Lesson 97 ~ Guidance Scribed by Sun~Rose

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*


TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: The Course text is in bold face. The Guidance is in normal type In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You. When You see the word ‘YOU’ capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.

Workbook PART I

L e s s o n  97

I am Spirit.

Here is this lovely Lesson, of which You are so enamored, and rightly so because it quietly, simply, states the Reality of You, and Me, and each and every One of Us; All of Creation.

What seems to be ‘material’ is but misperception. A deliberate misperception: the separation; dense and darkened views of Reality, which is always fluid; never solid.
Let Us repeat the Truth I just gave to You as We looked at yesterday’s Lesson, for they are germane to every Lesson:

For I am Identified but by My Reality and not by My dreaming.

You are Identified but by Your Reality and not by Your dreaming. Dreams are a distortion of Reality, and no match for It.

We will repeat these ideas until they become what they really are: the Son of God’s Reality experienced.

1 Today’s idea identifies you with your One Self. It accepts no split identity, nor tries to weave opposing factors into unity.

For there is no You that isn’t Spirit. And Reality can only be perfect consistency.

It simply states the truth.

God is consistent. And You are God’s One.

Practice this truth today as often as you can, for it will bring your mind from conflict to the quiet fields of peace.

Can sunlight be attacked? No more can You. You – Be-ing Light – are but invincible. Simply accept it.

No chill of fear can enter, for your mind has been absolved from madness, letting go illusions of a split identity.

There are not two of You: One, Spirit, and the other, ‘matter’. There is only One: that One is Spirit.

2 We state again the truth about your Self, the holy Son of God

– blessèd One of God –

who rests in you,

– Who really is You –

whose mind has been restored to sanity.

This Holy Son of God rests quietly as You; for there is no You that isn’t holy, and that is not the Son of God, despite appearances that deny His very existence.

You are the Spirit

– Its Holy Presence –

lovingly endowed with all your Father’s love and peace and joy.

These glories which are conspicuously absent from the dream.

You are the Spirit which completes Himself and shares His function as Creator. He is with you always, as you are with Him.

Spirit is You; thus can You always, freely say the Truth of You: I am Spirit. Spirit Be-ing You; that’s Reality.

3 Today we try to bring reality still closer to your mind,

which has walled off itself to experience separation.

Each time you practice, awareness is brought a little nearer at least; sometimes a thousand years or more are saved.

I am Spirit! Blessèd words of Freedom!

The minutes which you give are multiplied over and over, for the miracle makes use of time but is not ruled by it.

In these five-minute periods, You stand for the Truth, an oasis in a world wholly based on lies. A place kind and serene, one of freedom.

Salvation is a miracle, the first and last; the first that is the last, for it is one.

You are saved from the nightmare of dreaming.

4 You are the Spirit in whose mind abides the miracle in which all time stands still;

You are Spirit, Mind, the consciousness in which time disappears!

the miracle in which a minute spent in using these ideas becomes a time which has no length and which has no end.

This is rest from time today in which Eternity appears.

Give, then, these minutes willingly, and count on Him Who promised to lay timelessness beside them. He will offer all His strength to every little effort which you make.

And to big ones too. Each effort, large or small is precious to the Holy Spirit.

5 Give Him the minutes which He needs today to help you understand with Him you are the Spirit that abides

– Holy Spirit abides as He and Thee –

in Him, and Which calls through His Voice to every living thing;

– All are belovèd –

offers His sight to everyone who asks; replaces error with the simple truth.

No-One is left out. All are included; thus the necessity for forgiveness; for grudges will but hide the Truth from You. Take now the time to realize this fact: that how You see Your Others is really how You see Yourself. Would You not look upon Your Self with Love? Yes? Then give that same Love to Your Brothers, for They need it too.

6The Holy Spirit will be glad to take five minutes of each hour from your hands

– when You are glad to offer them to Him! –

and carry them around this aching world, where pain and misery appear to rule.

Each five minutes is blessing seven billion Others. So it is a time well spent.

He will not overlook one open mind

– God let mine be One! –

that will accept the healing gift they bring, and He will lay them everywhere He knows they will be welcome.

I will welcome Him, and very gladly!

And they will increase in healing power each time someone accepts them as his thoughts and uses them to heal.

See You now how crucial is Your willingness; how incredibly appreciated.

7 Thus will your gift to Him be multiplied a thousand-fold and tens of thousands more.

Can You imagine? You see how great a blessing You can be.

And when it is returned to you, it will surpass in might the little gift you gave as much as does the radiance of the sun outshine the tiny gleam a firefly makes an uncertain moment, and goes out. Yet will the steady brilliance of this light remain and lead you out of darkness, nor will you be able to forget the way again.

Such the great power of Reality. Reality is Love, and Love is the Source of Power that runs the Universe! It’s just that simple. Consciousness – coming from Love – is must then be – omnipotent.

8 Begin these happy exercises with the words the Holy Spirit speaks to you, and let them echo round the world through Him:

(Truth for every One!)

9 Spirit am I, a holy Son of God,
free of all limits, safe and healed and whole,
free to forgive, and free to save the world.

Spirit is unlimited in every way. I never thought of that before. How amazing! And how freeing that idea, when applied to Love! No grudge blocks Your way. Love dissolves them all. Grudges – a murky stream of unforgiven endless grudges – muddying Your consciousness; they are really all there is to so-called ‘matter’, hiding Holy Spirit.

10 Expressed through you, the Holy Spirit will accept this gift which you received of Him, increase its power, and give it back to you.

For He appreciates Your willingness to Be as He is. And as this Gift expands as You, You’ll be appreciative too. (An understatement!)

11 Offer each practice period today gladly to Him. And He will speak to you, reminding you that you are Spirit,

– Spirit is Reality; it’s the only Substance that can ever really be –

one with Him and God, your brothers and your Self.

Listen for His assurance

– as well as His Joy! –

every time you speak the words He offers you today, and let Him tell your mind that they are true.12 Use them against temptation, and escape its sorry consequences if you yield to the belief that you are something else.

he Holy Spirit gives you peace today. Receive His words, and offer them to Him.

His Gifts to You are Yours to Him and, therefore, to every One.


[Thank you Dear Brother]

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