Lesson 118 ~ Guidance Scribed by Sun~Rose

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*



TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: The Course text is in bold face. The Guidance is in normal type In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You. When You see the word ‘YOU’ capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.

Review III

L e s s o n  118

1 For morning and evening review:

[105] God’s peace and joy are mine.

I am His Extension: when You look at Me You see His living, loving Presence individualized uniquely as Me.

2 Today I will accept God’s peace and joy

It is very gratefully that I feel His everlasting Love for all of Me.

In glad exchange for all the substitutes
Which I have made for happiness and peace.

They all were failures! God’s plan is the only one We ever need to understand.

[106] Let me be still and listen to the truth.

Let Me hear the Voice for Love with all My heart and soul and strength. Then let Me let Him always speak for Me, instead of ego.

3 Let mine own feeble voice be still, and let
Me hear the mighty Voice of truth itself
Assure me that I am God’s perfect Son.

For He but speaks to Me with great gentleness and so much Love. I’m really grateful

4 On the hour:

5 God’s peace and joy are mine.   

His eternal Gift to Me.  These Gifts are free throughout Eternity.  Let Me waken and I will remember!                                                    

6 On the half hour:

7 Let me be still and listen to the truth.

“Quiet Lord My forward heart,” the godless now has found His God.1  And He is at peace.


1 By the redeemed John Newton, author of Amazing Grace, slave trader transformed by faith and courage of Brothers He thought of as simply ‘cargo’.

1 Quiet, Lord, my forward heart;
Make me teachable and mild,
Upright, simple, free from art;
Make me as a little child,
From distrust and envy free,
Pleased with all that pleases Thee.

2 What Thou shalt to-day provide
Let me as a child receive;
What to-morrow may betide
Calmly to Thy wisdom leave;


[Thank you Dear Brother]

*Sun~Rose is the scribe of the recently published book,“YOU ARE LOVED AND SAFE: PREP NOTES FOR EXPERIENCING GOD’S LOVE“, Jesus’ Guidance on the Miracle Principles


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