Q and A with Carmen


Good Questions 
Questions & Answers
By the late Carmen Cameron*

 [as it appeared in the April 2011 Newsletter] 

 There is nothing I like more than a good question about the Course.  And by “good question”, I mean a thought provoking one – a question that makes me reassess what I currently believe and perhaps come to see it in a new light. As a result, we have a very interactive study group of Course students here in Louisville where everyone is encouraged to share their insights and questions. It is also a very diverse group with people from widely varying religious backgrounds so we get a lot of very insightful questions and I’ve been making a note of them for the last 15 years. 


Question: It’s springtime – my favorite time of year – and yet, as we approach what should be happiest of seasons, Easter, so many events going on in the world are still anxiety-inducing.  Natural disasters, man-made tragedies and the horrors of war seem to be getting worse instead of better.  Do you have a way to see what’s going on with peace of mind?I know that, as a spiritual person, I’m not supposed to be into things but the Course says that the Holy Spirit knows that I need things while I am here just to survive until I learn to go beyond this level of existence.  Things are really tight for me right now and it’s becoming a big distraction to my spiritual progress.
Any ideas?
Answer: I can share with you what works for me to trade a sense of crucifixion into the hope of resurrection.

“May you live in interesting times” is a Chinese greeting that is considered to be a curse by the human ego but a blessing by the soul for we learn best, the Course explains to us, through extreme examples. (T-6.in.2.1 acim-oe)  And the present isn’t anything if not extreme.

The earth will end, not in its destruction, the Course says, but in ITS TRANLATION INTO HEAVEN.
(T-11.VIII.1.8)  Hard for us to imagine, isn’t it, that all the carnage around the world is actually an integral part of that translation?   But in that I trust.

The Course  originally spoke of “the celestial speed-up” as being totally about temporal events.  It said that time, itself, was running out and so it was urgent in the eyes of Spirit that we learn more quickly.  It said, in fact, that that was the very reason why we were given the Course.  The timing wasn’t accidental.  There ARE no accidents in salvation!  (M-3.1.6)

For if there ever was a perfect time for bringing up every unforgiving thought we hold in our minds, that time is NOW.

We are not “here” by accident.  We chose to be here.  Not only did we choose to be here, we were CHOSEN.  Chosen by our willingness.  Our willingness to learn.

Right now – with all the misery that surround us in the world – the earth has become, in essence, “the Harvard University” for producing masters. And it is offering us the opportunity for incredible – and rapid – learning “the peace of God which surpasseth [human] understanding” that comes from learning the truth that nothing not of God can hurt us.  (T-2.II.1.5)  And the entire universe is not only watching, it is supporting us with all its power – a power and support that’s ours but for the asking!  (Be willing to ask.)

There has never been a more potent time in human history for learning that we are safe.  That there is nothing in this world with the power to harm us UNLESS we give it the power to do so!  That the Son of God – of Whom each of us is an equally loved and protected aspect – sees the world through forgiving eyes  And what He sees is not only beautiful, it is PERFECT.

It is impossible for us to be where we are NOT supposed to be.  You and I are supposed to be here.  Now.  We chose it.  And we were chosen FOR it.  Like Helen was chosen to scribe the Course BECAUSE she would do it, you and I were chosen to be here at this pivotal point in human evolution BECAUSE YOU AND I CAN DO IT.

Do what?!?

We are here to re-member our true identity.  We are here to manifest the Christ.  We are here to claim our individual Resurrection.  By changing our minds about WHO WE ARE.  And in so doing, recognize our dominion over all things(Lesson 38, paragraph 5, sentence 5)

And our resurrection from crucifying OURSELVES!

May this be the most blessed spring-time of your life, dear soul.  And mine.  As we begin – together – to just ALLOW the Vision of Christ to translate the world to Heaven FOR us!

Suggested readings from the Workook that are very helpful:

LESSON 48.  There is nothing to fear.      LESSON 76.  I am under no laws but God’s.

LESSON 77.  I am entitled to miracles.     LESSON 194.  I place the future in the Hands of God.

LESSON 338.  I am affected only by my thoughts.

            It needs but this to let salvation come to all the world. For in this single thought is everyone released at last from fear. Now has he learned that no one frightens him, and nothing can endanger him. He has no enemies, and he is safe from all external things.  His thoughts can frighten him, but since these thoughts belong to him alone, he has the power to change them and exchange each fear thought for a happy thought of love. He crucified himself. Yet God has planned that His beloved Son will be redeemed.

Lesson 348.     I have no cause for anger or for fear,

                        For You surround me. And in every need

                        That I perceive, Your grace suffices me.


* Carmen Cameron, who is a founding member of Course in Miracles Society, has been teaching classes in A Course in Miracles since 1994.  She was a presenter at the 2009 Miracles Conference in San Francisco and presented again at the 2011 Conference. Carmen’s website is: http://peaceful-path.blogspot.com/