Lesson 187 ~ Guidance Scribed by Sun~Rose

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*


Love's Guidance

TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: The Course text is in bold face. The Guidance is in normal type In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You. When You see the word ‘YOU’ capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.

L e s s o n  187

I bless the world because I bless myself.  Because as consciousness the world and I are One.  So to bless the world I need first to be and thus to see Myself worthy of blessing.  That state of Mind just quite naturally blesses.

1 No one can give unless he has. – You All do have, and You have quite forgotten.  Yet the forgetting is quite deliberate. – In fact, giving is proof of having. – And so You do not give, for You would not remember. – We have made this point before. What seems to make it hard to credit is not this. No one can doubt that you must first possess what you would give. It is the second phase on which the world and true perception differ. Having had and given, then the world asserts that you have lost what you possessed. The truth maintains that giving will increase what you possess.  The ego, not wishing to remember what Love really is, sticks firmly to the idea that in giving, One is losing.  Its motive is to keep You fast asleep.  Thus is the joy of Giving lost to You, and fear takes its place.

2 How is this possible? For it is sure that if you give a finite thing away, your body’s eyes will not perceive it yours. – It has been said that things are thoughts, and We concur wholeheartedly, for this is perfectly accurate.

Yet we have learned that things but represent the thoughts that make them. And you do not lack for proof that when you give ideas away, you strengthen them in your own mind. Perhaps the form in which the thought seems to appear is changed in giving. Yet it must return to him who gives. Nor can the form it takes be less acceptable. It must be more.  Sharing ideas of God is quite joyous.

3 Ideas must first belong to you before you give them. If you are to save the world, you first accept salvation for yourself.  So if You ask for anything, let it be understanding. Salvation comes but with understanding.

But you will not believe that this is done until you see the miracles it brings to everyone you look upon. – To say this in words that You will understand: When You feel loved, then You will to Love. – Herein is the idea of giving clarified and given meaning. Now you can perceive that by your giving is your store increased. The more You Love, the more Love do You experience!  Love is a Gift that multiplies as You give It.  So You never lack.

4 Protect all things you value by the act of giving them away, and you are sure that you will never lose them. –What am I saying now!  Although You do not yet understand this, at least not fully, this is a Universe of Spirit.  Until You understand this, You might as well play tennis with a golf club.  You’ll miss the ball every time. The Law of Spirit is the opposite, for, as We have told You so often: giving is receiving. – What you thought you did not have is thereby proven yours. Yet value not its form. For this will change and grow unrecognizable in time, however much you try to keep it safe. No form endures. – For You see it as ‘matter’ and not as consciousness, which does endure forever. – It is the thought behind the form of things that lives unchangeable.  The thoughts of God are always eternal.

5 Give gladly. You can only gain thereby.  When You give Love unconditionally, Its supply is endless.  And every Gift You give accrues more and more Love to You!

The thought remains and grows in strength as it is reinforced by giving. What are these thoughts but the understandings of Reality.

Thoughts extend as they are shared, for they cannot be lost. There is no giver and receiver in the sense the world conceives of them. – Why not?  It’s quite simple. Because there is no separation.  When You understand Your Oneness, and just how huge You are, then these experiences will again feel natural for You. – There is a giver who retains, another who will give as well. – This giving-receiving is one movement. Like two hands clapping. – And both must gain in this exchange, for each will have the thought in form most helpful to him. What he seems to lose is always something he will value less than what will surely be returned to him.  Give up Your privacy, Your separation, and gain Heaven.

6 Never forget you give but to yourself.  If I say “to Your Self” does that make it any easier?  And Your Self, again, is huge, Infinite.

Who understands what giving means must laugh at the idea of sacrifice. – For You give but to another Aspect of Your Self. – Nor can he fail to recognize the many forms which sacrifice may take. He laughs as well at pain and loss, at sickness and at grief, at poverty, starvation and at death. He recognizes sacrifice remains the one idea that stands behind them all, and in his gentle laughter are they healed.  He knows they cannot be real, and that You are only dreaming.  He smiles but at the thought that Your freedom You will gain from dreams.

7 Illusions recognized must disappear. Accept not suffering, and you remove the thought of suffering. Your blessing lies on everyone who suffers when you choose to see all suffering as what it is. The thought of sacrifice gives rise to all the forms that suffering appears to take. And sacrifice is an idea so mad that sanity dismisses it at once.  How can You do this?  It all seems so real.  So does Bugs Bunny – up there on the screen – to little children who know not how to make the distinction.

8 Never believe that you can sacrifice. There is no place for sacrifice in what has any value. If the thought occurs, its very presence proves that error has arisen and correction must be made. Your blessing will correct it. Given first to you, it now is yours to give as well. No form of sacrifice and suffering can long endure before the face of one who has forgiven and has blessed himself.  How do You bless but to know – and to insist upon this fact: only Good is Real.

9 The lilies that your brother offers you are laid upon your altar, with the ones you offer him beside them. Who could fear to look upon such lovely holiness?  Feel the Love that is possible to have for One Another.

The great illusion of the fear of God diminishes to nothingness before the purity that you will look on here. Be not afraid to look. The blessedness you will behold will take away all thought of form, and leave instead the perfect gift forever there, forever to increase, forever yours, forever given away. This great Love that God is is All there is.

10 Now are we one in thought, for fear has gone. And here, before the altar to one God, one Father, one Creator and one Thought, we stand together as one Son of God. Not separate from Him Who is our Source; not distant from one brother who is part of our One Self Whose innocence has joined us all as one, we stand in blessedness and give as we receive. The Name of God is on our lips. And as we look within, we see the purity of Heaven shine in our reflection of our Father’s Love.  We are His Presence.  And We exist but to bless each Other.

11 Now are we blessed, and now we bless the world. What we have looked upon we would extend, for we would see it everywhere. We would behold it shining with the grace of God in everyone. We would not have it be withheld from anything we look upon. And to ensure this holy sight is ours, we offer it to everything we see. For where we see it, it will be returned to us in form of lilies we can lay upon our altar, making it a home for Innocence Itself, Who dwells in us and offers us His Holiness as ours.  What do I yearn for All the sleeping Brotherhood to remember and understand is that You are Living Love Itself, Love’s very Presence.  You’re not a ‘human’ who is ‘loving’.  I’ll repeat Myself until You get it: You are Living Love Itself, Love’s very Presence.

INTRODUCTION to Lessons 181 – 200

I181:1 Our next few lessons make a special point of firming up your willingness to make your weak commitment strong, your scattered goals blend into one intent. – All commitment does start with this one thing: just the little willingness to do it, whatever it takes.  So even if You do slip and fall, You get right up again. – You are not asked for total dedication all the time, as yet. But you are asked to practice now in order to attain the sense of peace such unified commitment will bestow, if only intermittently. It is experiencing this which makes it sure that you will give your total willingness to following the way the course sets forth.  How did He segue from the little willingness to total?!  (He is laughing hard!)  Only the ego would ask that question!  By now, don’t You think that You should know Me!  Give Me an inch of good, and I’ll give You back a mile of it.  Give Me a drop of Love, and I’ll return to You an ocean.

With what are We dealing but the Divine Qualities of God.  Life, Truth and Love.  Spirit, Soul and Mind.  Holy Divine Principle, Its Joy and Peace.  How precious are the attributes of God.  They are Your treasure.  And where Your treasure is, there is Your Love.

2 Our lessons now are geared specifically to widening horizons – by loosening the ego’s stranglehold that it has on You – and direct approaches to the special blocks which keep your vision narrow and too limited to let you see the value of our goal.  What has it been that has severely narrowed Your horizons?

Well, what else but sir and lady ego?

We are attempting now to lift these blocks, however briefly. Words alone can not convey the sense of liberation which their lifting brings. – Yes, that day that Helen had, recounted in “Absence From Felicity”1 is a perfect example.  Every day – and every moment can and will be like that! – But the experience of freedom and of peace that comes as you give up your tight control of what you see speaks for itself. Your motivation will be so intensified that words become of little consequence. You will be sure of what you want and what is valueless.  The ego will attempt to deter Your progress, tell You that You can’t sustain such an experience.  And yet the ego is always lying.  Do not believe it.  Tell it to shut up, and really mean it!

3 And so we start our journey beyond words by concentrating first on what impedes our progress still. Experience of what exists beyond defensiveness remains beyond achievement while it is denied. It may be there, but you cannot accept its presence.  For You are quite defended against It.  And what does live in the Silence but experience of perfect Love and safety. So we now attempt to go past all defenses for a little while each day. No more than this is asked because no more than this is needed. It will be enough to guarantee the rest will come.  One Holy Moment is but a promise of All which await Your invitation!

[Thank you Dear Brother]

*Sun~Rose is the scribe of the recently published book, YOU ARE LOVED AND SAFE: PREP NOTES FOR EXPERIENCING GOD’S LOVE“, Jesus’ Guidance on the Miracle Principles


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