Nothing but Oneness by J.Michaels


Nothing but Oneness

By J. Michaels*
[as it appeared in the September 2011 Newsletter]



I have found my home
It is not here or there
But everywhere
Not with this person or that
With every man, woman, and child
With the living thing
That runs through all living things
Well-cozied in eternity
The universe my home
Wrapped in the arms of my Father
Warmed by Heaven’s glow
Surrounded on every side
By love’s gentle heart
Nothing but oneness
And never apart.

Copyright 2009 J. Michaels

J. Michaels
Writer, Storyteller & Poet


*J. Michaels is a longtime ACIM student and lifelong student of the human mind and spirit.
He has authored books in non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. Profoundly influenced by ACIM, his writing challenges popular beliefs and expresses the spiritual in a unique storytelling style. His poetry is published in the Musings of Mind and Spirit series and he is also author of the novella Treasure of the Mind. [reviewed here] J Michael’s work may be seen on his blog at

Nothing to Forgive ~ J. Michaels


Nothing to Forgive

By J. Michaels*


[As it appears in the June 2011 Newsletter]


The goal of forgiveness is to realize that there is nothing to forgive. That goal is stated quite eloquently in one of the most articulate and persuasive books ever produced in the English language, the revolutionary spiritual teaching of A Course in Miracles.  I have studied this divine curriculum on a daily basis ever since the first time I picked it up, almost twenty years ago. That teaching, studied so diligently and absorbedly, changed my life in unimaginable ways and led me away from an egocentric, self-absorbed existence to a life now filled with blessings. That long and inspired journey taught me forgiveness, which opened my mind to the infinite possibility of a life existing alongside the delusional and ego-ruled existence that we know as “the world”. I came to see that divine possibility as an ever-existing reality which lives just outside our perceptual boundaries, yet knows no peer or even comparative examples in an inherently-limited, perceptual world. If I may, I will borrow a few minutes from your day to tell you of my adventure and the treasures found in its pursuit.

I received a copy of A Course in Miracles from my wife shortly after the death of my mother. At that time, I had no idea of what it was about (neither did she) and certainly no forewarning of how much it would eventually impact my life. I have always had an inquiring mind, especially when it comes to matters of mind and spirit and that inquisitiveness, accompanied by a deep inner connection, compelled me to study this strange new book. Within a few minutes of my initial reading, I knew I held something very special in my hands. Having always possessed a preference for anything out of the ordinary, the book quickly grabbed my attention and I proceeded to delve into it with an open mind. Despite my proclivity for the unusual, I am also a very pragmatic, results-oriented person and surprisingly the Course appealed to those leanings as well.

What I discovered was an articulate (even poetic) curriculum for seeing the world as we know it in an entirely new light, one that left me both hopeful and spiritually enlivened. It is an intelligent and insightful view of both the frailties of this world and the reality of the divine realm. Better yet, it gives very precise instruction for dealing effectively with the former and for discovering the truth of the latter. Unlike many spiritual practices, it deals not only with spiritual concerns but also with the part of the mind which drives our ego-centric lives as well as the part capable of unveiling and living in the unified Mind of the Divine.

An essential component of the practice of Course precepts is forgiveness, as mentioned previously. The big difference however is the way the Course defines the term. Unlike the traditional perception of forgiveness as pardoning someone for wronging us, the Course prescribes forgiveness as a means for eliminating the barriers created by the guilt and fear driven ego mind and thereby revealing to us our true spiritual nature. It does so by providing compelling arguments that we should forgive not because someone has wronged us but rather because, in truth, the “wronging” only occurred in an illusory state of mind, or dream. As radical as it may seem, this revolutionary worldview has been proposed and endorsed by such great historical minds such as Plato, William James, Albert Einstein, and Carl Jung, as well as contemporary luminaries such as Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, and Dr. Wayne Dyer. The Buddha himself taught that most of us live our lives in a dream state and that our main goal in life ought to be to awaken from it to the reality of our divine nature. Jesus of Nazareth spoke of his “Father’s House” and the many wonders of the divine world as his truth.

The good news is that we can awaken from the illusory dream of a perceptual-based world created by an ego-ruled mind and live our lives in a more enlightened way. That way is the path of forgiveness and of A Course in Miracles.

In order to provide an example of how forgiveness works in the material world, I offer a story from my own life. Many years ago, shortly after my wife and I married, she began to experience dreams in which I was unfaithful to our marriage vows. Although she readily admitted there was no basis for suspicion or the dreams, she continued to have them. Having studied dreams for many years, I understood that they were simply revealing to her aspects of her subconscious that had nothing to do with reality.  Yet the dreams seemed so real to her that upon awakening, she was actually angry at me for some time until it completely dawned on her that she had been dreaming. This is much like what we all experience in dreaming at times and points out how “real” our lives can appear to us, even in a dream state. It is only upon “awakening” that we realize that we have been dreaming and have finally returned to the real world.

I remember similar experiences during the sixties as I experimented with hallucinogenics. The state of mind induced by those drugs convinced me, while under their influence, that my altered state of mind was, in fact, my reality. I was so convinced of it that I did some pretty stupid things. Unlike some others, I did not go as far as to believe I could fly and leap from an upper level balcony, but I suspect that was due more to good providence than good sense.

All of these experiences, including my wife’s dreams, convinced me that our sense of reality is very much conditioned by our state of mind and, that in a perception-based existence, our reality is not only limited but distorted as well. Once we accept that premise, it is but a very short leap to consider the world as we perceive it as misrepresented at best and illusory at worst. My years of study of the Course and subsequent experiences in the world have only served to confirm that belief and to further convince me of the unsatisfying and false view of reality the material world presents.

Though it may seem that we have traveled a tangent here in search of an answer, we have not. For the basis of forgiveness as I have described it here is predicated on the fact that we judge, condemn, and even crucify ourselves and others based on behavior and performance in a world built on illusion. Having said that, should we not forgive ourselves for something we never, in truth, did? Should we not reconsider our allegiance to a world built on such a fragile foundation? And would not a good starting point for that reevaluation be letting go of any judgments or resentment based on what may or may not have actually happened? Any reaction to an event is based on the assumption that what we perceive is true or else would we not simply ignore it? If that premise of truth does not persist under the microscope of reason, do we not do ourselves and others a grave injustice by continuing as if it does? Is it not possible, as the Course states, there is nothing to forgive.

What we discover, once we accept the absurdity of a life based on an illusory foundation, is a reality much more satisfying and certain than any found in the limited, contradictory, and uncertain world we have accepted for so long. Despite a long history of disease, violence, death, wars, and nightmarish epochs such as the Inquisition, we continue to accept our “reality” as our due; while at the same time expounding that it was created by a benevolent, loving Creator. I don’t blame this mess on God. I believe the world as we perceive it is a result of our own misguided perception and willingness to accept illusion as our reality. No perfect, loving God would deign to create divine offspring only to then let them live in such a world. I submit that God did create the world; only not the one we perceive and “validate” with our frail and unreliable senses. I believe He created a world so superior to what we normally experience we would be filled with joy at the mere sight of it. That world, my friends, exists. It has always existed and it will exist forever, whether we are aware of it or not. Yet once we do awaken and become aware of its truth, we will know beyond any doubt whatsoever, that it is the real world and that we have spent our lives dreaming a nightmare of our own construction. But rather than regret, we will know only of the all-encompassing Love our Beloved Creator has used to create the real world. I know this from A Course in Miracles. I know this from practicing forgiveness for twenty years, including the forgiveness of my son’s murderer. And I know this from having seen and touched that world.

Nothing I can put into words can adequately describe of what I speak but know it is a promise made by God to His lost and errant children as they leave the dream of hate and come home to Him in Paradise. Is it not worth some small effort to consider the possibility of a divine life that exists now, and not just some abstract and distant promise of an artifact of mortal death? I look around at the material world and I see no reason to cling so fervently to it or the dismal existence that it offers. For me, I’ll bet my money on forgiveness, and God.

Copyright 2011 J. Michaels

J. Michaels
Writer, Storyteller, Poet
Spiritual Life Coach


Will to Mind by J.Michaels

Will to Mind
By J. Michaels*
[As it appears in the May 2011 Newsletter] 

It breaches the intellectual

Exceeds beyond time and space

Entering realms incomprehensible

Looking angels in the face

Communicating without words

Thought not required at all

Knowledge shared through being

In love that heard our call

So much more than expected

More than can be known

By minds locked in separatioin

Restraining the holy flow

Treasures beyond imagination

Await in mindful prayer

For the one pure moment

When Sons of God declare

Dissatisfaction with the normal

and will to Mind most fair

From Odd Duck J. Michaels Copyright 2011


J. Michaels
Writer, Storyteller & Poet

Poems by J.Michaels

The Final Step
Back Flap Synopsis

By J. Michaels*
[as it appeared in the January 2011 Newsletter]


The poet ceases. Something has changed.

He has reached his goal but somehow remains undone.

His soul has received as nourishment the odes he writes, yet he cannot rest.

Or might it be possible that rest has now become enduring and no change appears to mind?

Either way, he has been instructed to stop.

Something has been completed even if not him.

He counts the manuscripts upon the shelf.

They are nine in number and the digit feels complete.

The nine play host to more than one thousand of the odes,

each and every one a blessing to be discovered and savored.

The nine are now prepared and ready to be given at spirit’s insistence.

The poet must consider the musings done for now.

He must move on to the next thing, to whatever his Guide deems essential.

But what shall he call this ninth child?

Is it an ending or merely a stopover, a brief respite from the work?

The poet knows not but he wishes to know.

He needs to comprehend this final step in this progression

he has been subsumed by for the last two years.

Yet he receives no reply, no answer, no direction except the simplicity of a title.

Call it The Final Step, he is told; nothing more.

It will conclude what must be never concluded for want of a better vision.

But what does it say to me now that I must move on, he queries?

It says nothing more than this:

Forgiveness is my quest
Clarity, my goal
Peace to daily attend me
Love to make me whole

Copyright 2010 J. Michaels


*J. Michaels is a lifelong student of the human mind and spirit. He has authored books in non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. Profoundly influenced by A Course in Miracles, his writing challenges popular beliefs and expresses the spiritual in a unique storytelling style. His poetry is published in the nine volume Musings of Mind and Spirit series and he is also author of the novella Treasure of the Mind. Mr. Michaels may be contacted at his yahoo group at



Poems by J.Michaels

The Christ Among Us

By J. Michaels*

[as it appeared in the December 2010 Newsletter]


Costumed in body

Attending the grand masquerade

Hidden below the surface

Without leave to unmask, He fades

Imprisoned we are

By mind’s heavy chains

Refusing to see Him

Or hear His holy refrain

Invincible, He waits

For the moment of our arrival

Appearing at glory’s gate

Ready to be done with

All that blocks the light

Ready now to be

The Christ for all to see

Copyright 2010 J. Michaels


J. Michaels
Writer, Storyteller & Poet

Poems by J.Michaels

Children on the Hill

By J. Michaels*
[as it appeared in the October 2010 Newsletter]

One day in eternal blissSome children played at will

Reveling in their innocence

Knowing all was well

They played atop grassy knoll

It was lush and emerald green

They frolicked in the sunshine

Knowing all to be seen
Wise beyond recognition
Holy through and through
Innocence in children form



Playing two by two
An errant thought did enter
Mind so pure and fair
One they forgot to laugh at



And led them away from there
A wish to leave the fold
A desire to be one of all
Leaving the tender oneness



Of all in one recalled
So leave, they did
These now orphaned souls
Departing from oneness once known



To dream of hell’s darkly hole
In darkness they sought their way
Hoping to find light again
And illuminate a place to pray

Regret and guilt guide them now

As they seek a sacrificial way

Paying, at any cost

For transgressions of mind betrayed

Yet they know not what they do

For they are lost and blown away
At last, from afar
A lantern light is seen
Labeled love, they were told



A hope for souls redeemed
They reached the light at last
First a few, then many more
Guided by God’s Holy Spirit



They arrived where they were before
Instant rejoicing came upon them
Now knowing the whys and wherefores
Back in the greener pastures



Playing in innocence once more



                   Copyright 2010 J. Michaels

J. Michaels
Writer, Storyteller & Poet

Poems by J.Michaels

The Fly in My Eye

By J. Michaels*
[as it appeared in the September 2010 Newsletter]


(The Preface from The Fly in My Eye poetry collection)

Impunity is defined as freedom from unpleasant consequences. If that is truly the case, then we all must live lives of unconscious impunity. By that I mean although we continually experience the consequences of the material life, we do so without being aware of the source of many of those consequences. We are then left to our own devices to try to understand the true causes of seemingly random effects. This is the proverbial blind spot inherent within the narrow confines of the human perceptual experience.

We seem to be at the mercy of the world and all of its myriad and random occurrences: An earthquake includes us and we are its victim due to its seeming enormity and invincibility. A friend turns on us for no apparent reason and we are left to choose between blaming and rationalization. And although we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to control our lives and those in our care, we all know in the recesses of our mind that control is simply not possible in such a world, and it scares the crap out of us! Yet we cling to this vast uncertainty and continue to expect it to improve. But we know it won’t. It hasn’t for centuries and the same old uncertainty continues to rule the world. So we turn our hope to fantasies in an attempt to live better in that delusion, even though we know that eventually it will turn on us as well, one day fatally.

 It is quite incongruous that we spend so much time indulging in fantasy (TV, video games, movies, pornography, nocturnal dreams, obsessions, wishes, etc.) but we are unable to accept the notion that the one remaining layer of our “reality” may be fantasy as well. If we are 90% immersed in dreams and fantasy, could we not be just as easily 100% immersed? The main tool of recognition in the material world is perception and it always represents as a subjective stance. Each seeming individual perceives the same time, space, object, subject, or situation differently, primarily based on their own perceptual filters culled from a limited knowledge and perspective.

So along comes this old guy who tries to tell you that this entire world may be a dream and you respond with, what the hell is he talking about? What I speak of is the notion that our so-called waking state is simply another level of dreaming and behind that final layer of fantasy lies a reality based on the truth. I, like you, have but two real choices; believe in the validity of this world with all its uncertainty, contradiction, absurdities, violence, and discord or allow my mind to accept the possibility that another, better reality exists. The only better reality I know of is the one conceived of by our divine Creator. Many of us, although the form does vary, believe in a Supreme Being who has done just that, yet we relegate that notion to the backrooms of our mind, residing very closely to our belief in other nice to have things.

One of the attributes of an omnipotent Creator is an all-knowing nature and that implies a single unified Mind. Few would argue that such a Creator would make as big a mess of things as we see in the material world. So if the Creator’s Creation is a better reality and we are all, as Children of God, present in that single, unified Mind, is it not conceivable that the totality of the perceptual world is one big illusion? An illusion, dream, or fantasy made and maintained by the sleeping part of the one Mind? How else do we reconcile our inherent divine nature as children of God with the treatment we receive as humans? Is God vindictive? Cannot He handle the job? Are these questions any less absurd than the notion that this perceptual world is not His, but rather our own limited mental invention?

I realize the enormity of trying to convince anyone of the fallacy of a life whose validity is continually reinforced by a constant barrage of sensory data.  Yet we all know intuitively that life is composed of much more than sensory input. If it were not, we would fail to experience the most precious of life’s gifts; namely love, joy, peace, freedom and completion or fulfillment. So if you deem yourself ready to explore the possibility of a divine reality created by God and further to follow a path of potentialities engendered by that choice, I stand ready to lend a hand. I am a much simplified man, lately ridden of frail beliefs and notions that confine me to only the accepted forms of reality. I have seen, with my own inner connection to that one Mind, many wonderful aspects of the divine world. Yet I cannot convince you by means of sight or sound or feel, but only by the certainty you will experience upon encountering the same truth that has graced my life.

I have come to recognize the fly in my eye; that reflection left by my own projection and perceptual delusion. That picture of me and my world is simply what I have shown myself to be true. A picture painted by a small, sleeping part of my mind, an errant thought if you will, that I allowed to deceive me for want of a “better reality”. Remove the fly from your eye, if you deem it timely, and together we will explore those other, better possibilities.

The Fly in My Eye

What’s gone awry

What’s gone awry

What’s gone awry

I’ve got something in my eye

Don’t move, I’ll get it

It might be a lonely fly

That sits upon my eye

Don’t squish him, we’re buddies

Though of different species we abide

I‘ve grown accustomed to his loneliness

And he, to the fly in my eye


Copyright 2010 J. Michaels

J. Michaels
Writer, Storyteller & Poet

Poems by J.Michaels

Penguard the Crusher
By J. Michaels*
[as it appeared in the August 2010 Newsletter]

Penguard the Crusher
A man of meager means
A hollowed out stump was his throne
He longed to be king of the Norsemen
But alas, he lived all alone.

Penguard the Crusher was a very large man
He stood well nigh to thirty hands
Inside he bore yet a larger heart
But life had deemed to tear it apart

His life had been filled with violence
He had savaged a man or two
His soul was chipped away with each
Yet he knew not what else to do

One day upon the path to nowhere
He encountered a tiny girl
She was lost and beaten and battered
She knew not which way to turn

In his heart, he cried for the little one
It ached as he saw her pain
She reminded him of the life he lived
Had he lived it but in vain

Pen’s kingly dreams would have to wait
He had someone now to protect
This lost, lonely waif before him
The last thing he thought to expect

For much time, the waif would not speak
Her voice had lost its tone
Then one simple act of kindness
Would remind the child of home

Old Pen held out his battle-worn hand
To offer the child some bread
She had eaten not for many a day
Starvation, her impending dread

The child had been left homeless
From the battles that men do wage
She had lost both father and mother
At such a tender age

Old Pen now saw those wars he’d waged
Written upon her face
Far too much for a child to know
At such a tender age

The old Norseman’s heart was broken
As he looked upon the child
Knowing the life he lived
May have cast her to the wild

He had fought and pillaged for many a year
For this was all he knew
Never a boy to be remembered
Hardness and cruelty was all his due

Penguard took mercy now on this child
He would raise her as his own
He would cease the lonely warrior’s life
And make them both a home

He thought what needs the child might have
He knew so little of such
He had no gold or silver
His trove was not so much

Yet he would find a way to warm her
To ease her pain somehow
He would be the lost father to her
They would be a family now

So Pen welcomed her to his home at last
It was little for the eye to see
Yet the child smiled as she entered
She had a place to be!

The years wore on
The girl grew strong
From the love and guiding hand
Of the old and worn out Norseman
Who had long ago left his band
To raise a child abandoned
A waif who had lost her home
He now atoned for his fruitless life
He had taken this child as his own

All those years did soften Pen’s heart
The girl, he truly did love
God had granted his dream somehow
A gift from Heaven above

She attended him now as he lay in bed
Life seeping from his aged frame
She had long since forgiven
The man she had never blamed

For he had given her life
And the love of a guiltless man
She now caressed his glowing face
And she let him understand
That all he had done and committed
Was washed away by love
She then gently released him
To join his Father above


Leave the Bones copyright 2010 J. Michaels

J. Michaels
Writer, Storyteller & Poet

Poems by J.Michaels

The Realm of Endless Stock
By J. Michaels*
[as it appeared in the June 2010 Newsletter]


Enter the realm of knowledge

The Mind without a frame

A point of reference so vast

Eternity and it are the same

No analysis, no calculations, no fee

Nothing to figure out

No place to look for answers

To questions of what about…

You simply know

That is all

There when you need it

Preventing all falls

It sure is a lot easier

When certainty exists

To know what is needed

To need not insist

On nuclear responses

On keys to doors unlocked

There is nothing to acquire

In a realm of endless stock

From The Final Step – copyright 2010 J. Michaels

*J. Michaels is a longtime ACIM student and lifelong student of the human mind and spirit.
He has authored books in non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. Profoundly influenced by ACIM, his writing challenges popular beliefs and expresses the spiritual in a unique storytelling style. His poetry is published in the Musings of Mind and Spirit series and he is also author of the novella
Treasure of the Mind. [reviewed here] Works by J Michaels may be seen on his blog at


Poems by J.Michaels

The Poet’s Quill ~ Preface

By J Michaels*
[as it appeared in the November 2009 Newsletter]


In the year of our Lord, two thousand and eight, the dream insisted it be heard by the fitful sleeping man. That dream came in the form of a poem that would not yield to sleep. After it became obvious that arising and recording the words would be the only way to ensure any rest, the man awoke and looked at his bedside clock. It read exactly 3:33am. At that time, a tale of two brothers named, oddly enough, Nicobod and Ichobod, was born. Unknown to the dreamer and soon-to-be poet, much more than he could possibly know was also being bred.

Nicobod and Ichobod went up the hill

Through the valley and round the bend

They went high and they went low

They went to and they went fro

From here to there they went

Looking up but fell down

Looking for good but evil found

Searching for truth, looking for peace

Til they came upon a stone

A large obstacle in their way

They pushed and shoved

They pulled and prodded

But the stone remained

And ever will, until they know

Where lives the stone

And its refrain

Reluctantly written, the ode became the first of several hundred the man would write before his poems would make their way into the public domain. Strangely enough, Nicobod and Ichobod did not go to print first. The first book of poems containing their small adventure was destined to arrive after a second volume, which you now hold in your hands. In the months following the birth of the boys of similar name a series of small miracles occurred. Although more poems were destined to arrive in the sleeping state, more and more they arrived when the man was awake, usually after or during his morning meditations. Though not as insistent as the original, they came without invitation at first. A word, a title, a thought was all that foretold arrival. As the man became accustomed to the late night interruptions and the morning appearances, he began to welcome them. The man’s life was inexorably changed from that point onward.

That man of course, was me. Although I had, like many men, written the occasional love poem for my wife on Valentine’s Day or her birthday, this was completely different. And despite the fact that I had pursued a rather unconventional spiritual path most of my life, I was unprepared for the volume, depth, and profound nature of what was to become the center of my life. Many times over the years I have asked for guidance. Many times I have prayed for a vision or enlightenment that would validate my course. Just before one of my darkest hours was to arrive, the answer came in the form of a book. I have read hundreds, possibly thousands, of books in my life and the vast majority was of a spiritual nature. But never before had I read anything that I knew was true.

The book, A Course in Miracles, was given to me by my wife shortly before the death of my mother. Although I found it difficult to understand at first, a deep inner knowing relentlessly drove me to continue reading. The more I read, the more I was convinced I had been given a gift from a divine source. A few years later, after what was by now a daily study of the Course, my young son was murdered by a boy he once considered his best friend. I will never forget the feeling of dread as I stood at my front door facing the police who had come to call late that night. I knew, even before they said anything, that it was about Christopher and that our lives would never be the same after the next few moments. My son’s violent and pointless death was the most difficult event in my life. It almost destroyed me. And I believe it would have, had it not been for my loving family and this strange new book that had taught me the true meaning of forgiveness. Had I not been able to forgive my son’s killer, I would have died in the most meaningful way possible. My soul would have perished and the continued existence of my body would have meant nothing. A Course in Miracles taught me how to forgive and how to live. I will never again for one moment doubt its efficacy or truth.

A Course in Miracles is difficult for most people at first but with continued reading, becomes relatively simple. That is because, although it is radically different from conventional religions and spiritual paths, it is at its heart, simple. The primary tenet of The Course is forgiveness and how it leads to untold spiritual riches. The difference between The Course and the many other spiritual paths that advocate forgiveness is The Course’s definition of the term. ACIM teaches that forgiveness is essential to spiritual growth and salvation not because our brother has harmed us and we need to be magnanimous enough to “pardon his sin”. It teaches instead that the world as we experience it with our senses and perception is false. Therefore, anything done in that context is forgiven because it is illusion and a projection of the ego mind. As radical as this may seem, consider for a moment what you consider real. If we truly believe in a benevolent, all-powerful, and loving God, then how is it possible to reconcile the world as we know it with these qualities? Is it possible that God did not create the world as we know it? How could a loving God create such a foul and reckless place? Perhaps the real world is one of love, peace, and harmony. And maybe, just maybe, we made the world we experience on a daily basis. Let us consider the possibility that separation from the Oneness that must be God would leave us with a deficit that could certainly blind us to what we had traded for an individual life. In that blindness, is it possible that we made a world of separate things, a world of opposites, filled with the qualities that are antithetical to the divine nature? Maybe the real world is the one God created and this world is the one we made in His absence.

Rather than attempt to describe the beautiful place that I believe God created for us, I will leave that to The Course and my poems, if you choose to read them. What I can say about it is that it has changed my life; completely, profoundly, and so much for the better that my frail words cannot do it justice. So if I have yet to alienate, offend, or amuse you, please read on. I can guarantee but one thing. You won’t be bored.

─ ─

*  J. Michaels has completed five books. They are: The Poet’s Quill a spiritual poetry collection, Treasure of the Mind  a novella based on the death of his son, plus poetry collections  Common Ground, Emerald Mandala , and Mystic Twine, all scheduled for publication in the next few months.

copyright 2009 The Poet’s Quill by J. Michaels