Bette Jean Cundiff ~ Sacred Steps


Sacred Steps: A Program of Soul Progression

Based on Ancient Yoga and A Course in Miracles

By Bette Jean Cundiff*

When I was asked by the author to write the forward to her book, I was extremely honored. I agreed to read the book and then I would decide how I felt about it.

The following is my forward and as you can see, I was very moved by its beauty and artistry as it weaved together Ancient Yoga and A Course in Miracles, both disciplines that I truly love. ~ REJA JANAKI JOY GREEN


In A Course in Miracles our Elder Brother reminds us that there are no accidents.

“There are no accidents in salvation.
Those who are to meet will meet because together
they have the potential for a holy relationship.
They are ready for each other.”

~A Course in Miracles-original edition [ACIM-oe] Manual For Teachers #3 What are the Levels of Teaching?

You have this book in your hands or you are reading it as an eBook and that is no accident. Every decision you have ever made throughout your entire life has brought you to this beautiful moment of NOW. And in this beautiful moment of NOW there is no past. The future is not yet. There is only this Holy Instant in which you are being called once again to LISTEN. LISTEN within for Guidance. LISTEN to your Soul and let it tell you the next right step on your journey without distance. That next right step may very well be these “Sacred Steps”.

I first met Bette Jean Cundiff in New York City in the 1980’s when I attended a workshop she was giving together with Paul Steinberg. Paul was the brother of Saul Steinberg who was the printer of the very first set of the hardback edition of A Course in Miracles through Coleman Graphics. The workshop was called, “Miracle Experiences: The Goals and Healing of Your Special Relationships in ‘A Course in Miracles’ “ and was one of the first I had taken as I began my journey with A Course in Miracles.

Bette had also written “The Children’s Material” which I used as a guide in bringing up my young son using the principles of A Course in Miracles. I owe Bette a debt of gratitude for this material and the benefit my son and I received. I recall my son would turn to me and in his little voice would chide me saying, “Mommy. Where is your happiness?”; Knowing I would remember that it is inside me, and would point to my own heart as we would both smile in remembrance and recognition. ♥

And now we come to “Sacred Steps: A Program for Soul Progression”, Bette’s most current book which appears to be a culmination of the past 30 years of studying, sharing, teaching and writing about what she has learned and what has been ‘given’ to her through inner Guidance.

As a student and teacher of Yoga, as well as a student of A Course in Miracles, I cherish the beautiful and artful integration of ancient yoga with A Course in Miracles that Bette presents here. The ideas are thought provoking and creative but more than that, they are presented in a way that brings a feeling of peace and unconditional love. I felt nurtured and safe and my heart opened to their Truth. The words were more like notes in a symphony and each word and even each letter seemed to be wrapped in LOVE; a LOVE which was almost palpable.

Describing each Chakra, Bette uses color, texture, and feeling to paint an in-depth picture offering a deep experience of their meaning. Then, in-between each description, additional information builds a foundation: Your Electromagnetic Field; The Power of the Universe as the Sacred Serpent; The Body’s Windows [major organs and glands] ; The Earth’s Windows [vortices]; The Celestial Radiance [personal aura]; The Rhythm of Color [Color as waves of energy]. I discovered that this foundation brought with it an appreciation for life.

“…And every time you walk into a room you change the whole electromagnetic energy field by your simple presence.” P30

As well as a sense of renewed responsibility:

Your personal and radiant aura offers your message of peace and love to the world. It surrounds, you, caresses you and gently or powerfully touches the people in your life.” P46

Bette beautifully presents the chakras as related to the levels of Soul evolution but then offers various modalities such as Sacred symbols [geometrics] as well as movement and affirmations to help with the integration. And finally there is practical application with a personal training program offered in the form of a Workbook.

My sense is that this book is a blessed gift offered to your Soul from another aspect of the Infinitude which is One with you. It’s truly a gift of Love to Love. There is only this Holy Instant in which you are being called once again to LISTEN. LISTEN within for Guidance. LISTEN to your Soul and let it tell you the next right step on your journey without distance. That next right step may very well be these “Sacred Steps”.

Reja Janaki Joy Green
Course in Miracles Society [CIMS]


*Bette Cundiff has been a teacher of A Course in Miracles since 1977 and has traveled throughout the US, Canada and Australia setting up conferences which teach about forgiveness. She is author of the internationally recognized children’s version of A Course in Miracles, “The Children’s Material” and has also produced a full miracles course in a novel for the young reader “Help is on the Way!”. In addition Bette is author of “Side by Side, the Twelve Steps and A Course in Miracles”. Many of her books have been translated into Spanish.

Here is Bette, in her own words:

In 1976 a powerful light filled ‘voice’ impressed onto my mind wonderful thoughts that I could not help but write down. Writing books naturally followed. Over the years this Guiding Light has occasionally assumed a sense of personality, but no matter, I knew the wisdom given to me came from That which fills us, directs us and of course loves us all. For more than thirty years I lectured around the world on spiritual psychology, comparative religions, spirituality, A Course in Miracles, the Twelve Steps and co-dependency recovery and so much more. From that time on, studying, sharing, starting up study groups globally, and writing about what I had learned and what was ‘given to me’ through inner guidance has been my passion.