Scribing by Sun~Rose


Jesus Expanding The Miracle Principles
Given In His Course In Miracles
original edition

as received and transcribed by Sun~Rose*
[as it appeared in the June 2010 Newsletter]


May 23, 2006

19. Miracles make minds one in God.
In Truth no miracle could ever be performed were not this Oneness always True.  Were separation possible, communication would forever cease; for though it seems to move through time and space, words falling from your lips and entering the ears, this is but another illusion as all communication is by Mind, just as You can clearly hear Me now and feel My smile.

And do You not feel a safety, a restful undefendedness when We confer? For We are equals, though You remember not.  My Voice is *Realer* to You than anyone You’ve ever heard, and always ready, waiting for your willingness.

It is not so with bodies, is it?  I’ll tell You why.  Each one of Us has Infinite facets of Identity, body – or embodiment – being only one.  Because the limited view of body – from the third dimensional perspective – was so amusing at first, the ego fixated on that as its identity; and so that has become who and what You think You are.

As thought drifted farther and farther from remembrance of Home, embodiment’s distortion grew.  Humor was lost and the body became – to You all – serious stuff indeed, rather than a simple and a beautiful tool – a facet of You for Identification – the exercise of the Visibility and Tangibility of Spirit.

Many myths were invented to explain its odd behavior, and they became the norm.  And yet, Who You Are remains unchanged, held safe by God.  This Fact – Our Oneness and, therefore, your eternal safety – is the foundation of every miracle.


(1972 manuscript as given to Hugh Lynn Cayce
by Helen Schucman and William Thetford)

Chapter 1

I. Principles of Miracles



May 24, 2006

They depend on cooperation,

Whose cooperation?  Yours.  You’ve not got to coerce anyone to be healed, to see it ‘your way’ or the ‘right way’.  Just You.  If You will Join with Me, You are cooperating.  Cooperating merely means being willing to be in your natural state of Oneness with All.

I know this seems monumental to the ego mentality, which absolutely loves to decide everything alone.  Oh, it may ask for advice from other egos, perhaps more learnèd, but ultimately the decision is your own.  You may seem to be only one in millions, even billions, and yet –because the Sonship is the sum of all the Souls God created. – your decision to cooperate – since minds are joined as surely as Mind is One and All – your Joining brings the experience to every consciousness that has decided to go it on its own.  And they are perhaps a little comforted.  And those who do not yet feel anything have had their connection opened.

Miracles therefore rest on the laws of eternity, not of time.  And what makes the shift from time unto Eternity but Joining, for they are always happening one and the same.

Time is what You think is going on, while Eternity is What Is always True.  (Here We see the impossibility of deterioration, which is the key to healing all.  Could You – or anyone or thing – ever have deteriorated from your Ultimate Perfection? This cannot be as Our Source sustains Us All.)

May 25, 2006

Your Perfection and Wholeness is Eternal, ever-available.  It is untouched, unchanged by the human dream.  I cannot say this strongly enough.  It is imperative for You to waken from your mesmeric delusion of Life.

How may You know whether You are experiencing Real Life or not?  By your measure of Peace and Joy and Energy.  This is absolutely a treatment of healing for Melanie and You must hold sacred her Wholeness.

As You continue to listen to the next Miracle Principle, You will see the basis from which I speak.


to be continued….

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