Lesson 109 ~ Guidance Scribed by Sun~Rose

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*


Love's Guidance

TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: The Course text is in bold face. The Guidance is in normal type In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You. When You see the word ‘YOU’ capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.

L e s s o n  109

I rest in God.

What would You like these words to mean to You today?  For as You wish, it shall be gladly given to You.

1 We ask for rest today and quietness unshaken by the world’s appearances.

This request is not a selfish one, for in a world so full of turmoil, Your quietness begins to heal the world.  For in the midst of all this turmoil, Your peaceful stillness is such a welcome oasis.

We ask for peace and stillness in the midst of all the turmoil born of clashing dreams.

Each Dreamer does demand ascendancy of His dreams above all the other dreams.  For each Dreamer is star of all Her dreams.  To be the ‘star’ is the point of dreaming.  Yet some do tire of this selfish point of perception.  They begin to look for another way to look at everything.  This Course does aim that You be One of them.

We ask for safety and for happiness, although we seem to look on danger and on sorrow. And we have the thought that will answer our asking with what we request.

To “rest in God” is to reconnect with Our belovèd Source.

2 I rest in God.” This thought will bring to you the rest and quiet, peace and stillness, and the safety and the happiness you seek. “I rest in God.” This thought has power to wake the sleeping truth in you, whose vision sees beyond appearances to that same truth in everyone and everything there is. – When something Good is Universal, You may know It’s the Truth. – Here is the end of suffering for all the world and everyone who ever came and yet will come to linger for a while. Here is the thought in which the Son of God is born again, to recognize himself.

For to state this shows at least a little willingness to think of coming Home again.  And that willingness is the first step in a new – yet somehow it is familiar – direction- an old-new direction.

3 I rest in God.” – Nowhere else a finer sanctuary. Holy place of safety and of comfort. – Completely undismayed this thought will carry you through storms and strife, past misery and pain, past loss and death, and onward to the certainty of God.

Shelter from the storm and Place of safety.

There is no suffering it cannot heal.

God’s omnipresence.

 There is no problem which it cannot solve.

God’s omniscience.

And no appearance but will turn to truth before the eyes of you who rest in God.

God’s omnipotence.

4 This is the day of peace. You rest in God, and while the world is torn by winds of hate, your rest remains completely undisturbed. Yours is the rest of truth. Appearances cannot intrude on you. – They are but shifting shapes within the dream. – You call to all to join you in your rest, and they will hear and come to you because you rest in God.

God is the only True Sanctuary.   This is known universally, despite protests of many.

Because this is so:

They will not hear another voice but yours because you gave your voice to God  – and keep giving it – and now you rest in Him and let Him speak through you.

And You will find Yourself saying things You didn’t know You knew, they’ve been so long buried and forgotten.

5 In Him you have no cares and no concerns, no burdens, no anxiety, no pain, no fear of future, and no past regrets. In timelessness you rest, while time goes by without its touch upon you, for your rest can never change in any way at all.

Think You not that God nor I am ‘aging!  Only Dreamers age, and They age so that They can pretend again and so-called ‘die’.  Aren’t You tired of doing that again?  It’s so boring.

God has need of You for something better, something much better.

The Lesson for today can teach You this.

6 You rest today. And as you close your eyes, sink into stillness. Let these periods of rest and respite reassure your mind that all its frantic fantasies were but the dreams of fever that has passed away.

A fever to replace God with Your ego-‘self’ – willingness with willfulness.  How wise to let go such foolishness be gone.  How good to feel Your Right Mind returning to Its rightful place.

Let it be still and thankfully accept its healing. No more fearful dreams will come now that you rest in God. Take time today to slip away from dreams and into peace.

Even so-called ‘pleasant’ dreams are only pleasant because the ego is ‘happy’.  Give all dreaming up for Reality.  Then will You surely know Real Happiness.

7 Each hour that you take your rest today, a tired mind is suddenly made glad, – and feels so relieved; – a bird with broken wings begins to sing, — and then it finds that it can fly again, – a stream long dry begins to flow again. – And its exiled fish return to gladly swim in it again. – The world is born again each time you rest, and hourly remember that you came to bring the peace of God into the world that it might take its rest along with you.

Now, don’t say: “Who Me?  Couldn’t Be!” for I will answer: “Then Who?”

8With each five minutes that you rest today the world is nearer waking. And the time when rest will be the only thing there is comes closer to all worn and tired minds, too weary now to go their way alone. And they will hear the bird begin to sing and see the stream begin to flow again, with hope reborn and energy restored to walk with lightened steps along the road that suddenly seems easy as they go.

This is how Awakening will come to burdened minds, like the first breath of spring upon the warming air.

9 You rest within the peace of God today and call upon your brothers from your rest, to draw them to their rest along with you. You will be faithful to your trust today, forgetting no one, bringing everyone into the boundless circle of your peace, the holy sanctuary where you rest.

Such peace and happiness sing out for sharing.  Your mind and heart open wide including all Creation.

10 Open the temple doors, and let them come from far across the world, and near as well-your distant brothers and your closest friends-bid them all enter here and rest with you. You rest within the peace of God today, quiet and unafraid. Each brother comes to take his rest and offer it to you.

For so do We Gift each Other gladly.

11 We rest together here, for thus our rest is made complete, and what we give today we have received already. Time is not the guardian of what we give today. We give to those unborn and those passed by, to every Thought of God, and to the Mind in Which these Thoughts were born and where they rest. And we remind them of their resting place each time we tell ourselves,

12 I rest in God.

You always feel this Lesson is the most beautiful, for You so Love the idea of a bird with broken wings re-flying.

So is the ego mindset like that bird before its healing.  Its voice gone along with its true reason for Be-ing.  Can You imagine what it will feel like for the bird to fly again?  A thousand times better will Your Right Mind bring You back Your Joy.

[Thank you Dear Brother]

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