How Could the Death of Someone Hurtful Bring JUSTICE?


BIN LADEN is dead and some people are rejoicing. They are hoping his death will bring a sense of justice to his victims.

Reflections: How could the ‘death’ [which is ultimately unreal] of someone bring a sense of justice? The following is a quote from the Course in Miracles [original edition] that speaks of the Holy …Spirit’s Justice which is quite different from this world’s:

“Vengeance is alien to God’s Mind because He knows of justice To be just is to be fair and not be vengeful. Fairness and vengeance are impossible, for each one contradicts the other and denies that it is real. It is impossible for you to share the Holy Spirit’s justice with a mind that can conceive of specialness at all. Yet how could He be just if He condemns a sinner for the crimes he did not do but thinks he did? And where would justice be if He demanded of the ones obsessed with the idea of punishment that they lay it aside unaided and perceive it is not true? It is extremely hard for those who still believe sin meaningful to understand the Holy Spirit’s justice.

~ A Course in Miracles – oe CH 25 IX paragraph 67

Admittedly, it is extremely hard for those who believe in SIN to lay aside vengeance, condemnation, and punishment. A Brother can be mistaken and do horrible things in this world and yet his REALITY as a Son of God [no matter WHO HE IS] will not have changed one iota. If it would be, then yours would be as well. One Truth ~ We are the Son of our Creator. And in our true Reality, we are SINLESS ~ dreaming a dream of fear.

CHAPTER 25 is such a beautiful CHAPTER. Can we read it now, keeping all our Brother’s in mind [seeming perpetrators and seeming victims]. Do we truly understand what Jesus is saying here? Can we APPLY it to our lives TODAY ~ This day in which some of God’s children are dancing on the grave of their enemy and some are seeking vengeance. When does this drama end? He tells us … here in this Chapter.

“The Holy Spirit’s problem solving is the way in which the problem ends. It has been solved because it has been met with justice. Until it has, it will recur because it has not yet been solved. The principle that justice means no one can lose is crucial to this course. For miracles depend on justice. Not as it is seen through this world’s eyes, but as God knows it, and as knowledge is reflected in the sight the Holy Spirit gives.

“No one deserves to lose. And what would be unjust to him cannot occur. Healing must be for everyone because he does not merit an attack of any kind. What order can there be in miracles, unless someone deserves to suffer more and others less? And is this justice to the wholly innocent? A miracle is justice. It is not a special gift to some to be withheld from others as less worthy, more condemned, and thus apart from healing. Who is there who can be separate from salvation if its purpose is the end of specialness? Where is salvation’s justice if some errors are unforgivable and warrant vengeance in place of healing and return of peace?”

~A Course in Miracles CH 25 X paragraphs 82, 83


The following is an answer to a COMMENT from F.Weber:

“Something to think about. If Osama Bin Laden was captured alive, tried and found guilty in a court of law and sentenced to life imprisonment would that be revenge?”


Thank you for asking this. It’s great to have a question that fosters further understanding. When I sat in quiet with today’s Lesson 126 “All that I give is given to myself” I got a sense of our intimate connection with one another. Every ONE of us is part of the Sonship and is part of the Unity which is the One Reality. If we find ourselves in this 3D dream, in a body, in a society and separate and we know that we are responsible, then we get to use the body to WAKE UP. The Course tells us it is not productive “To deny the denial”. This sounds confusing until we replace the word DENIAL with the word DREAM. It is not productive “To deny the dream”. And it is the ‘dream’ which is the denial of Reality. We can’t deny that we think we are in here in this dream. We are dreaming if we find ourselves anywhere but in eternity. The challenge is to realize that we are dreaming and wake up! And while we’re doing that we need to stop our vehicles at red lights and go when the light turns green. We’re IN the world, but not ‘OF it’. We are getting a sense of this and so we need to accept it and begin to heal the seeming separation.


If Bin Laden had been captured and placed in prison, that would have been the lesson he would have been presented with to learn. He was killed. That is the actual lesson he was presented with which to learn. “All things are lessons God would have me learn”. L193 It would sound ludicrous to say being killed were a lesson presented for his learning only if you believed that death were real. If you believed that there is no such thing as ‘death’ and that only the body, which is part of the dream, ceases to be while you [Spirit] continues, then indeed that experience is a lesson. Many people have had near death experiences in which they experienced their ‘death’ and have come back with a renewed perception of ‘life’.


Only the Loving Thoughts of God are true. Everything else is an appeal for help and healing. Bin Laden is a Child of God. That is a Loving Thought of God. He thought he was separate and had unloving thoughts. That was an appeal for help and healing. His healing would have been an ‘option’ whether he had been incarcerated or killed. That’s the only option there is. We continue on this journey without distance to a goal that has never changed. We are here to heal. And we either chose the option now or later. The end is inevitable.


And once again today’s Lesson is: “All that I give is given to myself.” When we realize our oneness which is the atonement or healing of the separation, then we know that we can ONLY give to ourselves. We are all in this together. We are all going home where we will once again Know there is only GO(o)d. Only Love. Until then the journey is our path and all our experiences are the lessons. In light of all of this, the concept of ‘revenge’ is not only not applicable, it just doesn’t make sense.

Reja Janaki Joy Green

[~ Reja is one of the founding members of A Course in Miracles  Society [CIMS]
publisher of the 1972 manuscript of  A Course in Miracles ]