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Recitation of Lesson 100 in ‘blank verse’

IP formatting by Lee Flynn, voice&music: maz



Lesson 100“My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.”

Just as God’s Son completes his Father, so
your part in it completes your Father’s plan.
Salvation must reverse the mad belief
in separate thoughts and separate bodies which
lead separate lives and go their separate ways.
One function shared by separate minds unites
them in one purpose, for each one of them
is equally essential to them all.

God’s Will for you is perfect happiness.
Why should you choose to go against His Will?
The part that He has saved for you to take
in working out His plan is given you
that you might be restored to what He wills.
This part is as essential to His plan
as to your happiness. Your joy must be
complete to make His plan be understood
by those to whom He sends you. They will see
their function in your shining face, and hear
God calling to them in your happy laugh.

You are indeed essential to God’s plan.
Without your joy His joy is incomplete.
Without your smile the world cannot be saved.
While you are sad the light which God Himself
appointed as the means to save the world
is dim and lusterless. And no-one laughs
because all laughter can but echo yours.
You are indeed essential to God’s plan.
Just as your light increases every light
that shines in Heaven, so your joy on earth
calls to all minds to let their sorrows go,
and take their place beside you in God’s plan.
God’s messengers are joyous, and their joy
heals sorrow and despair. They are the proof
that God wills perfect happiness for all
who will accept their Father’s gifts as theirs.

We will not let ourselves be sad today.
For if we do, we fail to take the part
that is essential to God’s plan, as well
as to our vision. Sadness is the sign
that you would play another part, instead
of what has been assigned to you by God.
Thus do you fail to show the world how great
the happiness He wills for you. And so
you do not recognize that it is yours.

Today we will attempt to understand
joy is our function here. If you are sad
your part is unfulfilled, and all the world
is thus deprived of joy, along with you.
God asks that you be happy, so the world
can see how much He loves His Son, and wills
no sorrow rises to abate his joy;
no fear besets him to disturb his peace.
You are God’s messenger today. You bring
His happiness to all you look upon;
His peace to everyone who looks on you,
and sees His message in your happy face.
We will prepare ourselves for this today
in our five minute practice periods,
by feeling happiness arise in us
according to our Father’s will and ours.
Begin the exercises with the thought
today’s idea contains. Then realize
your part is to be happy. Only this
is asked of you or anyone who wants
to take his place among God’s messengers.
Think what this means. You have indeed been wrong
in your belief that sacrifice is asked.
You but receive according to God’s plan,
and never lose or sacrifice or die.

Now let us try to find that joy which proves
to us and all the world God’s Will for us.
It is your function that you find it here,
and that you find it now. For this you came.
Let this one be the day that you succeed!
Look deep within you, undismayed by all
the little thoughts and foolish goals you pass
as you ascend to meet the Christ in you.

He will be there. And you will reach Him now.
What could you rather look upon in place
of Him who waits that you may look on Him?
What little thought has power to hold you back?
What foolish goal can keep you from success
when He Who calls to you is God Himself?
He will be there. You are essential to
His plan. You are His messenger today.
And you must find what He would have you give.

Do not forget the idea for today
between your longer practice periods.
It is your Self who calls to you today.
And it is Him you answer every time
you tell yourself you are essential to
God’s plan for the salvation of the world.  “

Letters of Gratitude ~ German [original] Edition


TRANSLATION“Good Morning, this is to say Thank You for the great site. I also find the recitations of the Lessons superb, very plausible and pleasant. 🙂 Often times much easier as reading for oneself alone.

Very loving regards, Melanie

April 7, 2011



Guten Morgen, wollte nur mal DANKE sagen für die tolle Seite. Die gesprochenen Lektionen finde ich auch super, sehr eingängig und angenehm. 🙂 Oft viel einfacher als wenn man es selber liest. Ganz liebe Grüße!!! Melanie

April 7, 2011

In Gratitude and Appreciation

Dearest Mr. Weber-Caspers:

I am writing to offer my deepest thanks and to send love to you this and every day for the gift of hearing your voice read to me, and make clear and true, the daily lessons in ACIM.  I stumbled on to your reading in early September, and have since listened every morning as an introduction to my meditation practice.  Your voice and music deepen my soul and lighten my day.  For all that you are and for the gifts of Divine Spirit that you give, I am forever grateful.  I look forward to a day when you are in the United States, or I am in The Netherlands, when i can thank you in person.

Eternally blessings, deep thanks and love,

Susan Boatright
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Registered Mediator
244 North College Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana  46202

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