Scribing by Sun~Rose HS Guidance Part I

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*
[As it appears in the June 2011 Newsletter]




The Holy Spirit is one of My favorite subjects, as It pertains to Who and What You really are.  This particular Guidance has to do with learning more than just feeling uplifted as You read it.  It is up to You to do the Joining and the Listening required.

I’d like to start out with a little song that the Holy Spirit and I suggested to Sun~Rose for any trying time.  It is sung to the tune of Gracious Spirit Dwell With Me, and it speaks the Truth of the Holy Spirit and All of You.

Holy Spirit dwell as Me.
I Myself am One as Thee.
And Your words that help and heal,
As Myself You do reveal.
This song may also be sung with ‘We’ or ‘She’ or ‘He’ or ‘Thee’, depending on Who is needing not just healing, but Whole-ing.  For the Holy Spirit is the Rest of You, without Whom You are incomplete.  As You all have searched for eons for the ‘perfect (special) relationship’, it has truly always been the Holy Spirit You were seeking.What a joy to relax and find that out so that if You have a special relationship (or many of them), now Each of You can concentrate on the Holy Spirit and actually open the door to a Holy relationship.  Not yet though!First You will learn the joy of re-acquaintance with the Holy Spirit, Your Self, a Self so lovely, so wonderful, so full of Life and Love and happiness, so gentle and so kind, that You will begin to understand what Love really is and that Love is what You are, Your very Substance, rather than the ‘material’ person You have thought Yourself to be.

Let’s go back to the song, for those four lines can change Your old mindset about Yourself if You will allow it.

“Holy Spirit dwell as Me”:  Well, what does this mean?  You aren’t asking here for the Holy Spirit to come into a material You – a human being – and be a part of You, thereby allowing You to continue holding on to Your so-called ‘human’ personality and opinions, et cetera, all the tools of the separation.

This is not asking the Holy Spirit to dwell in You.  It says: “Holy Spirit dwell as Me.”  This is a humble, sincere request for the Holy Spirit to actually Be You, without reserving room for the personality, the entire persona You have created to separate You from God and the Rest of Yourself: the Holy Spirit.

It is a request, an allowing for the Holy Spirit to Be You once again, the Real You, the You of God, rather than the little y you of the ego.

You will notice that I always address You as the capital Y You of God, acknowledging both Our equality and Your Divinity.

You have been hiding from Your Divinity so long that this may seem incomprehensible; yet Divine You are for You are of God.  And the entire separation has been about denying and hiding that fact.  The Holy Spirit is the Real of You, kept safe by God while You have played foolish, painful games for eons.

You have hidden from the peace and joy of Reality, fruitlessly looking for these things in empty, painful dreams.  The Holy Spirit has ever stood waiting for Your calls for help.

“Holy Spirit dwell as Me.”  ‘Holy Spirit I think I’m ready for You to take over, to Be Me.  I’ve done such a terrible job, and I’m so tired.

And I don’t want to ‘die’ and be ‘born’ again only to experience more pain.  So do You mind actually Be-ing Me, instead of something I make up, and so ineptly at that.’

That realization and then request is the first step.  For if You feel that You have some ‘life’ left in You yet, for being an ego, You will not give up control enough to remember to even consult the Holy Spirit regularly, much less moment by moment.

If You will trust Me here, as Your Elder Brother, I will promise You that never will You find happiness from the ego mindset, for it is pure selfishness.  And selfishness is misery for All of Us are One.  And until the mind is changed from ‘Me’ to ‘We’ selfishness continues.

Let Us go to the next line of the little song: “I Myself am One as Thee.”  Notice again that it does not say “One with Thee” alloiwing You to retain the so-called ego identity.  You are becoming willing, allowing Yourself to let the Holy Spirit Be You.  I cannot say this too often: the Holy Spirit is not a tool for You to use when You are in trouble, when You need help, when everything’s a mess.  Avoid the mess!

Let the Holy Spirit Be You all the time.

How do You do this?  Well, I would like to blithely say: just make the choice and do it.  And as Sun~Rose can tell You, the ego is more determined to keep control than You may have realized.  She has been using the Gymboss little sequential timer that goes off with a buzz, automatically, almost 200 times before needing resetting.  It is helping Her to remember to check in with Me and the Holy Spirit.  While this may sound unnecessary to You, the point is: Do what works!  And be committed.

And trust whatever You are hearing in these small minute-by-minute instructions from the Holy Spirit, for here is where You are making a real connection in uniting in the minutiae of Your daily experience.

Then, when a larger need arises, You will already be in practice and – most importantly – used to trusting what You’re hearing.

Let’s finish looking at the song: “And Your words that help and heal, As Myself You do reveal.”

As You are turning to the Holy Spirit asking what to say and do throughout Your day, You get the help and healing that You need.  And it is most important to realize that the Voice that You are hearing is You – the Real You – the You of God.  This is the whole aim of the Course: to bring You back into Your Right Mind.  And the Holy Spirit is Your Right Mind.

And the Love and Unity You feel brings such Peace and Happiness.


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