Poems by J.Michaels

Helen & Bill
By J. Michaels*
[as it appeared in the May 2010 Newsletter]


             As my wife’s mother’s alter ego would say

This was a pair to draw to

The most unlikely duo to write

A most unusual tome of wisdom

A laser beam pointer of light

Intellectuals, scientists, and non-believers

They must have felt not quite right

About scribing this holy manuscript

That would show so many the light

The book did change them

As it has so many of us

Righted their lives and made them

Want to ride this bus

A pre-life contract of sorts

An engagement surely meant

To bring out the best in all of us

And point us Heaven bent

From The Fly in My Eye – copyright 2010 J. Michaels

*J. Michaels is a longtime ACIM student and lifelong student of the human mind and spirit. He has authored books in non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. Profoun

dly influenced by ACIM, his writing challenges popular beliefs and expresses the spiritual in a unique storytelling style. His poetry is published in the Musings of Mind and Spirit series and he is also author of the novella Treasure of the Mind. [reviewed here]  His work may be seen on his blog at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/theovernightpoet/