Lesson 103 ~ Guidance Scribed by Sun~Rose

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*


Love's Guidance

TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: The Course text is in bold face. The Guidance is in normal type In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You. When You see the word ‘YOU’ capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.

L e s s o n  103

God, being Love, is also happiness.

Take Love apart from romance and You begin to have an understanding of It.  Then take It further beyond any specific person to realize Its Universal Nature.  That Love is not an emotion, but Universal Substance. God’s endless Universe is Living Love.

“You don’t have to go looking for Love, when It’s where You come from.”1


1 Happiness is an attribute of love.  And cannot stand away from It, for Love is everywhere, Be-ing Universal. Love is the Foundation of everything. And there is no exception to that rule! It cannot be apart from it, nor can it be experienced where love is not. Love has no limits, being everywhere. And therefore joy is everywhere as well. Yet can the mind deny that this is so, believing there are gaps in love where sin can enter, bringing pain instead of joy. Yet is this but a wrong use of mind – a foolish distortion – for it touches not God’s Reality, which is always available to You.


2 This strange belief would limit happiness by redefining love as limited and introducing opposition in what has no limit and no opposite.  Only Love is Real.  Only Good is Truth.  Any other thing that You believe is but false evidence appearing real. You need to be quite frequently reminded. You quickly forget. Fear is associated then with love, and its results become the heritage of minds that think what they have made is real.  You’re frightened by the very dream that You invented then ‘forgot’ that it was a dream to make it ‘real’. Thus have You defied the god You made to be an enemy by Your invention. These images, with no reality in truth, bear witness to the fear of God, forgetting being Love, He must be joy. The god You made up – out there in the sky – must be enemy to You, else You are either sinful or insane.  Neither one is acceptable to You, yet both are ‘true’ within the dream.


3 This basic error we will try again to bring to truth today and teach ourselves:


4 God, being Love, is also happiness.
To fear Him is to be afraid of joy. 
To truly Love Him is to end the dream and to be happy.


5 Begin your longer practice periods for today with this association, which corrects the false belief that God is fear. It also emphasizes happiness belongs to you because of what He is.  Do not be afraid to do this, for this is Truth: that God is Love, and Love is always kind and gentle.  There is no ‘tough love’ from God in Heaven.  Remember Habbakuk: God’s eyes are too pure to see ‘evil’.1  S/He sees You but as His Belovèd One.


6 Allow this one correction to be placed within your mind each waking hour today. Accept the Truth that God really Loves You!  Then welcome all the happiness it brings, as truth replaces fear, and joy becomes what you expect to take the place of pain.  Repeat these words frequently to Yourself: God really Loves Me.  Happiness is His Gift of Love to Me. God being Love, it will be given you. Bolster this expectation frequently throughout the day, – be curious to how it will appear – and quiet all your fears with this assurance, kind and wholly true:


7 God, being Love, is also happiness.  Love must be happy!
And it is happiness I seek today. 
Because I seek God.
I cannot fail because I seek the truth. 
Truth is My inheritance straight from God.  It is My Be-ing.


1 Werner Erhard, Book of Aphorisms

2  Habbakuk 1:13

[Thank you Dear Brother]

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