Poems by J.Michaels

Children on the Hill

By J. Michaels*
[as it appeared in the October 2010 Newsletter]

One day in eternal blissSome children played at will

Reveling in their innocence

Knowing all was well

They played atop grassy knoll

It was lush and emerald green

They frolicked in the sunshine

Knowing all to be seen
Wise beyond recognition
Holy through and through
Innocence in children form



Playing two by two
An errant thought did enter
Mind so pure and fair
One they forgot to laugh at



And led them away from there
A wish to leave the fold
A desire to be one of all
Leaving the tender oneness



Of all in one recalled
So leave, they did
These now orphaned souls
Departing from oneness once known



To dream of hell’s darkly hole
In darkness they sought their way
Hoping to find light again
And illuminate a place to pray

Regret and guilt guide them now

As they seek a sacrificial way

Paying, at any cost

For transgressions of mind betrayed

Yet they know not what they do

For they are lost and blown away
At last, from afar
A lantern light is seen
Labeled love, they were told



A hope for souls redeemed
They reached the light at last
First a few, then many more
Guided by God’s Holy Spirit



They arrived where they were before
Instant rejoicing came upon them
Now knowing the whys and wherefores
Back in the greener pastures



Playing in innocence once more



                   Copyright 2010 J. Michaels

J. Michaels
Writer, Storyteller & Poet
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