Treasure of the Mind


A Tale of Redemption

By J. Michaels*
[as it appeared in the February 2010 Newsletter]
[Preface:”My son’s untimely and premature death at the tender age of seventeen left me in despair….I will leave you to ponder what is fact and what is fiction. I have truly exercised my poetic license, but in the process, a story worth the ‘telling’,and I believe the ‘reading’, has been born.”]


While I was reading this book I went through a gamut of emotions and when I had finished  many of the pages were wet with my tears. I ‘recognized’ so much of what J. Michaels shared here. Even though I have not gone through the grief and guilt of losing a child, I have experienced the pain of separation from my Source and the inherent guilt I allowed that sense of separation to bring. I have felt like a victim and have blamed the dream. I have longed for release and healing and for the forgiveness that can only come from within.

This book is about a Journey we must all make; to walk with forgiveness in our hearts, out of the dream of fear, anger and guilt and into our TRUE Reality as the sinless Eternal Son of God.

J. wrote:

“I refused to let the grief-induced depression take me and, on that little patch of beach, I fought for my soul. I had deluded myself for years about every conceivable subject. Now it was time to let my faith take over and save me from the world and myself. Sitting there on the beach, I felt Chris with me. I felt him stronger than I ever had before and I knew he was truly alive.”

And J.’s Guide tells him,

“Sadness is for those who don’t believe in eternal life. Our bodies may separate after today but our minds and souls never will.”

This book that J. Michael has given us is simply a gentle, beautiful, artful illustration of the message of A Course in Miracles and I feel so blessed to have read it.~ Janaki Joy *Reja* Green, CIMS


Treasure of the Mind is a short, fictionalized story of author J. Michaels’ recovery from grief and guilt after the death of his teen-aged son, Chris.
It’s told from the perspective of a bereft father who interacts with a friend named Wayne and a wise man named Solomon.
At the start of the book, the Wayne character says “Tell me about your hell and we’ll see if there’s a way out.”  We follow along with the father as he learns how to exit from suffering.
Michaels has an unusually beautiful way with words. He artfully combines equal doses of prose and poetry to deliver an uncompromising ACIM-based spiritual message about the meaning of love and life. The essence of the Course is captured and distilled in a clear, concise and minimalist way. As the Solomon character says, “…you know my position on the use of words; as few as possible to make the point…”
The best part is that Michaels doesn’t actually talk directly about the Course. He doesn’t rely on extensive quotes. And he doesn’t offer up the re-hashed interpretations of others. It’s refreshing to hear from a translator who can think for himself.
That said, the story is a predictable one, and you know from the start how it’s going to end up. This doesn’t take away from the emotional impact that reaches out and grabs you as you change your perspective about the death of a loved one.

I very much liked Michaels’ lyrical poetry, which reads like a song on paper. Somehow Michaels is able to make an elegant point with the precision of a surgeon. “Forgive me Father for I have sinned; falser words were never spoken. Children of God could be but perfect; even if thoughts are broken.”

“Treasure of the Mind” would be particularly helpful to any parent dealing with the loss of a child, and it’s really too bad the subtitle doesn’t specifically target or appeal to this audience.
Karen Bentley
America’s Spiritual Reviewer
*J. Michaels additional books include: “The Poet’s Quill”, a spiritual poetry collection; plus poetry collections, “EmeraldMandala”, and “Mystic Twine”.  To order “Treasure of the Mind” please click here.
[These reviews originally appeared in the CIMS February 2010 Newsletter ]