Lesson 181 ~ Guidance Scribed by Sun~Rose

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*


Love's Guidance

TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: The Course text is in bold face. The Guidance is in normal type In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You. When You see the word ‘YOU’ capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.

INTRODUCTION to Lessons 181 – 200

1 Our next few lessons make a special point of firming up your willingness to make your weak commitment strong, your scattered goals blend into one intent. – All commitment does start with this one thing: just the little willingness to do it, whatever it takes.  So even if You do slip and fall, You get right up again. – You are not asked for total dedication all the time, as yet. But you are asked to practice now in order to attain the sense of peace such unified commitment will bestow, if only intermittently. It is experiencing this which makes it sure that you will give your total willingness to following the way the course sets forth.  How did He segue from the little willingness to total?!  (He is laughing hard!)  Only the ego would ask that question!  By now, don’t You think that You should know Me!  Give Me an inch of good, and I’ll give You back a mile of it.  Give Me a drop of Love, and I’ll return to You an ocean.

With what are We dealing but the Divine Qualities of God.  Life, Truth and Love.  Spirit, Soul and Mind.  Holy Divine Principle, Its Joy and Peace.  How precious are the attributes of God.  They are Your treasure.  And where Your treasure is, there is Your Love.

2 Our lessons now are geared specifically to widening horizons – by loosening the ego’s stranglehold that it has on You – and direct approaches to the special blocks which keep your vision narrow and too limited to let you see the value of our goal.  What has it been that has severely narrowed Your horizons?

Well, what else but sir and lady ego?

We are attempting now to lift these blocks, however briefly. Words alone can not convey the sense of liberation which their lifting brings. – Yes, that day that Helen had, recounted in “Absence From Felicity”1 is a perfect example.  Every day – and every moment can and will be like that! – But the experience of freedom and of peace that comes as you give up your tight control of what you see speaks for itself. Your motivation will be so intensified that words become of little consequence. You will be sure of what you want and what is valueless.  The ego will attempt to deter Your progress, tell You that You can’t sustain such an experience.  And yet the ego is always lying.  Do not believe it.  Tell it to shut up, and really mean it!

3 And so we start our journey beyond words by concentrating first on what impedes our progress still. Experience of what exists beyond defensiveness remains beyond achievement while it is denied. It may be there, but you cannot accept its presence.  For You are quite defended against It.  And what does live in the Silence but experience of perfect Love and safety. So we now attempt to go past all defenses for a little while each day. No more than this is asked because no more than this is needed. It will be enough to guarantee the rest will come.  One Holy Moment is but a promise of All which await Your invitation!

L e s s o n  181

I trust my brothers, who are one with me.  Yes all those Others who do seem so foreign to You, those billions upon billions.  Who could possibly deal with so many?  It’s just outrageous.  It’s hard enough to deal with My husband or wife, the boss, or the kids, and all of those kissin’ cousins!  God should have stopped creation after Me!  Thus speaks the ego.

Okay Brother, then teach Me how to trust.
Thoughts like those above don’t begin to understand Our Oneness.  So pay attention.
1 Trusting your brothers is essential to establishing and holding up your faith in your ability to transcend doubt and lack of sure conviction in yourself.  Although You don’t yet realize it, Your Brother is but One with You; this is true of each One of Your Brothers.  Now You see why the dream is called the separation!  You think You are quite separate from God and from each Other. When you attack a brother, you proclaim that he is limited by what you have perceived in him. You do not look beyond his errors. Rather, they are magnified, becoming blocks to your awareness of the Self that lies beyond your own mistakes and past his seeming sins as well as yours.  You are pretending that He is no part of You.  God forbid!  ‘I’m nothing like Him!’  The ego is offended at such a possibility!
2 Perception has a focus. It is this which gives consistency to what you see. You but see what the ego desires You to see to fit with its agenda. It wishes to be right and it demands to be in control. Change but this focus, – by yielding to God – and what you behold will change accordingly. Now change too Your mind about what You be, and what You be changes accordingly. Your vision now will shift to give support to the intent which has replaced the one you held before. Remove your focus on your brother’s sins, – in spite their so compelling nature – and you experience the peace that comes from faith in sinlessness. For His Innocence becomes Yours as well. This faith receives its only sure support from what you see in others past their sins. For their mistakes, if focused on, are witnesses to sins in you. And you will not transcend their sight and see the sinlessness that lies beyond.  Recall that what You’re experiencing is not Reality. it is dreaming.  Don’t take the story quite so seriously!  It’s but a dream.
3 Therefore, in practicing today, we first let all such little focuses – for they are petty – give way to our great need to let our sinlessness become apparent. We instruct our minds that it is this we seek and only this, for just a little while. We do not care about our future goals, and what we saw an instant previous has no concern for us within this interval of time wherein we practice changing our intent. Now experience. We seek for innocence and nothing else. We seek for it with no concern but now.  Now hear God’s verdict on You: not guilty!
4 A major hazard to success has been involvement with your past and future goals. You have been quite preoccupied with how extremely different the goals this course is advocating are from those you held before. And you have also been dismayed by the depressing and restricting thought that, even if you should succeed, you will inevitably lose your way again. (So speaks the ego! You know that voice well; it cares not for You. Why do You listen?) How could this matter? For the past is gone, the future but imagined.  Choose to be here now. These concerns are but defenses against present change of focus in perception. Nothing more.  All the blocks You raise are but to keep You dreaming.  They bring no happiness to You.
5 We lay these pointless limitations by a little while. We do not look to past beliefs, and what we will believe will not intrude upon us now. We enter in the time of practicing with one intent-to look upon the sinlessness within. We recognize that we have lost this goal if anger blocks our way in any form. And if a brother’s sins occur to us, our narrowed focus will restrict our sight and turn our eyes upon our own mistakes, which we will magnify and call our “sins.”  And why is this so?  You are not separate from Your Brother.  Again, this belief that You are is why it’s called the separation. You’re One as God and with every Brother.  We’re One as God; all Others included.
6 So, for a little while, without regard to past or future, – stay right in the Now – should such blocks arise, we will transcend them with instructions to our minds to change their focus, as we say:
7 It is not this that I would look upon.  For I have eyes of Love and not the ego’s
I trust my brothers, who are one with me.
Such is the Nature of Reality.
8 And we will also use these thoughts to keep us safe throughout the day. We do not seek for long range goals. As each obstruction seems to block the vision of our sinlessness, we seek but for surcease an instant from the misery the focus upon sin will bring, and uncorrected will remain.  You can always change Your mind; remember, I’m here to help You!  You are not doing this alone!  I’m here.
9 Nor do we ask for fantasies. For what we seek to look upon is really there. And as our focus goes beyond mistakes, we will behold a wholly sinless world.  Can You imagine this?  A scene so lovely! When seeing this is all we want to see, when this is all we seek for in the name of true perception, are the eyes of Christ inevitably ours.  As You read the daily news on Your computer, do You not long to heal the world and find Us All suddenly in Heaven?  Can You imagine the relief and happiness You have to find that it was only but a nightmare.  Albeit intricate and convincing. And the love He feels for us becomes our own as well. This will become the only thing we see reflected in the world and in ourselves.  Love is the only Presence everywhere.
10 The world which once proclaimed our sins becomes the proof that we are sinless. And our love for everyone we look upon attests to our remembrance of the holy Self Which knows no sin and never could conceive of anything without Its sinlessness.  Now do ask Yourself: am I willing to have this experience instead of guilt? Give the right answer! We seek for this remembrance as we turn our minds to practicing today. We look neither ahead nor backwards. We look straight into the present. And we give our trust to the experience we ask for now. Our sinlessness is but the Will of God.  i.e. It is Truth. This instant is our willing one with His.  Allow this happiness and peace to come.  You can just let it.


[Thank you Dear Brother]

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