Our Final Lessons ~ Guidance Scribed by Sun~Rose

Guidance from Within
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*

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Workbook PART II

Our Final Lessons

1Our final lessons will be left as free of words as possible. So We move into feeling, gracefully. Now We look to allow Ourselves to have Divine Intuition. I say “We” because I’m always with You. We use them but at the beginning of our practicing and only to remind us that we seek to go beyond them, to communication of the Knowing. Let us turn to Him Who leads the way and makes our footsteps sure. To Him we leave these lessons, as to Him we give our lives henceforth, No more do We choose to think as egos. For we would not return again to the belief in sin, which made the world seem ugly and unsafe, attacking and destroying, dangerous in all its ways, and treacherous beyond the hope of trust and the escape from pain. To see ‘sin’ is to think as an ego.

2 His is the only way to find the peace that God has given us. No way will We think; instead We’ll listen. It is His way that everyone must travel in the end, because it is this ending God Himself appointed. In the dream of time, it seems to be far off. And yet in truth, it is already here, already serving us as gracious guidance in the way to go. We know it could be now, if We would choose, for nothing stops Us. Let us together follow in this way that truth points out to us. And let us be the leaders of our many brothers who are seeking for the way but find it not. Yet it is right here for those Who would see.

3 And to this purpose let us dedicate our minds, directing all our thoughts to serve the function of salvation. We have slept so long; it’s time to Waken. Unto us the aim is given to forgive the world. It is forgiveness that opens wide Our eyes to see again. It is the goal that God has given us. Not just goal but Gift. It is His ending to the dream we seek, and not our own. We know not how to stop the dream all on Our own. God must help.For all that we forgive we will not fail to recognize as part of God Himself. What must You ultimately forgive but Yourself for dreaming. With that forgiveness You waken to God. And thus His memory is given back completely and complete. How wonderful to be Awake again!

4 It is our function to remember Him on earth, that We might waken, as it is given us to be His own completion in reality. So let us not forget our goal is shared. We are One with God.For it is that remembrance which contains the memory of God and points the way to Him and to the Heaven of His peace. So long forgotten in the hell of dreaming, yet still within Our minds is Our relationship with God. We can remember! And shall we not forgive our brother who can offer this to us? That and the little willingness is all it takes to start the Journey Home. Will You now take those first steps? Nothing can stop You. He is the way, the truth, and life that show the way to us. Without forgiveness We cannot hear Him, nor see how to go. With forgiveness all things are clearly seen. In him resides salvation, offered us through our forgiveness given unto him. Let Us now give it. True generosity of mind – not things – is but forgiveness.

5 We will not end this year without the gift our Father promised to His holy Son. How many years have come to end for You, without acceptance of these words: giving the forgiveness asked? We are forgiven now. And in the giving, We are gifted too: gifted with freedom. And we are saved from all the wrath we thought belonged to God and found it was a dream. (Albeit nightmare.) We are restored to sanity in which we understand that anger is insane, attack is mad, and vengeance merely foolish fantasy. Yet so loved by and, thus, very important to the ego. We have been saved from wrath because we learned we were mistaken. No point in being  angry at mistakes. They need correction. Nothing more than that. And is a Father angry at His Son because he failed to understand the truth? Of course not, for He will gladly teach Him again and again, patiently, until He now understands. This is how Love is; take heed and be It.

6 We come in honesty to Him and say we did not understand – Our minds were elsewhere; yet now they are back – and ask Him to help us to learn His lessons through the Voice of His own Teacher. Would He hurt His Son? Or would He rush to answer him and say, “This is My Son, and all I have is his”?1 Truly You are His Son to Whom He gladly gives the Kingdom. Yes! You just understood: the Kingdom is the Consciousness of God and not a thing.  Be certain He will answer thus, for these are His own Words to you. And more than that can no one ever have, for in these Words is all there is and all that there will be throughout all time and in eternity. Welcome Home My dearly belovèd One. Here is Your Kingdom.

[Thank you Dear Brother]

*Sun~Rose is the scribe of the recently published book,“YOU ARE LOVED AND SAFE: PREP NOTES FOR EXPERIENCING GOD’S LOVE“, Jesus’ Guidance on the Miracle Principles


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