Lesson 102 ~ Guidance Scribed by Sun~Rose

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*


Love's Guidance

TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: The Course text is in bold face. The Guidance is in normal type In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You. When You see the word ‘YOU’ capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.

L e s s o n  102

I share God’s Will for happiness for me.

And, not to be selfish, I know that Will is not just for Me, but for All Brothers.


1 You do not want to suffer. You may think it buys you something and may still believe a little that it buys you what you want. For if You let Yourself be happy, while even in the dream, then surely God will make You suffer for the separation. While if You’re miserable enough, You might get off scot free!  Yet this belief is surely shaken now, – by My words of Love to each One of You (No-One is left out!)– at least enough to let you question it and to suspect it really makes no sense. It has not gone as yet but lacks the roots that once secured it tightly to the dark and hidden secret places of your mind.  How could the God that is Love personified make You suffer?  Suffering is not congruent with Love.


2 Today we try to loose its weakened hold still further. And to realize that pain is purposeless, without a cause, and with no power to accomplish anything. It is unknown to God Who only gives Us Good that is quite recognizable.  It cannot purchase anything at all. Surely not freedom from endless dreaming. It offers nothing and does not exist. Nor does the dream in which it does not exist.  It’s like the man upon the stair that wasn’t even there!1 And everything you think it offers you is lacking in existence like itself. You have been slave to nothing. Your shackles and Your chains were all only in Your so-called mind.  Let them go, mentally; then be ye free. Be you free today to join the happy Will of God.  As Your thoughts gain freedom from the ego – coming more in line with Love – hell starts to shift back to Heaven!


3 For several days we will continue to devote our longer practice periods to exercises planned to help you reach the happiness God’s Will has placed in you.  Happiness You really are, Heaven’s sum and substance. You are not a thing apart from happiness – a container for it – but the Living Presence of It.  It isn’t like: Here come Jack and Jill. Today They look happy!  More like: Here comes happiness, and it is Jack and Jill, as usual!

Happiness is not a thing You have or You can get.  It is what You are, part of Your unique Presence.

Here is your home, and here your safety is. Here is your peace, and here there is no fear. Here is salvation. Here is rest at last.  For with salvation come as happiness also come glimpses of Your innocence; at least a sense of it and of freedom.

4 Begin the longer practice periods today with this acceptance of God’s Will for you:


5 I share God’s Will for happiness for me,
And I accept it as my function now.

I’m willing to be done with misery; now and forever!  And to understand that happiness is not some fleeting thing to be grasped before it flees again, but it is What I am, just as I am Love: Love’s Living Presence.

6 Then seek this function deep within your mind, for it is there, awaiting but your choice. You cannot fail to find it when you learn it is your choice and that you share God’s Will.  It is My choice for it is part of What I really am that I have long hidden.  And what is that What but the Son of God!


7 Be happy, for your only function here is happiness. It’s the result of Be-ing Life, Truth Love, Your Reality; the happy consequence of Be-ing You!  You have no need to be less loving to God’s Son than He Whose Love created him as loving as Himself. Remind Yourself that Love is Your Function, and it is synonym to happiness!! Besides these hourly five minute rests, pause frequently today to tell yourself that you have now accepted happiness as your one function. And be sure that you are joining with God’s Will in doing this.  Just as the Ray does the will of the Sun by simply shining; by Be-ing Itself.


1 As I was going up the stair,

I saw a man who wasn’t there.

He wasn’t there again today;

Gee, I wish He’d go away.

By Hughes Mearns

[Thank you Dear Brother]

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