Lesson 69 ~ Guidance Scribed by Sun~Rose

Guidance from Elder Brother
as Received and Transcribed by Sun~Rose*


Love's Guidance

TRANSCRIBER’S NOTE: The Course text is in bold face. The Guidance is in normal type In His Guidance, He has asked Me to capitalize the pronouns You and We as an acknowledgement of the Divinity of All of Us, an acknowledgement of Equality, an expression of His Love and respect for You. When You see the word ‘YOU’ capitalized in the Guidance, know that He is not just speaking to YOU, He is honoring YOU.

My grievances hide the light of the world in me.  Grievances are like dark shadows, filling up Your mind with fog till You cannot think clearly.


1 No one can look upon what your grievances conceal.  They make You ugly, hiding Your beauty.  The cost of nursing them is very high, although You don’t believe that, it’s the Truth. Because your grievances are hiding the light of the world in you, everyone stands in darkness, and you beside him. Your Light appears to be snuffed out. And all there is is darkness.  But as the veil of your grievances is lifted, you are released with him.  Here’s a simple rule: Release Your Brother, and You release Yourself right with Him. A simple example of cause and effect, goodness and blessing. Share your salvation – the Love that’s given You to give to Him – now with him who stood beside you when you were in hell. He along with You; You both now released. He is your brother in the light of the world which saves you both.  God’s Love is the Light; Its warmth is far, far greater than the sun.

2 Today let us make another real attempt to reach the light in you. The only reason that the Light is said to be within You – when actually It is All of You – is that It has been hidden by the body. Before we undertake this in our more extended practice period, let us devote several minutes in thinking about what we are trying to do. It is of great magnitude, and yet it is very simple. We are literally attempting to get in touch with the salvation of the world.  To make this Life, Truth, and Love quite visible out in the world. We are trying to see past the veil of darkness that keeps it concealed. In order to make It available to All Who wish It. We are trying to let the veil be lifted and see the tears of God’s Son disappear in the sunlight.  To no longer choose to hide behind it.

3 Let us begin our longer practice period today with the full realization of all this and real determination to reach what is dearer to us than all else.  We have long buried and forgotten It.  Now would We bring it forth for Every One to enjoy and share.  Salvation is our only need. There is no other purpose here and no other function to fulfill. Learning salvation is our only goal. To have Real Life, Truth and Love be uncovered and revealed to Us, flowing forth from Consciousness, where it has long been hidden. Let us end the ancient search today by finding the light in us and holding it up for everyone who searches with us to look upon and rejoice.  This Light within unfolds and expands until It shines forth, first from Us, then as Us.

4 Very quietly now, with your eyes closed, try to let go of all the content which generally occupies your consciousness. Think of your mind as a vast round area, surrounded by a layer of heavy dark clouds. You can see only the clouds because you seem to be standing outside the whole area, and quite apart from it.  This is not just an optical illusion, but also a mental delusion.

5 From where you stand, you can see no reason to believe there is a brilliant light hidden by the clouds. The clouds seem to be the only reality. They seem to be all there is to see. Life seems quite hopeless.  You have given up.  Therefore you do not attempt to go through them and past them, which is the only way in which you would be really convinced of their lack of substance.  They seem too impenetrable.  And so, You’ve given up; chosen to watch tv instead of waking. We choose to walk away from the hopelessness which has governed this possibility. And so, We rise and do it. We will make this attempt today.  Having great expectancy, We’ll do this with great conviction!

6 After you have thought about the importance of what you are trying to do for yourself and the world, try to settle down in perfect stillness, remembering only how much you want to reach the light in you today-now. Determine to go past the clouds. Reach out and touch them in your mind; brush them aside with your hand; feel them resting on your cheeks and forehead and eyelids as you go through them. Go on; clouds cannot stop you.  Then will You look “at clouds from both sides now, from in and out, and still somehow” the clouds still block Your view, for they are not ‘out there’ but within Your mind.  And once You realize that, You know that it is the ego blocking, that the ego isn’t real; if You want to, You can see!  Suddenly, You do!

7 If you are doing the exercises properly, you will begin to feel a sense of being lifted up and carried ahead. You know You are not doing this alone! You have company, a host of angels! They light Your way, and silently, unseen by You, They Guide You. Your little effort and small determination call on the power of the universe to help you, and God Himself will raise you from darkness into light.  You’re uplifted, for: You are in accord with His Will. You cannot fail because your will is His.  You come into more harmony with God, and You feel a great relief of tension.  You hadn’t even known that it was there.

8 Have confidence in your Father today. And be certain that He has heard you and has answered you.  For He has been patiently waiting for eons for Your call.  You may not recognize His answer yet, but you can indeed be sure that it is given you, and you will yet receive it. It has been so long since You have allowed Yourself to hear the Voice for Love, although It’s never silent. Now that You know It still speaks to You, You will gladly listen. Try, as you attempt to go through the clouds to the light, to hold this confidence in your mind. Try to remember that you are at last joining your will to God’s. Try to keep the thought clearly in mind that what you undertake with God must succeed. Then let the power of God work in you and through you, that His Will and yours may be done.  Let Yourself feel Love; It’s ever-present.

9 In the shorter practice periods, which you will want to do as often as possible in view of the importance of today’s idea to you and your happiness, remind yourself that your grievances are hiding the light of the world from your awareness. Remind yourself also that you are not searching for it alone and that you do know where to look for it. Say, then:


10 My grievances hide the light of the world in me.
I cannot see what I have hidden.
Yet I want to let it be revealed to me
for my salvation and the salvation of the world.
I miss True Happiness that comes from the Light, and I would let It return as Me.


11 Also, be sure to tell yourself:

12 If I hold this grievance, the light of the world
will be hidden from me,
– It’s grievances or It is Light.  Which one will I let it be? –

13 if you are tempted to hold anything against anyone today.

It is the time to choose again, … for Light.

Thank you Dear Brother]

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