Lesson 105 ~ Guidance Scribed by Sun~Rose

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*


Love's Guidance

TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: The Course text is in bold face. The Guidance is in normal type In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You. When You see the word ‘YOU’ capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.

L e s s o n  105

God’s peace and joy are mine.

Thus must I be the Presence of His Peace and Joy, for God is My Source.  All things Good and Real are what I am, for I can be nothing apart from Him, Universal Giver of all Good.

1 God’s peace and joy are yours. Today we will accept them, knowing they belong to us.

God’s Peace and Joy are You, for none of You are separate from them.  We have discussed this before: that You are not a thing made up of brain, blood, bone.  You are Reality Itself, as You, and Peace and Joy are Spirit’s elements of You.  Never do They age; nor do They decay, for They – like You – are everlasting.

And we will try to understand these gifts increase as we receive them. They are not like to the gifts the world can give, in which the giver loses as he gives the gift; the taker is the richer by his loss. These are not gifts, but bargains made with guilt.

Why are they bargains?  Because the giving almost always has a motive.  Something to be gained by the Giver, a price paid by the Receiver.

2 The truly given gift entails no loss.

Do You remember My ancient words: “Freely You have received, just as freely give.”

How could a heart wide open, ready to bless, ever feel any sense of loss?  It can’t for it is full, ready for giving.

It is impossible that one can gain because another loses. This implies a limit and an insufficiency.

It is more like a ‘trade’.  There is always another motive.

No gift is given thus.  Such “gifts” are but a bid for a more valuable return-a loan with interest to be paid in full; a temporary lending, meant to be a pledge of debt to be repaid with more than was received by him who took the gift.

It states as well that both participants are lacking something.

3 This strange distortion of what giving means pervades all levels of the world you see. It strips all meaning from the gifts you give and leaves you nothing in the ones you take. A major learning goal this course has set is to reverse your view of giving, so you can receive. For giving has become a source of fear, and so you would avoid the only means by which you can receive.

This sense of giving implies both participants are needy.  And it substitutes the exchange of things in place of the acknowledgement of Your Brother’s perfection as the Son of God, and His perfect equality with You.

4 Accept God’s peace and joy, and you will learn a different way of looking at a gift.

The first step is to be willing to stop being a Dreamer.  Again, there is the little willingness.  For You are no ‘better’ than Your Brother, neither are You ‘worse’.   These concepts are quite meaningless to God.  All His Sons are perfect and belovèd.

God’s gifts will never lessen when they are given away. They but increase thereby. As Heaven’s peace and joy intensify when you accept them as God’s gift to you, so does the joy of your Creator grow when you accept His joy and peace as yours.

It is the shift of mind from dreaming ego to repenting Prodigal back to the Son of God Himself/Herself/Ourselves.  For the acknowledgement of Your Holiness automatically confers it on All of Your Brothers.

5 True giving is creation. It extends the limitless to the unlimited, eternity to timelessness, and love unto itself.

It is as if You are saying: I in My perfection, gifted Me by God, acknowledge this same perfection as You, dear Brothers and Sisters.

It adds to all that is complete already, not in simple terms of adding more, for that implies that it was less before. It adds by letting what cannot contain itself fulfill its aim of giving everything it has away, securing it forever for itself.

Every true gift You give is but an acknowledgement of Your Brother’s perfection.

6 Today accept God’s peace and joy as yours.

For You must first know You have it to be able to give it.

Let Him complete Himself as He defines completion. You will understand that what completes Him must complete His Son as well.

When You receive and give His gifts, then all is well in Heaven, as You express It.  To block what He is from Be-ing You is far more momentary loss than You can imagine, while You are immersed in self-fantasizing dreams.

He cannot give through loss. No more can you. Receive His gift of joy and peace today, and He will thank you for your gift to Him.

7 Today our practice periods will start a little differently. Begin today by thinking of those brothers who have been denied by you the peace and joy that are their right under the equal laws of God.

Obnoxious They may indeed seem to be as You dally in the dream.  Yet do not forget that it is You who made the choice for dreaming.  As always, in these Lessons, You are given the choice to choose once again, this time choosing to Waken and accept Your Gifts.

Here you denied them to yourself. And here you must return to claim them as your own.

It’s a very simple, easy process.

Think of your “enemies” a little while, and tell each one as he occurs to you:

8 My brother, peace and joy I offer you,
That I may have God’s peace and joy as mine.

You’ll find in the act of giving that You too are receiving.  So is the Gift made complete and perfect.

9 Thus you prepare yourself to recognize God’s gifts to you and let your mind be free of all that would prevent success today. Now are you ready to accept the gift of peace and joy which God has given you. Now are you ready to experience the joy and peace you have denied yourself. Now you can say, “God’s peace and joy are mine,” for you have given what you would receive.

Amen.  So be it.

10 You must succeed today if you prepare your mind as we suggest, for you have let all bars to peace and joy be lifted up, and what is yours can come to you at last. So tell yourself “God’s peace and joy are mine,” and close your eyes a while, and let His Voice assure you that the words you speak are true.

You will feel His Love, His gentle embrace.

11 Spend your five minutes thus with Him each time you can today, but do not think that less is worthless when you cannot give Him more. At least remember hourly to say the words which call on Him to give you what He wills to give and wills you to receive.

Reach out to Him and make that Connection.  It is All to You.

12 Determine not to interfere today with what He wills. And if a brother seems to tempt you to deny God’s gift to him, see it as but another chance to let yourself receive the gifts of God as yours. Then bless your brother thankfully, and say:

13 My brother, peace and joy I offer you,
That I may have God’s peace and joy as mine.

Please accept My Gift that We may share It together.

And if it is a day when My requests seem too hard for You, remind Yourself that this is nothing but a dream.  Would You allow it to make You suffer?  Let Yourself disbelieve than any dream could have power over You, the Holy Son of God, Yourself.  And this will gain You Your freedom.

[Thank you Dear Brother]

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