What is Revenge?


Article by Rev Reja Janaki Joy Green*

Last MAY I wrote a Facebook NOTE after the death of Osama Bin Laden titled, “HOW COULD THE DEATH OF SOMEONE HURTFUL BRING JUSTICE” You can read it here:  http://on.fb.me/DoesDeathBringJustice


[I’m posting this now because it’s just as applicable to the killing of Ommar Gaddafi. ]


The following is an answer to one of the private COMMENTS to that note which was:

Something to think about. If Osama Bin Laden was captured alive, tried and found guilty in a court of law and sentenced to life imprisonment, would that be revenge?”


Thank you for asking this. It’s great to have a question that fosters further understanding.


When I sat in quiet with today’s Lesson 126 “All that I give is given to myself” I got a sense of our intimate connection with one another. Every ONE of us is part of the Sonship and is part of the Unity which is the One Reality. If we find ourselves in this 3D dream, in a body, in a society and separate and we know that we are responsible, then we get to use the body to WAKE UP.


The Course tells us it is not productive “To deny the denial”. This sounds confusing until we replace the word DENIAL with the word DREAM. It is not productive “To deny the dream”. And it is the ‘dream’ which is the denial of Reality. We can’t deny that we think we are in here in this dream. We are dreaming if we find ourselves anywhere but in eternity. The challenge is to realize that we are dreaming and wake up! And while we’re doing that we need to stop our vehicles at red lights and go when the light turns green. We’re IN the world, but not ‘OF it’. We are getting a sense of this and so we need to accept it and begin to heal the seeming separation.


In our APRIL Newsletter we had an article written by Rob Rideout about finding ACIM while in prison. http://jcim.net/Pages/MyPathToCourse.html   which helped him to heal. [Select url, right click, copy, then paste into browser.]


In our MAY Newsletter we had an article by Corinne Zupko about the anxiety and panic attacks that were healed by using the principles of ACIM.

Both of these people took responsibility for their painful life experiences and received the Lessons that those experiences were there to bring.


If Bin Laden had been captured and placed in prison, that would have been the lesson he would have been presented with to learn. He was killed. That is the actual lesson he was presented with which to learn. “All things are lessons God would have me learn”. L193


It would sound ludicrous to say being killed were a lesson presented for his learning only if you believed that death were real. If you believed that there is no such thing as ‘death’ and that only the body, which is part of the dream, ceases to be while you [Spirit] continues, then indeed that experience is a lesson.


Many people have had near death experiences in which they experienced their ‘death’ and have come back with a renewed perception of ‘life’.


Only the Loving Thoughts of God are true. Everything else is an appeal for help and healing. Bin Laden is a Child of God. That is a Loving Thought of God. He thought he was separate and had unloving thoughts. That was an appeal for help and healing. His healing would have been an ‘option’ whether he had been incarcerated or killed. That’s the only option there is.


We continue on this journey without distance to a goal that has never changed. We are here to heal. And we either chose the option now or later. The end is inevitable. And once again today’s Lesson is: “All that I give is given to myself.”


When we realize our oneness which is the atonement or healing of the separation, then we know that we can ONLY give to ourselves. We are all in this together. We are all going home where we will once again Know there is only

GO(o)d. Only Love.


Until then the journey is our path and all our experiences are the lessons. In light of all of this, the concept of ‘revenge’ is not only not applicable, it just doesn’t make sense. ♥


*Reverend Reja Joy Green is one of the founding members of the Course in Miracles Society [CIMS]; She is the CIMS webmaster, eMagazine editor and producer of the Daily Lesson Mailings [example of mailings]. Rev. Reja Joy facilitates the Course in Miracles study group in Omaha and is ordained as a Community Miracles Center minister.  Rev Reja Joy facilitated the 2013 free ACIM DAILY Lesson Conference Calls along with Rev. Pamela Whitman.

As a registered Yoga Instructor, Rev. Reja Joy teaches through her RejaJoy-Yoga-Studio from the perspective of A Course in Miracles and hosts several social media groups for those who share this journey. Rev. Reja Joy currently resides with her loving husband Chris Green in Omaha, NE.

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