Lesson 125 ~ Guidance Scribed by Sun~Rose

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*



TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: The Course text is in bold face. The Guidance is in normal type In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You. When You see the word ‘YOU’ capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.

Part I

L e s s o n  125

In quiet I receive God’s Word today.

Silence today feels so pregnant with Love, which could be delivered to Us at any Holy Instant!

Yet there’s a sense of calm and peace as well. Stillness and sweetness that are palpable. Deep within, even closer than the breath, coming from a Source that feels like it is present everywhere.

1 Let this day be a day of stillness and of quiet listening.  Have no agenda; just be still with God. Your Father wills you hear His Word today. As He has for so many eons. Let Us share His desire; why not right now!God’s Will is the only Power that is in Reality. He calls to you from deep within your mind where He abides.  This is Your Home too. You’ve pretended that it was the body, a thing made to die, so You could keep on dreaming endlessly. It’s not been very satisfying for You. All that birth and dying gets on Your nerves! It is easier to be Eternal. And it’s a whole lot more satisfying! (An understatement!) Hear Him today. No peace is possible until His Word is heard around the world; until your mind, in quiet listening, accepts the message which the world must hear to usher in the quiet time of peace. This is why there is no peace on earth, for peace belongs to Heaven. You only seek it here to avoid Awakening. Why? Remember the ego’s motto is to “Seek and do not find!”

Then ego made the rule that Heaven’s only found by dying. More insanity! For it is quite insane to die. Why not, instead, Awaken?  If this Truth is too hard for You to take, how then will You wake?

2 This world will change through you. You are important! Every One of You is necessary. We All need to change, and since We are One, any One can start the Awakening. No other means can save it, for God’s plan is simply this: the Son of God is free to save himself, – and thereby save every other Brother! – given the Word of God to be his Guide, – a Gift of Love that goes far beyond the world’s idea of love – forever in his mind – where all things reside – and at his side to lead him surely to his Father’s house – which is but the great Consciousness of God – by his own will, – Will of the Divine – forever free as God’s. He is not led by force, but only love. You are dearly loved! He is not judged, but only sanctified. For the great omnipotent – yet gentle – Love of God sees You as only holy.

See Yourself that way, and You will begin to see Heaven here.  Too see Your Others that way, is Heaven!

You do need Your Brothers and Your Sisters. We’re all in this together; and it’s more fun to be awake than to be dreaming. In fact, – dreaming’s pretty painful for every One. Just take a look around Your world if You doubt My words.

Why do You think I am speaking to You about these Lessons? Are Your Brothers’ sufferings okay with You, since they’re not Yours? Do You really believe that something in the world can heal them, while You keep dreaming?  If You do, dear Brothers and dear Sisters, You must think again!

3 In stillness we will hear God’s Voice today without intrusion of our petty thoughts, without our personal desires, and without all judgment of His holy Word. Let’s – for a change – be meek and mild, quiet like a little child. (One with good manners!) We will not judge ourselves today, for what we are cannot be judged. Obviously I am speaking here of Christ, Your real nature. We stand apart from all the judgments which the world has laid upon the Son of God. It knows him not. Believing Self to be a human; even worse, a mortal! Today we will not listen to the world, – nor see with its eyes –but wait in silence for the Word of God. And for His Vision.

4 Hear, holy Son of God, your Father speak. It is an enormous understatement to say that His words are magnificent. Yet it’s the best word We have got in English! It will have to do. His Voice would give to you His holy Word to spread across the world the tidings of salvation and the holy time of peace. How do You spread it but by the way You are with Your Others? We gather at the throne of God today, the quiet place within your mind where He abides forever in the holiness which He created and will never leave.  You can nowbegin to understand that Mind is what You are and not a body.  And that Your real church, synagogue, mosque or temple is not a place, but can be found in Your Love for God and for Your Others. Where there is this kind of Love, is found the sweetest Holiness.

5 He has not waited until you return your mind to Him to give His Word to you. Quite the contrary. He’s given You scripture after scripture, speaking to every One who listens, as well as those who don’t. For His Love is but unilaterally1 universal. Because the only side that We’re all really on is God. There is no other side. He has not hid Himself from you while you have wandered off a little while from Him. Far from it! You can’t get away from Him because all is Mind! He does not cherish the illusions which you hold about yourself. He knows that they are illegitimate, and that You are His Son! His only One.  And this is but the Truth for every One! He knows His Son and wills that he remain as part of Him regardless of his dreams, regardless of his madness that his will is not his own. You are but God’s belovèd One, despite Your fevered dreaming. The Son of God can’t be schizophrenic! There is but one side to the Son of God, and that side is God’s.

6 Today He speaks to you.   This isas usual. What can be new today is that You begin to listen. His Voice awaits your silence, for His Word cannot be heard until your mind is quiet for a while and meaningless desires have been stilled. Await His Word in quiet. A quiet mind is ready for His words of Love and wisdom. There is peace within you to be called upon today to help make ready your most holy mind to hear the Voice of its Creator speak. For God has made You Mind, never ‘matter’.

7 Three times today, at times most suitable for silence, give ten minutes set apart from listening to the world and choose instead a gentle listening to the Word of God. These times will be like visiting the most beautiful oasis, found right in Your mind, in the midst of parched ego desert. He speaks from nearer than your heart to you. You do not live in organs, but You do live as Your mind. What am I saying here? Your Life is not found in organs, but rather, it’s Your consciousness which runs the show. His Voice is closer than your hand. His Love is everything you are and that He is— the same as you, and you the same as He. Love is the Substance – the understanding – of the Mind You are.

8 It is your voice to which you listen as He speaks to you. He speaks within Your mind in a language You can understand. It is your Word He speaks. From Your True Knowing; which is the Consciousness You share with God. It is the Word of freedom and of peace, of unity of will and purpose, with no separation nor division in the single Mind of Father and of Son. With the entire Son in perfect harmony with His Source. In quiet listen to your Self today, – pay attention to the Holy Spirit – and let Him tell you God has never left His Son, and you have never left your Self. The Holy Spirit speaks to You only of Reality, Love’s Reality.

9 Only be quiet. And You hear the words: “Still Your froward mind!” I know I am Be-ing repetitious! Why would You be stubbornly contrary! You will need no rule but this to let your practicing today lift you above the thinking of the world and free your vision from the body’s eyes. Only be still and listen.  If You will just will to be meek and mild, like a little child: You will hear the Word in which the Will of God the Son joins in His Father’s Will, at one with It, with no illusions interposed between the wholly indivisible and true. This would, indeed, be coming Home, journeying through mind alone.

10 As every hour passes by today, be still a moment and remind yourself you have a special purpose for this day—in quiet to receive the Word of God.  Experience Your joy and Holiness.


1 Transcriber’s note: I questioned His use of unilateral, and went to look it up, and said the word wasn’t right; multilateral was better and not great. At which point Brother quietly pointed out that there is no other Side than God! So I shut up! He’s right, as usual.


[Thank you Dear Brother]

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