Lesson 123 ~ Guidance Scribed by Sun~Rose

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*


Love's Guidance

TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: The Course text is in bold face. The Guidance is in normal type In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You. When You see the word ‘YOU’ capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.

L e s s o n  123

I thank my Father for His gifts to me.

For they are priceless and so freely given.  God is the open fountain, pouring Love and Truth and Life as Us forever. Even Eternity is no measure of the Son of God.

1 Today let us be thankful.   For We are so loved. Not just loved but safe! We need not defend Ourselves at every turn. God protects Us. We need but to ask to realize that He’s ever-present. Indeed We are Loved!  You cannot be reassured too often in this fear-filled world.  For if You allow, You can have a very different experience than fear. We have come to gentler pathways and to smoother roads.  They all lead to peace and happiness, if You will allow them. This is the key: the choice is always Yours. There is no thought of turning back and no implacable resistance to the truth. A bit of wavering remains, some small objections, and a little hesitance, but we can well be grateful for our gains, which are far greater than we realize.  Do You understand from My words that this is a joint venture?  You and I are gladly yoked together.  Let’s recall what I said in the Bible: “My yoke is easy and My burden light.”  This Truth has not changed.  Share Your troubles with Me.  See them lighten, vanish, as mists before the dawning sun.

2 A day devoted now to gratitude will add the benefit of some insight into the real extent of all the gains which you have made; the gifts you have received. Let Us together remember that gratitude is riches. It would not hurt You to start the day with a list of gratefuls. Quite the contrary. It will be extremely beneficial. Be glad today in loving thankfulness your Father has not left you to yourself, nor let you wander in the dark alone.  You think You are a weak, puny mortal, subject to the effects of everything!  Would You be like this when You are God’s Son?  Why would You choose this when You have a choice?  You can choose again; this time choosing God, instead of ego.  Be grateful He has saved you from the self you thought you made to take the place of Him and His creation.  Oh God, insane I was to choose separation; how wonderful that You forgive Me for the ego! Give Him thanks today.  I spend Eternity in devoted gratitude to You. It’s such a delightful occupation!

3 Give thanks that He has not abandoned you and that His Love forever will remain shining on you, forever without change. I am – and forever will be – just as consistent in My Love and My grateful devotion to You. How could I ever have forgotten You, My very Be-ing? Give thanks as well that you are changeless, for the Son He loves is changeless as Himself. I am so very grateful to be forever One with You. Be grateful you are saved. Be glad you have a function in salvation to fulfill. Be thankful that your value far transcends your meager gifts and petty judgments of the one whom God established as His Son.  How could I have ever thought it a good idea to exchange Heaven for anything, much less hell!  Pure insanity.

4 Today in gratitude we lift our hearts above despair and raise our thankful eyes, no longer looking downward to the dust. Hope turned to gratitude springs eternal. We sing the song of thankfulness – grateful hymns of praise – today in honor of the Self Which God has willed to be our true identity in Him. Belovèd God reveal to Me My true Identity as Thee, and I will be so glad to be It. Today we smile on everyone we see and walk with lightened footsteps as we go to do what is appointed us to do. We do not go alone.  Now constantly are We aware of Thee. And we give thanks that in our solitude – in Our abysmal ego loneliness – a Friend has come to speak the saving Word of God to us.

You’ve given Us a golden chain of Love to be Our Lifeline.  Each One of Your ideas is but a lovely link within Love’s chain You’ve woven.  No more need We drown in a sea of materiality.  Your Love has saved Us.

5 And thanks to you for listening to Him. May We All say there’s nothing that We’d rather do. Life is flat without His Presence. His Word is soundless if it be not heard.  We’ll gladly sing His praise from the housetops!  In thanking Him the thanks are yours as well. An unheard message will not save the world, however mighty be the Voice that speaks, however loving may the message be. Thanks be to you who heard, for you become the messenger who brings His Voice with you and let it echo round and round the world.  It’s Our privilege. There’s nothing We’d rather do than listen.

6 Receive the thanks of God today, as you give thanks to Him. For He would offer you the thanks you give, since He receives your gifts in loving gratitude and gives them back a thousand and a hundred thousand more than they were given.  For You are truly His belovèd One. Feel how He loves You. He will bless your gifts by sharing them with you, and so they grow in power and in strength until they fill the world with gladness and with gratitude.  This is Truth for every One of You!  All You need do is listen and accept It.

7 Receive His thanks and offer yours to Him for 15 minutes twice today. And you will realize to Whom you offer thanks, and Whom He thanks as you – God’s belovèd Son – are thanking Him. This holy half an hour given Him will be returned to you in terms of years for every second, power to save the world eons more quickly for your thanks to Him. You do grasp the importance of My words to this era in which You are dreaming.  Do not fear; just stay with Me, connected.  Angels do watch over each One of You.

You are Loved and safe; know this Truth too for all Your seeming ‘enemies’; for They, too, are Your dear Brothers.

8 Receive His thanks, and you will understand how lovingly He holds you in His Mind, how deep and limitless His care for you, how perfect is His gratitude to you.  Now do You understand why You are Loved and safe? God Loves You! Remember hourly to think of Him and give Him thanks for everything He gave His Son that he might rise above the world remembering his Father and his Self.

That Son is You – each One of You – both ‘male’ and ‘female’ equal.  For there really is no gender, only the One Son, which is every single One.

Infinite Rays – seem to be sourced by and are the Sun, yet is God the Source of All.  What do these words mean?  All things that You see seem to come from some local origin instead of Spirit.

What is the part of the Son of God but to see and acknowledge all Creation. Since Reality has no ‘beginning’, better said: God’s constant Revelation of His Ideas, of which you are a very precious One.

[Thank you Dear Brother]

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