Scribing by Sun~Rose

Coming Home for Christmas

Jesus Speaks on the ‘Process of Awakening’

as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*
[as it appeared in the December 2010 Newsletter]


TRANSCRIBER: A long-time Course student had said to me (the transcriber) that Awakening was a process of retracing all Your steps away from Home, and His Voice said “No!”

And I will let Him speak from here:


You know how the ego loves ‘becoming’ instead of Be-ing.  This idea of a ‘process’ may exist if a sleeping Brother or a Sister is not burning to Awaken, as it allows the individual to take His or Her leisurely time (there’s that word ‘time’ again!) — Their own sweet time, as the saying goes, about Awakening.  When the Course was first given, the fraction of interest in Awakening was very small.  It has not grown so large since then. 

  Time was invented to give credibility to the idea of separation, to the belief that something actually happened, something measured by the novel ideas of ‘before’ and ‘after’.  What place do these ideas have in Now, as Now?  Absolutely none.  Do not accord them any for they deserve it not.


Time is the most insidious of the Dreamers’ definitions.  It shapes everything for You Who insist upon relentless dreams.  ‘Before’ and ‘after’ rob You of the Here and Now. 


What You have called Your ‘Kingdom of Heaven experiences’ have very simply been Your willingness to listen to My Voice – against Your dreaming will – which brings Here and Now front and center.  The Joy of listening is that You stay there, instead of it becoming a fond memory.  You just got that: that once it is a memory, Your mind has slid back into time.


Once again, here is the importance of constant listening.  Being Present (Here and Now) with Me is indeed a Present (Gift).


There are no accidents in Your languages.  The Truth could never disappear.  You can only hide It from Yourself, and now We are uncovering It to bless You All.  And what a Joy It is for Those of Us Who are Awakened.


Now let Us proceed to Your initial question: Is there a process to Awakening? Only if You wish to make one to make Your wait still a little longer, as if eons have not been enough.


Is there some point to dreaming, that I would have You dream an instant longer?  God has not ordained one; it does not exist.


Time is a foolish thing, though You may dwell there if You wish.  I do not recommend it as a pleasant place to be, much preferring to have You Here and Now with Me


And yes, the Father is a ‘jealous God’ not wishing You to lose a moment longer of Your Joy, His Joy, by dwelling in the dream of neither Here nor Now.  And yet, because You are His Son, He cannot pluck You out of time, and why is this?  Because You’re not a body, a thing to move around, only You can shift Your consciousness, that act that moves You instantly from Here and Now to time and back when You so choose. 


And so I have answered your question as to whether some ‘process’ is necessary.  Do You need a process to change your mind?  Do You need a process to arrive at just a “little willingness”?  No, You don’t. 


All You need is a heart full of Love for God, for Me; as I said 2000 years ago, and My forefathers another 2000-plus years before that, You need to “Love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, and soul, and might, and mind.”  And adding My addition: “And your neighbor as yourself.”  That’s your way Home, all accomplished as Consciousness.


And it’s the beautiful Christmas Gift the Father-Mother, the Holy Spirit, and I, cherish.


We miss You so and wish You Home, Wakened Christ again.  This is the deep appeal of Christmas, coming Home again.  It’s been a long, cold loveless journey You’ve embarked upon; it can be over in an instant.  You’re standing at the door.  Surrendering autonomy, the key.


So why not choose it now for Heaven longs for Your glad return.  You turned Your back on God and Home and All the Rest of Us, and We would have You Home again, and in, and as, Your rightful place.


Although the ego tries to tell You this means loss of freedom, it does not.  Think for a moment what real Freedom You could feel, not just by knowing but also feeling You are loved by All Creation.  Feel the embrace, and feel the Love.  You dwell as perfect safety.  Fear is gone forever, in its place the happiness of priceless acceptation.  This certainty that all is well now, and will forever be.  This is True Freedom.  Come.  Step in the door. … …


I Love each and every One of You, right now and for always.

Welcome Home Belovèd.


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