the Son of God is second but to God, and Each of You is the Son of God; both individually and collectively. (That’s quite a mouthful!  And it is the Truth.)

1 What seems to be the second place is first, – is not the Son second but to His Source; where would He be without It? – for all things we perceive are upside down until we listen to the Voice of God. For We see through the lens of the suspicious and the vicious ego, surely not with the Eyes of Love, prerequisite for peace and happiness. It seems that we will gain autonomy but by our striving to be separate – and to be a ‘star’ – and that our independence from the rest of God’s creation is the way in which salvation is obtained. For We are ‘special’. Yet all we find is sickness, suffering and loss, and death. Of course, could the thumb survive on its own? We’re all meant to move together in one grand, stupendous whole. Sin, sickness, death, is moving in the wrong direction; nowhere! This is not what our Father wills for us, nor is there any second to His Will.  God in His Love, has only Good for Us. Let Us, then, abide in His Love, guided by His benign Will. To join with His is but to find our own. Ours, and not the ego’s, with which We have heretofore identified, thinking that We could have a will apart from God. Now We realize that’s impossible! And since our will is His, it is to Him that we must go to recognize our will.  And to know Ourselves.

2 There is no will but Yours.  Dear Father-Mother. I have been lost for millennia in strange, unconscious wonderings.  Now I’m gratefully returning. And I am glad that nothing I imagine contradicts what You would have me do. For My imagination is but phantasmagoria!  Not Reality!  It is Your Will that I be wholly safe, eternally at peace. And happily I share that Will which You, my Father, gave as part of me. Time out of mind, I have been lost; now gladly, I’m returning Home, where I belong. You, with Love so Infinite, dismiss My apologies with joy to have Me back.

It is hard to say whose joy is greater, whether Yours or Mine!


What is Creation?

To understand Creation We must first look to Its Source: the Creator.  In the Bible We do find, right at the beginning, two reasonable translations of the first four English words.  The commonly accepted one is: “In the beginning, God” and the alternate translation: “As the Source, God”.  One speaks of time, the other of Eternity.  Which one shall it be?

Let Us continue.

1 Creation is the sum of all God’s Thoughts, in number infinite and everywhere without all limit.  For God is clearly Consciousness Itself, as is Creation. Make sure You do not confuse Creation with procreation. Only Love creates and only like Itself.  And Love is not found in bodies, but as Mind. There was no time when all that It created was not there.  For what You think was created – if Real – always is and thus forever will be.   Nor will there be a time when anything that It created suffers any change.  God’s Ideas – of which You are a precious, holy One – are imperishable. Forever and forever are God’s Thoughts exactly as they were  – as He is Be-ing – and as they are, unchanged through time and after time is done.  This is true of You; and it’s true right now, despite the seeming!

2 God’s Thoughts are given all the power that Their own Creator has.  This is more clearly understood when You see that Creation is Revelation, no beginning and no end, but rather: always ever is, whether seen or not. For He would add to Love by its extension. Thus His Son shares in creation, and must therefore share in power to create.  By seeing Love and allowing what He knows to be revealed. What God has willed His Reality – be forever one will still be one when time is over and will not be changed throughout the course of time, remaining as it was before the thought of time began.  What You call “time” is but ego overlaying What is Real.  It cannot change It.

3 Creation is the opposite of all illusions, for Creation is the truth.   God’s Truth revealed as All there really is. Creation is the holy Son of God, – the Son is God’s extension of His Self – for in Creation is His Will complete in every aspect, making every part container of the whole. In other words, the Ray cannot defy the Sun by choosing to become darkness. Light it is. Light it remains, even if it’s self-deluded. Its oneness is forever guaranteed inviolate, forever held within His holy Will beyond all possibility of harm, of separation, imperfection, and of any spot upon its sinlessness.  We are so cherished.  We are Creation-we the Sons of God.  Each the One of God.

4 We seem to be discrete and unaware of our eternal unity with Him, and with each Other. Yet back of all our doubts, past all our fears, there still is certainty. God is permanent. For Love remains with all Its Thoughts, Its sureness being theirs.  This is why getting Love is the Dreamer’s beggest obsession. God’s memory is in our holy minds, which know their oneness and their unity with their Creator.  Even as We pretend differently! How foolish the dream. Let our function be only to let this memory return, only to let God’s Will be done on earth, only to be restored to sanity, and to be but as God created us.  All We need do is give up Our insistence upon control and let the Holy Spirit guide Us now; now and forever.

5 Our Father calls to us.  We can hear Him when We choose to listen! He is speaking now.  We hear His Voice, and we forgive creation Our mis-creation – in the name of its Creator, Holiness Itself, Whose holiness His own creation shares; Whose holiness is still a part of us.  Since He is Holy, so must We be too, for there really is no separation.  We remain forever One with Our God.

Reach out wholeheartedly, and You will see.

[Thank you Dear Brother]

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