Lesson 164 ~ Guidance Scribed by Sun~Rose

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*



TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: The Course text is in bold face. The Guidance is in normal type In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You. When You see the word ‘YOU’ capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.


L e s s o n  164

Now we are one with Him Who is our Source.

As We have said before: Ideas leave not their Source, but remain forever intrinsic part of Mind. The Rays leave not the Sun, but are intrinsic to It. Ditto We and God.

For Source and Outcome are forever One. Even in the dream, We see that the child may grow and leave the parent, yet it does remain their offspring. Thus We may wander off from God, yet still remain His offspring.

1 What time but now can truth be recognized? And what place but here? There is none other. The present is the only time there is. And what time but now? There is no other. And so today, this instant, now, we come to look upon what is forever there—not in our sight, but in the eyes of Christ. Today We will let Him look for Us, His eyes to be Our eyes. We will accept and embrace His Vision. He looks past time and sees eternity as represented there. He sees as God sees. He hears the sounds the senseless busy world engenders, yet He hears them faintly, for beyond them all He hears the song of Heaven and the Voice of God more clear, more meaningful, more near. For God is real to Him and not the world.

2 The world fades easily away before His sight. Its sounds grow dim and unimportant. A melody from far beyond the world increasingly is more and more distinct—an ancient call to which He gives an ancient answer. The forgotten song He does remember and sings it gladly. You will recognize them both. For they are but your answer to your Father’s call to you. Christ answers for you, echoing your Self, – for You are Christ too – using your voice to give His glad consent, accepting your deliverance for you.  His Love as You is what does redeem You.

3 How holy is your practicing today, as Christ gives you His sight and hears for you and answers in your name the call He hears. You have allowed Him to be You today. What a happy thing! How quiet is the time you give to spend with Him beyond the world. How very peaceful. How easily are all your seeming sins forgot and all your sorrows unremembered. Never were they true, although they seemed so. On this day is grief laid by, for sights and sounds which come from nearer than the world are made clear to you who will today accept the gifts He gives. For Reality is closer to You than Your breath could be.

4 There is a silence into which the world can not intrude. The speechless conversation with Our God. There is an ancient peace you carry in your heart and have not lost. The awareness of God’s ever-presence. There is a sense of holiness in you the thought of sin has never touched. What could it be but Your Reality. All this today you will remember. Along with Yourself.   Faithfulness in practicing today will bring rewards so great and so completely different from all things you sought before that you will know that here your treasure is and here your rest. Here is All You need.

5 This is the day when vain imaginings part like a curtain to reveal what lies beyond them. Now is what is really there made visible, while all the shadows which appeared to hide it sink to obscurity. What appears is exactly what is really Truth about You. You the Son of God. Now is the balance righted and the scales of judgment left to Him Who judges true. And in His judgment will a world unfold in perfect innocence before your eyes. Now will you see it with the eyes of Christ. Now is its transformation clear to you. Coming with Your own.

6 Brothers, this day is sacred to the world. Your vision, given you from far beyond all things within the world, looks back on them in a new light. And what you see becomes the healing and salvation of the world.  Real You is Saviour to the world. The valuable and valueless are both perceived and recognized for what they are. And what is worthy of your love receives your love, while nothing to be feared remains. This is perfection of Reality.

7 We will not judge today. This will be restful. We will receive but what is given us from judgment made beyond the world. Far beyond Ours, it has a wisdom that is quite Divine, quite harmonious, unlike Our usual experience, which can be chaos. Our practicing today becomes our gift of thankfulness for our release from blindness and from misery. Results from thinking, seeing, on Our own. All that we see will but increase our joy because its holiness reflects our own. No longer hidden by the ego’s will. We stand forgiven in the sight of Christ, with all the world forgiven in our own. Real Vision is returned to Us today.

8 We bless the world as we behold it in the light in which our Savior looks on us – His holy, illuminated Vision – and offer it the freedom given us through His forgiving vision, now our own. Open the curtain in your practicing by merely letting go all things you think you want. Instead, why don’t You trust God to Gift You? Your trifling treasures put away and leave a clean and open space within your mind where Christ can come and offer you the treasure of salvation. His Gifts are priceless! He has need of your most holy mind to save the world. Why Yours? You say. Because minds are joined, and You are willing.

9 Is not this purpose worthy to be yours? And You worthy for this holy purpose. Is not Christ’s vision worthy to be sought above the world’s unsatisfying goals? Of which You must be tired by this time; after so many, many long eons. Let not today slip by without the gifts it holds for you receiving your consent and your acceptance. Let this be the day You finally do will to accept them. We can change the world if you acknowledge them. You may not see the value your acceptance gives the world. Perhaps You don’t really understand what I am offering. But this you surely want—you can exchange all suffering for joy this very day. Yes! I do mean it! Practice in earnest, and the gift is yours. Would God deceive you? Can His promise fail? Can you withhold so little when His Hand holds out complete salvation to His Son? Would You be stingy with the great Giver of the Universe?


[Thank you Dear Brother]

*Sun~Rose is the scribe of the recently published book,“YOU ARE LOVED AND SAFE: PREP NOTES FOR EXPERIENCING GOD’S LOVE“, Jesus’ Guidance on the Miracle Principles


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