Thy Kingdom Come

Holy Mother Father God

You are my Source—the Love in which I live.

There is no greater power. This Power sustains me, strengthens me, and shows me the way.

Love is the journeyman. Love is the journey, and Love is the destination. There is only Love.

I had forgotten my way and thought I lived in separation, desolation, and hopelessness.

I thought I was abandoned in a strange land where there were seemingly others who were afraid and lashed out, protecting who they thought they were and what they thought belonged to them.

I thought I was abandoned and so I was afraid and clung to who I thought I was, what I thought I owned— thinking I alone could keep myself safe from harm.

Yet, You did not abandon me, nor my brother. It is I who have abandoned my Identity as Your Child—-sinless, guiltless, and at One with all my brothers and with YOU, my One SELF.

It is my Prayer today to see myself at home within the Temple of my most Holy Mind and join with You, the Love that Created me.

From this I AM, will I extend the Light and Love to shine on all who are lost themselves in darkness and in hate.

For only Light will dispel the dark and only Love will dispel the hate.

Now do I remember—I AM Your Child, healed and whole, sinless, and guiltless, at One with You and all my brothers.

And now I see this gentle awakening dawning upon all of Your Children, as one light shines upon another in remembrance of its own light, and then upon another and another until the Sonship joins in the Glory of Its awakening to the One Self, —to the One Love at the Center of Its One heart.

And, so it is.