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By the late Carmen Cameron*
[as it appeared in the October 2010 Newsletter]
This month’s article isn’t so much an answer to a question as a response to a call for help. But it is such a common – and timely – call for help that it feels like it could be helpful to others who might be reading this, if not for themselves then for someone they know and care about. 

 Just by way of explanation, the “God box” that she refers to at the outset is a beautiful box that we use in our ACIM study group as a visual aid to the injunction of giving everything that hurts us to the Holy Spirit; we pass the box around the circle and each participant “sees” their problem going into the box as a
GIFT OF WILLINGNESS into Spirit’s Hands and then we collectively pray for each other to just let their problem GO.

Question: Please put my husband and me in the “God box”….it’s about his job….nail the lid shut and remind me to ask the Holy Spirit to see this another way and show me what to do.

          Answer:  You’re already doing the first thing you need to do, dear. You are calling on Spirit and placing IT at the center of this situation. Remember that EVERYTHING given to the Holy Spirit is turned to good. There simply are NO exceptions!

            Know now that you are SAFE, that there is NOTHING to fear. Because simply to reject the sense of DANGER that is ALWAYS of the ego IS to ask for your miracle!

            And consciously CHOOSE to put yourself under the complete protection of the Laws of God – which GUARANTEE that there is NO loss in this (or in anything else, for that matter) – whenever you notice yourself going into fear again.  (Lesson 76, “I am under no laws but God’s” is particularly helpful here as is its partner lesson, “I am entitled to miracles,” which immediately follows it – not by accident, by the way.)

            Fear, itself, is magnetic (just like love) and so it DRAWS that which is feared. Acknowledge the fear each time it arises and then GIVE IT AWAY to the Holy Spirit, expecting His answer to show you WHY your fear is utterly groundless.  And then PROVING to you that it is in precisely the perfect form that will SHOW you beyond the shadow of a doubt that the reason you feared IS false.

            We are NOT bound by the world’s economy. But we must first be willing to be SHOWN that fact by merely claiming the completion and abundance that is our rightful inheritance as a part of God’s perfect Sonship.  The Course promises us that we are SAFE – even HERE, where chaos reigns. “Trials are but lessons.”  NOW is a perfect opportunity to LEARN that your trust in the Course has NOT been misplaced.

            AND remember that we are told that we need not trust the Holy Spirit any farther than what He will SHOW us He can do for us – things that are so amazing that we will KNOW for a FACT we couldn’t do it for ourselves!  (T-25.VIII.9.3)

            Reject fear by claiming your safety.  I have personally seen the most unimaginable results from this one simple practice, love, and it works EVERY single time! Just claim that promise, sweet soul, and hold onto it with all your might.

And THEN, with Spirit’s guidance, find some place in your life that is already so abundant that you can FEARLESSLY give it away to others who are in need of it.

            THEN the Holy Spirit will offer you a miracle for every one you let Him do THROUGH you.  (T-14.XI.10.10)  So just remember:

            “You cannot perform a miracle for YOURSELF because miracles are a way of GIVING acceptance AND receiving it. In time the giving comes first, though they are simultaneous in eternity, where they cannot BE separated. When you have learned that they ARE the same, the need for time is over.”   T-9.VI.6.3-5

            ACCEPT your REALITY of COMPLETE and UNBROKEN abundance BY setting the process of receiving your miracle HERE in motion BY GIVING A MIRACLE to one who Spirit knows CAN accept it. And then EXPECT a miracle (and not a disaster) in return!

Holding you both in my heart and in the Light! And KNOWING that you’ll be MORE than fine – in ALL ways!



* Carmen Cameron, who is a founding member of Course in Miracles Society, has been teaching classes in A Course in Miracles since 1994.  She was a presenter at the 2009 Miracles Conference in San Francisco and presented again at the 2011 Conference. Carmen’s website is: http://peaceful-path.blogspot.com/