Scribing by Sun~Rose Guidance on Love

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*

[As seen in the November 2011 Newsletter]



JESUS: I want to talk briefly on what happens when You deny Your love to everyone.  Now what I am meaning here is not that You aren’t loving anyone, but that You are not loving Every One


Why am I saying that?  You know I can hear Your thinking!  You’re wondering how anyone could Love Every One.  You know, all those unlovable people, peopling the earth.  Who could Love any of them, much less all of them?  Does the Course really say that?  Isn’t it about turning a special relationship into a Holy Relationship?


Well, let’s look at Love.  Love is what God is.  God doesn’t have Love.  God is Love.  God is Living Love, for Love is not a static thing, but ever-living, ever-growing, resting on and blessing the entire Universe. 


Take a moment here, to picture Your Love – Your eternal Gift from God – flowing from You like a easy, even breath, embracing gently all Ideas It meets.  They know not what It is that loosens all their cares, binds up their broken heart, lessens relentless fear.  They just know, inexplicably, that They feel much better.


Like the bird with broken wing of which I’ve spoken, that begins to sing again and finds its wing unbroken- like to that bird are those touched by Your gentle breath of Love, that feels so comforting to them as it feeds a hunger they didn’t know they had.


Would You not Love like this, so indiscriminately, so recklessly, so joyously!  And as You learn to do this for those unseen and unknown to You, then can You begin to practice with those closer to You. 


This is the Love that You really are.  The Love that You are to give Your Brother indiscriminately.  And in the measure that the Holy Spirit tells You that Your Brother needs it.  For The Holy Spirit is gladly Guiding You in this wonderful endeavor.


You have thought before that Love was give-and-take, one hand washing the other.  Something that would get You something.  That isn’t Love.  Love is Something that You give, Guided by My words: Freely You have received, freely give.  My words from 2000 years ago


And I do mean freely, with no strings attached.  Let loving become as natural and as easy to You as Your breathing.  And as Your Love grows, embracing All, just so, Your Joy grows.  And there is no limit to its breadth and depth and height, for Love brings You Infinity and happiness right where You are.


[Thank you Dear Brother]

*Sun~Rose is the scribe of the recently published book, “YOU ARE LOVED AND SAFE: PREP NOTES FOR EXPERIENCING GOD’S LOVE” She is also author of, “RADIANT LIFE: RAW FOOD AND THE PRESENCE OF LOVE”

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