“Spiritual Eye” by Ankie Caspers

Jesus by Ankie

Commentary by maz weber-caspers:

“Ankie Caspers painted this portrait. She captured the image that we saw on a blue sky, as a giant cloud formation, with no other clouds anywhere, unmoving and serene for hours, shortly before our elder brother sent us the Course. She spent one night in her studio, with three candles as her lightning, joyful and full of Love and conscious of his presence. The next day she knew she was not to touch the painting again, as she Knew that it was finished. (approx. 45 inches hight)

The “Spiritual Eye” light happened when an agnostic atheist friend took a picture while he was so inspired by the painting. It obviously comes from the reflection of the flashlight from his Camera, as it is not part of the painting. Maybe one day, if that is God’s Will, we could make prints of it and share it with others.

Everyone who enters our home and looks at this painting is very obvioulsy touched in a very positive way.  His care is endless and he never leaves anyone comfortless.”

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