Scribing by Sun~Rose


Guidance from Elder Brother

as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*

[As it appears in the May 2011 Newsletter] 


Please speak to us of Anxiety and Panic Attacks.


This is a wonderful topic.  I am delighted to speak to the healing of these two painful problems.

Let Us start by clearly stating that all forms of fear belong wholly to the dream.  They have no place at all as Reality.

When You All chose so long ago to stay within the dream, fear sprung up immediately because You had turned Your backs on Love.  They cannot coexist.  Thus fear became the hallmark of the dream.

Dimly remembering that Love has no fear at all, special relationships became Your goal, in the hopes of alleviating fear.  Obviously that didn’t work, and fear continued to grow, springing from loveless ground.

Once psychiatry was invented, fear garnered many names and diagnoses, yet fear they are and fear they do remain.

Yet two constants all names and types of fear do have.  They exist solely in the dream.  At Home where All is Love, there is no concept for fear at all except in the memory of the rage and fear of the separated Ones.

So whether fear is named as schizophrenia or autism, bi-polar or anxiety, claustrophobia or panic attacks, it hardly matters the name, for all are the direct result of trying to exist within the dream, alone, apart from God and from Yourself, the Holy Spirit.

Very simply, anxiety is fear that cannot be contained and so becomes a constant companion.  The cure is simple indeed, needing determined persistence.  Turn immediately to the Holy Spirit (or Your Guide), asking the Holy Spirit to take over and to tell you what is really True.  Done consistently – realizing that the Holy Spirit is Your Right Mind – anxiety will find no-where to go.   Consistence is the key word.

Two things cannot really dwell in one place for one alone is Real.  And the healing is two-fold, for as You let the Holy Spirit Be You not only has anxiety flown, but You are now coming back into Your Right Mind.

Maybe You would like Me to tell You how to manage fear successfully within the dream, eschewing the radical step of Awakening.  I will do that, yet rarely will it last; the self-centeredness of the dream makes it hard to live as Love.

Panic attacks are stuffed-down anxiety that manages to pop up with a vengeance.  Is not the cure the same?   A mind that lives as Love, focused well on God, finds aught to fear.  If You can stay as that Love, You find Yourself so full with Happiness.

Dear beloved Brothers and dear beloved Sisters, all My words of Love for You have but one focus: Your glad return to Home.  Why stay frightened, all alone, and in pain when Love and Peace and Joy await You?  Loneliness is gone forever in the sweet embrace of a Family that has longed for Your glad return.

And how about Life that’s problem-free; Infinitely interesting living Life as We instead of ‘Me’.  Such dear companions, and each relationship is Holy.

And perhaps You have forgotten just how much fun it is, teleporting through the Universe, and with no fear of falling!  How light and beautiful it feels to Spirit Be.

Ah, won’t You All come Home with Me?


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