Lesson 160 ~ Guidance Scribed by Sun~Rose

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*


Love's Guidance

TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: The Course text is in bold face. The Guidance is in normal type In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You. When You see the word ‘YOU’ capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.

L e s s o n  160

I am home. Fear is the stranger here. 

I am at home. My Home is Heaven.  It’s not a place You go to when You so-called ‘die’, That perpetuates the dreaming. Rather it is the experience of peace and happiness – as Your consciousness – right here and right now. – Fear is the stranger here. Those who call the world their home are always frightened, of God, of other individuals, of lack of money, of not being loved; the lisr goes on and on: endless.

Slyly has the ego insinuated fear of what it invented and then termed the ‘wrath’ of God.  The same God that says in the Bible: “I have loved thee with and everlasting Love.”1   And that My disciple John – quoting Me – said: “God is Love”2

Cleverly has the ego defined God as quite punitive.  Can You not hear Him thunder: “Vengeance is Mine!”3  The earth trembles.  What utter nonsense!

Not so in Heaven!  It’s a state of Mind – right here and now – so beautiful that it defies description.  And this state of Mind is You, here and now.  There’s no need for dying, only Living!

1 Fear is a stranger to the ways of love.  Let Us now, once again, review those delightful acronyms for fear: False Evidence Appearing Real.  And then: Forgetting Everything’s All Right.

Identify with fear, and you will be a stranger to yourself. And thus you are unknown to you. – You think You are ‘human’ when You are the Holy Son of God. – What is your Self remains an alien to the part of you which thinks that it is real but different from yourself. – You know not Who You are or What You are. – Who could be sane in such a circumstance? Who but a madman could believe he is what he is not and judge against himself?  And in addition, judge against all His belovèd Brothers.  This is insanity of interlaced ambiguities.  For His whole thought system is but based on unrealities.

2 There is a stranger in our midst who comes from an idea so foreign to the truth he speaks a different language, looks upon a world truth does not know, and understands what truth regards as senseless. Stranger yet, he does not recognize to whom he comes and yet maintains his home belongs to him, while he is alien now who is at home.  Indeed, the Son has let Himself be imprisoned by the ego; i.e. His strange, bizarre thought system.

3And yet how easy it would be to say, “This is my home. Here I belong and will not leave because a madman says I must.” – Yet You choose not to say it.  Why is that? – What reason is there for not saying this? What could the reason be except that you had asked this stranger in to take your place and let you be a stranger to yourself? No one would let himself be dispossessed so needlessly unless he thought there was another home more suited to his tastes.  Or another way of being, more satisfying than to Be the Son of God.

4 Who is the stranger? Is it fear or you that is unsuited to the home which God provided for His Son? – It cannot be You.Is fear His own, created in His likeness? Is it fear that love completes and is completed by?  This is not likely!There is no home can shelter love and fear. – Again John, My disciple, tells Us clearly that perfect Love does cast out fear, like the sun does melt the mists of the morning. – They cannot coexist. If you are real, then fear must be illusion. And if fear is real, then you do not exist at all.  And that is the one thing of which You’re sure: that You do exist.

5 How simply, then, the question is resolved. Who fears has but denied himself and said, “I am the stranger here. And so I leave my home to one more like me than myself and give him all I thought belonged to me.” Now is he exiled of necessity, not knowing who he is, uncertain of all things but this-that he is not himself and that his home has been denied to him.  You have abdicated the throne of the Son, Your Heritage, to act like an ego, a creature selfish and miserable.  This makes sense to You?

6 What does he search for now? What can he find? A stranger to himself can find no home wherever he may look, for he has made return impossible. – Not knowing Who or What You are, how can You know what You want or need?  This is a job for the Holy Spirit, here to be Your Guide!  Ego thinking knows not the way to freedom, nor does He really desire it. – His way is lost except a miracle will search him out and show him that he is no stranger now. The miracle will come. – (Because God is Love!) – For in his home his Self remains. It asked no stranger in and took no alien thought to be Itself. And It will call its own unto Itself, in recognition of what is Its own.  What is Your Self but the Holy Spirit!  Welcome Him with joy!  Welcome Her with joy!

7 Who is the stranger? Is he not the one your Self calls not? You are unable now to recognize this stranger in your midst, for you have given him your rightful place. You have become Your Halloween costume!

Yet is your Self as certain of Its own as God is of His Son. – For God and the Holy Spirit Know as One. – He cannot be confused about creation. He is sure of what belongs to Him. No stranger can be interposed between His knowledge and His Son’s reality. He does not know of strangers. He is certain of His Son.  The Holy Spirit is His Extension: Your Oneness with God.

8 God’s certainty suffices. – His Knowing supreme. – Who He knows to be His Son belongs where He has set His Son forever. God is sure and certain, Good and permanent, unlike the ego.  While the ego hates and is divisive, God always Loves, always is inclusive.  Each One is treasured.  You are not left out, but priceless to God.  Yes! It is You to Whom I am speaking!  Are You listening?

He has answered you who ask, “Who is the stranger?” Hear His Voice assure you, quietly and sure, that you are not a stranger to your Father, nor is your Creator stranger made to you. Whom God has joined remains forever one, at home in Him, no stranger to Himself.  You have not been forgotten.  His Love for You is forever.

9Today we offer thanks that Christ has come to search the world for what belongs to Him.  Here I am for You, Belovèd Sisters, and belovèd Sons.His vision sees no strangers, but beholds His own and joyously unites with them. – My Love for All of You is positively eternal! –They see Him as a stranger, for they do not recognize themselves. There is but one Son, and that one Son is Christ.  And the Christ is All of Us with Infinite Expression. – Yet as they give Him welcome, they remember. And He leads them gently home again where they belong.  How good, how safe, how happy does it feel to be Home again.  All the created things desired do not (and can’t) match one iota of It.

10Not one does Christ forget. Not one He fails to give you to remember that your home may be complete and perfect as it was established. He has not forgotten you.  Can You grasp a Love like this, so vastly different from the concepts of the ego?  A Love that is inclusive of All, rather than exclusive.

Just these very words: “He has not forgotten You” speak of Love Divine where Every One is valuable, each One is precious.  This is You of whom I speak,  Your value to all Creation.  Take My words on trust until You grasp them, the Love of God and the Holy Spirit.

But you will not remember Him until you look on all as He does. – To do this You must learn to shut up the ego so You can hear the Voice of Love. – Who denies his brother is denying Him – The View of God, Christ, and Holy Spirit – and thus refusing to accept the gift of sight by which his Self is clearly recognized, his home remembered, and salvation come.  Would You give up Heaven’s happiness to make Your Brother wrong?

Brother choose again!  Sister, choose again!

[Thank you Dear Brother]

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