Scribing by Sun~Rose

Blessed Resolution

Today I Will Make No Decisions By Myself’

as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*
[as it appeared in the January 2011 Newsletter]


Last night, when Our dear Brother asked Reja to layout and send the page of Guidance, I wondered why.

As it arrives, it is clear.  The glorious sun lighting Our way above and regardless of the clouds of the dream, are the gift of giving. We give Jesus Our gift of the Holy Instant as We give Our sincere – even if still not quite perfect – willingness of:

Today I will make no decisions by Myself. 

Although We may ‘forget’ at first, as We willingly work to give Him this Gift, He returns It to Us. Each Perfect Moment of Holy Instants following another, as We steadily find a Peace and Joy with Him. This is, indeed, not just “the Peace of God that passes all understanding” (Philippians 4:7), but Happiness too.  This is a living Joy that permeates Our lives blessing All!

What We give to Him is returned to Us “seventy times seven”!

In His Bible words from Matthew 18, We see the blessing of sharing with Him Our decisions to be made:

“And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them … Whosoever therefore shall humble yourself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

As We ask for His help, which is reward enough, We’re freely given Heaven!


A Blessed New Year’s Resolution

You are asking if I might say something specific for the New Year, and so I will.

The New Year is always fragrant with promise of a new beginning, renewal; this is the year in which everything can change.  And this is true.  This is the year in which You and Your world may be transformed.  Yet You need not wait a moment more to see Yourself and world anew.  And even if it doesn’t happen, hasn’t happened yet, there is no magic about the beginning of a year that isn’t always present for Your transformation.  It’s just that little shift, the little willingness I ask of You each and every moment of the year.  When You give Me that no miracle will be left undone.  This is all I ask for: the little willingness that then unfolds so naturally into making no decisions by Yourself. 

The ego mindset finds so very many reasons to eschew My participation: “It’s not that important.”  “I don’t need Guidance for this.”  “What if I don’t like what He says?” And yet, is what You choose on Your own that important?  The very fact of the aloneness of the decision negates all value that it seems to have.  And when We choose together every decision is right.

So if there is a New Year’s resolution to be made, then it is this: Today I will make no decisions by Myself.

Guidance ~ Today I will make no decisions by Myself.

Today, I will make all decisions by My True Self, the Holy Spirit.  We could stop there for this is the only goal, the reuniting of the mind with God, the only Self there is, the You as all your perfection and beauty; You as God, Our Father knows You, as He knows Me. (as so does He know Me.)

When You accept this lesson: Today I will make no decisions by Myself, then do You accept the You that is belovèd to God as I am.  And so He speaks to You to say: “This is My belovèd Son in whom I am well-pleased.”  For this is how He knows You dearest one.  The ego is not – and never has been – His view of You.

And so, when You return – and that is literal, for You have turned away from Him – and now will You re-turn again to find the waiting arms of Love embracing You and freedom from the slavery in which the ego sense has held You bound so long.

And all of this comes through these simple words: Today I will make no decisions by Myself.  I will allow My Source to show Me what I truly am, for I have been away so long and I am tired of this journey going nowhere.  Why would I have traded all holy things and every joy of God for this sad and sorry state? 

I thought it would be fun to separate, and instead it’s been nothing but loneliness for Home, which I have tried to hide through relationships that are not based in Love that includes My Father first and foremost.

Instead I’ve made a god of other separated Sons and things We’ve made in Our own sorry likeness, hiding Them from Us as well, for We are in this together.

When You separated, You thought that You could be God upon your own and make decisions on each and every one and thing. And it wasn’t true, isn’t true, and never will be so.  For how could that be, since every One and every Thing is eternally and beautifully connected as essential parts of one stupendous, glorious Whole.

It is as if the flutist decided He would be conductor, and so He drops His flute and starts to wave His hands about in an attempt to control the orchestra.  And another seeing Him cavort decides to try it too. Then others are distracted, and soon there is a sea of hands waving aimlessly!

Yet Those Who have kept focused only on the Conductor continue on with His most exquisite music.  Their fullness and Their happiness is completely unimpaired by the strange behavior of Their Brothers and Their Sisters.  For the Conductor’s movement is Their only priority.

And so it is within the dream, when going it on your own, You have forgotten the essential part You play as the glorious Wholeness of God.  You sing and dance to your own song, glad when your dreaming partners shower some applause on You, thus dignifying Your sorry state.

Would it not be so much more satisfying to stop your silly dreams of being the conductor and pick up your long neglected flute, turn your eyes from the dream and focus back on Him.  You will soon begin to play as if You’d never stopped. 

And your Brothers and your Sisters, Who dreamt that They too were conductor, will see your happiness and peace regained for You and soon will follow suit.  And the Orchestra is Whole again, acknowledging Its Conductor as not just the Director but the Source of all the music here and now, forever.

Peace and Happiness are the norm again.

My belovèd Child, You feel My Love for You when You follow the Shepherd’s Voice guiding You safely Home. 

This Love is ever with You, and now You feel Its comfort once again.  You are safe and so loved.



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