In Remembrance of Kellie R. Love

Kellie R Love

We offer this poem from Helen Schucman
[scribe of A Course in Miracles]
in Loving Remembrance
of Kellie R. Love
Kellie R Love made his transition on December 12, 2010.
I did not die. In rising up I did
But stay the same. Eternity had come
To claim its own from the embrace of time
And bitter kiss of death. I but came home
After a journey so diminutive
That Heaven never noticed it began
Nor ended. Unencumbered, changelessly,
The Christ united with the Son of man,
And what belonged to God returned to Him.
Think not the Holy Spirit waits for death
To offer you the gifts God gave to Him,
Or Heaven rests upon a failing breath.
I did not die. Appearance of hate
Enveloped Me. Illusions veiled My eyes
And stopped My heart. Earth’s dream closed over Me,
And that was all. The Son of God must rise
Above all dreams of fear. Would God allow
The Son who is like Him to separate
From life that is Himself? His Comforter
Came down to lift Me up with His great
And silent wings. The peace of God unbound
My hands and feet. For who can stop the Heart
of God Himself, or veil the eyes that watch
His Son in mercy, or make Him depart
From what is but Himself?
Holy Spirit
Kellie’s background includes Psychology, Radio Broadcasting, Engineering and, since 1975 a consuming interest in A Course in Miracles. He was ordained by Rabbi Joseph Gelberman as an Interfaith Minister in 1996 at the New Seminary, NYC. He currently facilitates the world’s oldest continuous ACIM study group in Chapel Hill, NC.

In 1976 he began, independently, to record the ACIM text as a personal discipline to aid in learning the material. With encouragement from the Foundation for Inner Peace, he finally completed this home-brew recording in 1982. It was judged promising but not technically adequate for publication, and he was commissioned by the Foundation for Inner Peace to spend 6 weeks in a commercial studio recording the definitive version of ACIM [non gratus]. This was published and the cassettes were distributed by the Foundation and Earl Nightengale Press for many years.

In 1985 upon issuance of the 2nd edition, a new recording by another reader was substituted for this original recording. It wasn’t until 2007 that Kellie was inspired to complete a new recording of the now available “Original” ACIM containing much original textual material that had been removed from the earlier FIP edition. This recording is a fresh and complete version of the Original Course from the original “Voice of the Course”.

Kellie R Love made his transition on December 12, 2010.

He will always be in our Hearts. What is so wonderful is that we can still listen to his beautiful voice read the Course in Miracles and Guide us Home.

We love you Kellie! Please keep the porch light on.

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