Lesson 76 ~ Guidance Scribed by Sun~Rose

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*


TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: The Course text is in bold face. The Guidance is in normal type In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You. When You see the word ‘YOU’ capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.


I am under no laws but God’s.

This is both the privilege and the duty of the Son of God Who recognizes Who He is within the dream.  It also is the step to this recognition.

It is quite important for You to understand this clearly.  Within the dream to say that You are the Son of God and then not live it, leaves You only the experience of ego.  And the ego does suffer under all the laws of man, although God wills this not.  In that fact lies Your salvation.  Those who understand this have healings straight from God, Our belovèd Source, Our Father-Mother.


1 We have observed before how many senseless things have seemed to you to be salvation. Such are the pagan beliefs of ego. Each has imprisoned you with laws as senseless as itself. Such is the curse of materiality, believing things are ‘matter’ and not of Holy Spirit. For the Holy Spirit is not a thing, by Divine Consciousness Itself; substance-ing the Universe. It does include You and All Your Others!  This is why all human ‘laws’ are specious; why they lack power. They lack Divine Source. You are not bound by them. Yet to understand that this is so, you must first realize salvation lies not there. They do bind only beliefs in matter.  While you would seek for it in things that have no meaning, you bind yourself to laws that make no sense. Thus do you seek to prove salvation is where it is not.  This is pointless at best, insane at worst; not fitting for the Son of God at all.  Awake or dreaming, You cannot change the fact that You are the Son.  So Your Reality remains always available to You with but a change of mind: ego mind to Mind Divine.  Choice is always Yours.  Why not choose again dear belovèd One?

Why not make an end to separation?  What have been its ‘gifts’ but sin, disease, and dying, loss and pain.  Separation can never bring You the gift of salvation.  For separation seemed to split Your mind, salvation heals it.

2 Today we will be glad you cannot prove it. For if you could, you would forever seek where it is not and never find it.  Salvation comes alone from the everlasting Love of God.  Rejoice!  You have never been forsaken!  All God’s Laws are Love. There’s no punishment awaiting You; there is only healing. You have forgotten just how loved You are.

The idea for today tells you once again how simple is salvation.  God’s Laws are all Laws of Love and not of punishment at all. “A tooth for a tooth” was only meant as a deterrent.  God’s first Law for You is that You are the Son forever.  Nothing can ever change that.  You are not just Son, but belovèd Son.  This fact is Your permanent salvation. You can trust in this.

Look for it where it waits for you, and there it will be found. Look nowhere else, for it is nowhere else.  Come unto Me.  I know the way. We’ll travel It Together, very joyously.

Let’s bring All Your sleeping Brothers, and We’ll be a happy throng.

3 Think of the freedom in the recognition that you are not bound by all the strange and twisted laws which you have set up to save you. You really think that you would starve unless you have stacks of green paper strips and piles of metal discs.  You have more love for this stuff – most of You – than You have for God. And the majority of Your ‘time’ is spent, one way or another, in Your accumulating it.  You really think a small round pellet or some fluid pushed into your veins through a sharpened needle will ward off death.  How preposterous! God never made these things material, for God is Consciousness and only this!  Spirit never ails or sins, for there is no evil spirit.  God’s Word on Spirit: very Good!  This is God’s only judgment: Know and allow only Good about You, about Your Others.


And as for Your support: You are sustained by the Love of God.

And yet, You understand God so little that You believe the Dreamer myth that God knocks You All off, depending on His whim, or some ‘divine’ plan.  Pray tell, what is divine about killing?  It’s only ‘divine’ to Dreamers who want to exit a dream that tires them and get in a new one. You see the same phenomena in the practice of divorce.

All of this is based upon Dreamer definitions that say love and life must end.

You really think you are alone unless another body is with you.  Sleeping Son of God, the entire Universe is inseparable from You!  You’re only dreaming!


4 It is insanity that thinks these things. Somehow that seems quite an understatement! You call them laws, and put them under different names in a long catalogue of rituals that have no use and serve no purpose.  Yet You bow down like servants to serve them. You think you must obey the “laws” of medicine, believe the doctors, take a lot of pills, of economics, surely make money, and of health by following all of the latest medical predictions. Protect the body, and you will be saved.  And all because You think You are a body, not consciousness.  You not only believe a lie, but You also espouse it!

5 These are not laws, but madness.  Pure and undiluted insanity. The body is endangered by the mind that hurts itself. It is the mind that has engendered a body densified. The body suffers that the mind will fail to see it is the victim of itself. The cowardly traitorous mind betrays the body to ‘atone’ for its own ‘sin’ of separation. Therefore, it is not surprising that You betray each Other. The body’s suffering is a mask the mind holds up to hide what really suffers. It would not understand it is its own enemy, that it attacks itself and wants to die. It is from this your “laws” would save the body. It is for this you think you are a body.  The body is Your badge that states that You accomplished something that God could not do: a thing named matter; opposing Spirit.

Thus are You in competition with God!  To You this is thrilling. Yet is He but unaware of Your childish game.  For this whole world is but Your imaginations.

6 There are no laws except the laws of God. This needs repeating over and over until you realize that it applies to everything that you have made in opposition to His Will. Your magic has no meaning. What it is meant to save does not exist. Only what it is meant to hide will save you.  Your game is pointless.  God is unaware of Your shadow boxing.  You are playing only with Yourselves.

7 The laws of God can never be replaced. They do not need to be for They have been and are perfect for the Eternity.  We will devote today to rejoicing that this is so.  Good is consistent.  It’s reliable. It is no longer a truth which we would hide. We realize instead it is a truth which keeps us free forever. Magic imprisons, but the laws of God set free. The light has come because there are no laws but His.  The Light of God cannot be restrained, nor can it be hidden.

8 We will begin the longer practice period today with a short review of the different kinds of “laws” we have believed we must obey. These would include, for example, the laws of nutrition, of immunization, of medication, and of the body’s protection in innumerable ways. Think further-you believe in the laws of friendship, of “good” relationships, and reciprocity.


9 Perhaps you even think that there are laws which set forth what is God’s and what is yours. Many “religions” have been based on this. They would not save, but damn in Heaven’s name. Yet they are no more strange than other “laws” you hold must be obeyed to make you safe.  Let Me state right here that I speak not of anarchy for the Laws of God can be summed up: Love God – Good – first and Your Neighbour as Yourself. That’s it!  For all Creation is but Your Neighbour.


10 There are no laws but God’s. Dismiss all foolish magical beliefs today, and hold your mind in silent readiness to hear the Voice that speaks the truth to you. You will be listening to One Who says there is no loss under the laws of God. Payment is neither given nor received. Exchange cannot be made, there are no substitutes, and nothing is replaced by something else. God’s laws forever give and never take.  Well, there You are: You exist for giving, not for getting.  As All give, all do receive, and give as well.


11 Hear Him Who tells you this, and realize how foolish are the laws you thought upheld the world you thought you saw. Then listen further. He will tell you more. About the Love your Father has for you.  You really miss this.  The lack You feel has You eating, drinking, sexing, shopping, accumulating; anything to fill that emptiness You feel. You miss happiness. About the endless joy He offers you.  Given constantly; endless streams of Love. About His yearning for His only Son, created as His channel for creation; denied to Him by his belief in hell.  How could Oneness ever separate?  Only in delusion.  The dream isn’t Real.

12 Let us today open God’s channels to Him and let His Will extend through us to Him. Turn with all Your heart to Him with longing.  Feel it satisfied by a Love that You had long forgotten.  Now – in Your extremity – You would so gladly remember. Thus is creation endlessly increased. His Voice will speak of this to us, as well as of the joys of Heaven which His laws keep limitless forever. We will repeat today’s idea until we have listened and understood there are no laws but God’s. And You will realize that You are free!  Then we will tell ourselves, as a dedication with which the practice period concludes:


13 I am under no laws but God’s.  Bound to God by pure joy and real freedom.  I rest both safe and contented.  How glad am I to be Home.

14 We will repeat this dedication as often as possible today; at least four or five times an hour, as well as in response to any temptation to experience ourselves as subject to other laws throughout the day. It is our statement of freedom from all danger and all tyranny. It is our acknowledgment that God is our Father, and that His Son is saved.  Not just saved but also safe forever.

Thank you Dear Brother]

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