Lesson 126 ~ Guidance Scribed by Sun~Rose

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*



TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: The Course text is in bold face. The Guidance is in normal type In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You. When You see the word ‘YOU’ capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.

Part I

L e s s o n  126

All that I give is given to myself.

These Lessons aim to expand Your sense of Self way, way on beyond the little “me”. This goal will be successful as You do them diligently.

There will be the happy outcome of seeing all Your Others as part of what You now think of as “Me”

1 Today’s idea, completely alien to the ego and the thinking of the world, is crucial to the thought reversal which this course will bring about. And which is its goal. Yet no task gets done if You don’t do it! If you believed this statement, there would be no problem in – Your speedy and glad execution of – complete forgiveness, – not that word again – certainty of goal, and sure direction. You would understand the means by which salvation comes to you and would not hesitate to use it now. For You would have clear understanding that “We” is really “Me”.

2 Let us consider what you do believe in place of this idea, which is but anathema to ego. It seems to you that other people are apart from you and able to behave in ways which have no bearing on your thoughts, nor theirs on yours, and over which You have absolutely no control at all. This makes You victim, putting You into self-protection so You ignore their needs, which are Yours as well. Therefore your attitudes have no effect on them, and their appeals for help are not in any way related to your own. You’re busy looking out for number one. You know who that is. You are so focused on Your own needs that You have become quite blind to Your Brother; for You are so fixated on Yourself. This is a pity, for without Your Brother, You cannot Love. You further think that they can sin without affecting your perception of yourself, while you can judge their sin and yet remain apart from condemnation and at peace. Again, now You understand why this is called the separation. It is totally a state of mind. Yet You have also forgotten that You are Mind, not ‘matter’. Expect to hear Me saying this a lot, for at this point, it is crucial that You do understand it.

That the body which You think You have is really consciousness seems nothing short of being obviously preposterous.

For bodies seem to be solid, unrelenting things, (although they aren’t) but mind is a different story for it can be changed in an instant (and often very inconsistently). Look how popular is adultery, which begins in mind, and then takes place in mind, and ends there too.

3 When you “forgive” a sin there is no gain to you directly. You give charity to one unworthy merely to point out that you are better, on a higher plane than he whom you forgive. He is below You, not evolved as You! He has not earned your charitable tolerance, which you bestow on one unworthy of the gift because his sins have lowered him beneath a true equality with you. All ego thought is based on this idea: that You are ‘better’ than Your Others.1 He has no claim on your forgiveness. It holds out a gift to him but hardly to yourself.  The ego is extremely arrogant. It keeps You at the center of Your own tiny ‘universe’. One ‘truth’ You have that’s based on Your beliefs; how You’d have it be.

4 Thus is forgiveness basically unsound—a charitable whim, benevolent yet undeserved; a gift bestowed at times, at other times withheld. And the execution or withholding of it makes You a ‘god’ in Your own mind. Unmerited, withholding it is just, nor is it fair that you should suffer when it is withheld. The sin which you forgive is not your own. (For You are ‘perfect’ in Your own belief.) Someone apart from you committed it. And if you then are gracious unto him by giving him what he does not deserve, your gift is no more yours than was his sin. What kind of gift then is forgiveness, when You still see Your Brother as a ‘sinner’? Not a gift at all except to Your own sense of Your ego!

5 If this be true, forgiveness has no grounds on which to rest dependably and sure. It is an eccentricity in which you sometimes choose to give indulgently an undeserved reprieve. It rests solely on Your present whims, not coming from Your Love!It makes You look good! Yet it remains your right to let the sinner not escape the justified repayment for his sin. Think you the Lord of Heaven would allow the world’s salvation to depend on this? In other words, what a stingy sense You have of forgiveness! Would not His care for you be small indeed if your salvation rested on a whim? And in Your arrogance – because You think this way – You think God shares Your take on forgiveness! I assure You that S/He does not!

Your assumptions are quite inaccurate!

6 You do not understand forgiveness. As you see it, it is but a check upon overt attack, without requiring correction in your mind. And, not understanding it, it holds little value for You. All it does is boost the ego, impressed by Your ‘charity’, which is quite specious. It cannot give you peace as you perceive it. It is not a means for your release from what you see in someone other than yourself. It has no power to restore your unity with him to your awareness. It is not what God intended it to be for you. For restoration of Your Unity with All is of paramount necessity for Your healing!

7 Not having given Him the gift He asks of you, you cannot recognize His gifts and think He has not given them to you. Something completely new is very often unrecognizable to You. Not understanding it, You cannot see it. Yet would He ask you for a gift unless it was for you? Since He has everything, the request must be for Your learning. Could He be satisfied with empty gestures and evaluate such petty gifts as worthy of His Son? Salvation is a better gift than this, and true forgiveness, as the means by which it is attained, must heal the mind that gives, for giving is receiving. We’ve said this before. First You must understand it, then live it. What remains as unreceived has not been given, but what has been given must have been received. If another has not felt Your Love, then the gift must somehow be uncompleted.

I will use an experience of the transcriber to explain this. Why did it take a year of prayer and fasting to heal Your daughter? Because the gift of it was incomplete. And You have just understood the reason why.

Although it came about through My suggestion, it was not till that year to the day that You were obedient to Me, and followed My directions completely with such grand, miraculous (to You) results. To Me, quite normal.

Your willingness to follow My direction to fast – indefinitely made the space for the healing.  Willingness to ask, hear, and follow are just another way of saying: Be still. Listen. Learn. And do.

This is important for all of You: Ask first to be Guided, and then listen and gladly follow. Do what You do in tandem with the Father, or with the Holy Spirit, or with Me.

This happy re-Joining is an endless Source of Miracles. The more of You who are willing to stick with Me, the greater are the Miracles!

8 Today we try to understand the truth that giver and receiver are the same. Let’s look at this from the state of Oneness. How useful can the finger be without the rest of the hand? You will need help to make this meaningful because it is so alien to the thoughts to which you are accustomed. You’ve all been separate fingers for so very long.But the Help you need is there. It always has been; it always will be. Give Him your faith today and ask Him that He share your practicing in truth today. It’s so much more fun when done together! And if you only catch a tiny glimpse of the release which lies in the idea we practice for today, this is a day of glory for the world. It is a great crack in the stubborn ego mentality, which can bring great benefits and freedom.

9 Give 15 minutes twice today to the attempt to understand today’s idea. You see how quickly the ego can block from You the whole idea of Oneness. A little distraction here, some annoyance there, and You have quickly forgotten. So We’ll continue to reiterate: It is the thought by which forgiveness takes its proper place in your priorities. From nowhere to now here as number one. It is the thought that will release your mind from every bar to what forgiveness means and let you realize its worth to you. Its inestimable value to You and all Your Others.

10 In silence close your eyes upon the world which does not understand forgiveness and seek sanctuary in the quiet place where thoughts are changed and false beliefs laid by. The place of Oneness with Holy Spirit. Repeat today’s idea, and ask for help in understanding what it really means. Be willing to be taught. Be glad to hear the Voice of truth and healing speak to you, and you will understand the words He speaks and recognize He speaks your words to you.  He is Your Real Mind.  Turn to Him, and the ego disappears. His Light disappears all ego darkness.

11 As often as you can, remind yourself you have a goal today—an aim which makes this day of special value to yourself and all your brothers. Although We have not used the word today, it is a goal of understanding Love. Do not let your mind forget this goal for long, but tell yourself:

12 All that I give is given to myself.
The Help I need to learn that this is true
Is with me now.  
Truly there is no separation, not from what I need to know- to remember. And I will trust in Him. He is here for Me now and forever.

13 Then spend a quiet moment, opening your mind to His correction and His Love. And what you hear of Him you will believe, for what He gives will be received by you. It will be the best Gift ever given.


1 Brother wanted Me to put the following in, and I resisted even though I think it’s funny; so He said to footnote it:

Regarding how You’d like to treat Your gravely erring Brother, You don’t want to hear that f-word again! No! Not forgiveness! Anything but that!



[Thank you Dear Brother]

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