Lesson 197 ~ Guidance Scribed by Sun~Rose

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*


Love's Guidance

TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: The Course text is in bold face. The Guidance is in normal type In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You. When You see the word ‘YOU’ capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.

L e s s o n  197

It can be but my gratitude I earn.  In My own experience who does benefit immediately from My change of consciousness from ‘me’ to ‘We’ but Me!

Indeed, it is true We All are blessed by each Brother’s shift of consciousness toward God, and the One who shifts is most aware of it within the dream.

1 Here is the second step we take to free your mind from the belief in outside force pitted against your own.  – As You will read now, the ego always demands restitution for every ‘gift’ it gives.  It is quite important to remember that You are the Son of God and not an ego.  In fact, there are no egos, only the Son of God asleep and dreaming; sure that S/He is what S/He isn’t.  Listen carefully: – You make attempts at kindness and forgiveness. Yet you turn them to attack again unless you find external gratitude and lavish thanks. Freely Ye have received, so freely give. – Your gifts must be received with honor, lest they be withdrawn. – Freely Ye have received, so freely give. – And so you think God’s gifts are loans at best; at worst, deceptions which would cheat you of defenses to ensure that when He strikes He will not fail to kill.  Now You are understanding why I taught: Freely You have received, so freely give.1  And why I am very repetitious!  Let it constantly be Your mantra, as You breath in and out.

God gives to Me so very freely.  Let Me emulate Our Father with My Brothers and My Sisters.  Freely I’ve received, freely let Me give.

2 How easily are God and guilt confused by those who know not what their thoughts can do. At best, most thinking is pure confusion.

Deny your strength, and weakness must become salvation to you. See yourself as bound, and bars become your home. – Do You here understand the point I make?  To hide Your strength must be because You fear it, and love to glorify Your weakness. – Nor will you leave the prison house or claim your strength until guilt and salvation are not seen as one and freedom and salvation are perceived as joined, with strength beside them, to be sought and claimed and found and fully recognized.  You’re wondering at the pairing of the two: guilt and salvation.  What is the ordinary perception of the crucifixion but that I died for Your sins.  What nonsense!   And what a travesty of the resurrection too.  And God would hardly qualify as a loving Father, now would He?  Yet so believes the religion that’s named after Me.

So let Us disengage from the belief that Your salvation rests on guilt over My supposed sacrifice.  It doesn’t!

The crucifixion and the resurrection showed the way to freedom from ‘dying’, the ‘sacred’ basis on which this whole bizarre dream precariously balances.

What is salvation but Awakening.

3 The world must thank you when you offer it release from your illusions. Yet your thanks belong to you as well, for its release can only mirror yours. Your gratitude is all your gifts require that they be a lasting offering of a thankful heart released from hell forever. – In other words, now that You do know the Truth, stop acting like a so-called ‘human’.  For You are Divine. – Is it this you would undo by taking back your gifts because they were not honored? It is you who honor them and give them fitting thanks, for it is you who have received the gifts.  Hear Me once again: Freely You have received, so freely give.

4 It does not matter if another thinks your gifts unworthy. In his mind there is a part that joins with yours in thanking you. It does not matter if your gifts seem lost and ineffectual. They are received where they are given. In your gratitude are they accepted universally and thankfully acknowledged by the Heart of God Himself. And would you take them back when He has gratefully accepted them?  Just give, and give, and give, and give Your Love, and keep on giving.  Don’t trouble Yourself at all with getting.

5 God blesses every gift you give to Him and every gift is given Him because it can be given only to yourself, and what belongs to God must be His own. Yet you will never realize His gifts are sure, eternal, changeless, limitless, forever giving out, extending love, and adding to your never-ending joy, while you forgive but to attack again.  Freely You have received, so freely give.  Why am I so repetitive?!  Because those directions are the key to all Your happiness.  God and You are One!  How will You know this until You let Him Be You?  And what does the Great Giver do but Give!

6 Withdraw the gifts you give, and you will think that what is given you has been withdrawn.  For the ego is always only dancing with itself.  “Me instead of “We” is the center of its own small universe.

But learn to let forgiveness take away the sins you think you see outside yourself, and you can never think the gifts of God are lent but for a little while before He snatches them away again in death. For death will have no meaning for you then.  The priceless gift of forgiving You give to Yourself; it shifts the universe for You from Me to We.  (And that is the place We want It to Be.)

7 And with the end of this belief is fear forever over. God is but Your Synonym to Giving.

Thank your Self for this, for He is grateful only unto God, and He gives thanks for you unto Himself. To everyone who lives will Christ yet come, – for He is here; albeit sight unseen – for everyone must live and breathe in Him. His Being in His Father is secure because Their Will is one. Their gratitude to all They have created has no end, for gratitude remains a part of love.  And Sister, Brother, know You are that Son.

8 Thanks be to you, the holy Son of God, for as you were created you contain all things within your Self. – Again, if this seems hard to grasp, remember how like to the sun are the rays, and how identical. – And you are still as God created you. Nor can you dim the light of your perfection.  – Can the sunray dim itself?  Not hardly!

– What does this really mean then but that right now – at this very minute – I am directly and eternally connected to the Father, and there has never been a separation. So, at any and every instant is God available to Me and All of His Revelation, as He continually reveals Himself to Us as We. Therefore, all We need do is to pay attention to God instead of the ego.

And praise the Lord, just as the ego runs Us now, so will We be run by God. This is the lesson that I came and have stayed so long in the dream that I may teach You. And I will persist until You get it!

In your heart, the Heart of God is laid. He holds you dear because you are Himself. All gratitude belongs to you because of what you are.  I know Your magnitude is hard to grasp, so start with really getting that You – And All – are One with God; i.e. the Son of God.

9 Give thanks as you receive it. Be you free of all ingratitude to anyone who makes your Self complete. This is an all-inclusiveness the ego does not understand at all, and yet is so natural to the Son of God. – And from this Self is no one left outside. – Your Love must always be all-inclusive. – Give thanks for all the countless channels which extend this Self. – Do You begin to see how Infinite You All really are? – All that you do is given unto Him. – This Love that flows from God flows right back to Him, and back to You as well forever. – All that you think can only be His Thoughts, sharing with Him the holy Thoughts of God. Earn now the gratitude you have denied yourself when you forgot the function God has given you. – You are His Presence, His Holy Presence. – But never think that He has ever ceased to offer thanks to you. How loved and safe You are, cherished Son of God, essential to All.


1 “… freely ye have received, freely give.”
Matthew 10:8 King James Version.

INTRODUCTION to Lessons 181 – 200

I181:1 Our next few lessons make a special point of firming up your willingness to make your weak commitment strong, your scattered goals blend into one intent. – All commitment does start with this one thing: just the little willingness to do it, whatever it takes.  So even if You do slip and fall, You get right up again. – You are not asked for total dedication all the time, as yet. But you are asked to practice now in order to attain the sense of peace such unified commitment will bestow, if only intermittently. It is experiencing this which makes it sure that you will give your total willingness to following the way the course sets forth.  How did He segue from the little willingness to total?!  (He is laughing hard!)  Only the ego would ask that question!  By now, don’t You think that You should know Me!  Give Me an inch of good, and I’ll give You back a mile of it.  Give Me a drop of Love, and I’ll return to You an ocean.

With what are We dealing but the Divine Qualities of God.  Life, Truth and Love.  Spirit, Soul and Mind.  Holy Divine Principle, Its Joy and Peace.  How precious are the attributes of God.  They are Your treasure.  And where Your treasure is, there is Your Love.

2 Our lessons now are geared specifically to widening horizons – by loosening the ego’s stranglehold that it has on You – and direct approaches to the special blocks which keep your vision narrow and too limited to let you see the value of our goal.  What has it been that has severely narrowed Your horizons?

Well, what else but sir and lady ego?

We are attempting now to lift these blocks, however briefly. Words alone can not convey the sense of liberation which their lifting brings. – Yes, that day that Helen had, recounted in “Absence From Felicity”1 is a perfect example.  Every day – and every moment can and will be like that! – But the experience of freedom and of peace that comes as you give up your tight control of what you see speaks for itself. Your motivation will be so intensified that words become of little consequence. You will be sure of what you want and what is valueless.  The ego will attempt to deter Your progress, tell You that You can’t sustain such an experience.  And yet the ego is always lying.  Do not believe it.  Tell it to shut up, and really mean it!

3 And so we start our journey beyond words by concentrating first on what impedes our progress still. Experience of what exists beyond defensiveness remains beyond achievement while it is denied. It may be there, but you cannot accept its presence.  For You are quite defended against It.  And what does live in the Silence but experience of perfect Love and safety. So we now attempt to go past all defenses for a little while each day. No more than this is asked because no more than this is needed. It will be enough to guarantee the rest will come.  One Holy Moment is but a promise of All which await Your invitation!

[Thank you Dear Brother]

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