Marc Boulais ~ Shine Where You Are Planted

           Long before time, which is a concept of man, God existed as perfect wholeness, and understood that nothing needed to be added or subtracted; His Being of Love energy just was. Because He was Love, one night He went forth to see His reflection in the universe He willed into being. The billions of galaxies, not to mention the hundreds of billions of stars, were put in perfect place to create a never-ending vibration of His love energy, which bounced and reverberated from star to star. Some stars would dance for joy and spin in delight to absorb the divine energy. The stars would give off brilliant hues of light and shades of color with God’s favorites, the hues of gold for praise and silver for thanks. Others would emit beautiful sounds like the great whales, or the deep cello tones of “AUM” for perfect understanding of the source of God’s wellspring of infinite creative Love.

            God saw that it was well to feel His Love energy vibrating throughout the universe with great beauty and variety, no two stars even remotely similar in dance and creativity.  But then He noticed one of the smallest stars, far away in a remote corner of the universe observing all those other stars’ wondrous joy of reciprocated vibrational energy.  The little star seemed to be emitting a sadness, feeling a little one dimensional and left out of the grand design of this universe of God loving God.

            This small star said to God, “I have seen Your great Love and listened to its wonderful, beautiful symphonies of praise and thanks, but I am small and round and can’t compare in any way with the great stars that give You such joy. I feel left out, tucked away, so far away, in such an obscure galaxy called the Milky Way. All I have are these great burning gasses that keep my flame alive day and night.”

            God patiently replied: “Look far, far away, to the outer edge of your galaxy. What do you see?”

         “I see an infinitely small planet, mostly blue with beautiful greens and browns, rotating around me, but it seems so small and insignificant that I never gave it much attention.”

            God responded one last time, “That smallest of planets in blue and green and brown which looks so tiny and unimportant, has my grandest design in progress; evolution. Even now My sea creatures have begun to crawl upon that land and are learning to breathe outside the waters.  In millions of years life will evolve into wondrous human prototypes, capable of expressing My own Love consciousness. Your contribution in protecting this process cannot be measured or duplicated by any of those other seemingly greater stars.  Shine where you are planted: Your name is the same as the savior I will send to the earth to save my people from darkness in eons to come. Your name is SUN.”


*Marc R. Boulais is a serious student of Life who is committed to learning, living and practicing universal life truths.  He is a student of various disciplines, A Course in Miracles, the Bible, the works of Joseph Campbell, the teachings of native American Indian Fools Crow, as well as poetic writings of Rumi and Lao-Tzu, to name a few.  Marc is a particular fan of the parable as a teaching device and therefore, enjoys writing his own parables as a means of communicating life truths.

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